Falling For The Possessive CEO Chapter 8: Broken hear


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The next day, still clueless of what waited ahead for her, Xu Xinya had woken up with a terrible hangover and death-threats from Xiao Yi learning that she had vomited in her car last night.

That day Jiang Fu had shown up at their gate and stayed there the whole day asking for Xu Xinya to meet him

But she was too angry to even look at him, let alone talk to him.

When he started getting on her nerves, she went straight to tell him off.

"Why are you here?" Her eyes were cold. This was the first time she had talked to him using such a harsh tone.

"Y-Ya'er..." Jiang Fu breathed. His eyes had dark circles around them. His face was unshaven for days. His skin looked pale from standing in cold for so long. It was obvious that he hadn't slept last night.

Xu Xinya glanced at his face, silently wondering what was it she had fallen for.

Jiang Fu had smooth features. His chiseled face was always fresh and youthful. He had a tall stature and a bewitching charm in his personality. From a distance, he looked so gentle, amiable and like someone who would never harm a girl. Someone who would treat you like a princess. With his simple angelic smile, he could steal the hearts of countless girls.

That was the guy she fell for.

Xu Xinya flared up. Flashes of that night when she had caught him redhanded entangled with another woman emerged in her mind.

"Don't call my name from your filthy tongue" She seethed.

Xu Xinya shut the door at his face. But she couldn't.

"Xu Xinya please." He pushed himself forward to stop her from closing the door on his face.

"What the f**k you want now?" Xu Xinya really didn't want to deal with him. Especially with the terrible hangover, she just wanted him to disappear from her sight. "Haven't you caused enough damage to me? Are you not satisfied yet?"

Jiang Fu ducked his face down. Like a child embarrassed of his mistake, he fell silent. He didn't try to deny the accusations.

"Ya'er I know that I messed up." His voice was quiet; he tightened his fists as if angry at himself. "But is there... is there no chance for forgiveness?"

Xu Xinya was angry. So angry that she wanted to laugh.

"Forgiveness?" Her lips cured up into a sneer. "What if it was me? What if you have caught me f**king a man? Would you have forgiven me just like that?"

Even imagining her with another man filled Jiang Fu with relentless fury.

"Don't say that." His voice rose.

Xu Xinya laughed. "So it's ok as long as it's you. But If it's me, then I can't even think about it?" Xu XInya took a deep breath. She really wanted to punch that guy in front of her. But, it was useless. Her feelings for him weren't the same as before anymore. Nothing could change that. An irreversible damage was done. "Good-bye Jiang Fu." Her tone was cold, her eyes were blank as she said her finals words. She proceeded to close the door.

However, Jiang Fu didn't let her.

"Ya'er you are angry? Then beat me up. Take your anger on me. But please don't do this with me. I can't live without you. I love-"

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"Don't give me that shit!" Xu Xinya voice rose. Her eyes filled with fury. Her hands tightened in anger.

However, inside, she was scared. She was scared that she might just end up forgiving Jiang Fu. After all, he was the one she loved since the beginning and feelings don't die overnight.

A big part of her heart still wanted her to feel his warmth, to make herself fall in his arms and cry out all her pains, but she wouldn't let it happen.

She wouldn't make her lose in front of him and ask for his comfort; she had to be strong and depend on herself.

"Just leave me alone, Jiang Fu. We are over."

"Ya'er" His voice was soft; he asked reluctantly as if scared of being rejected. "Don't I have a slightest chance?"

Xu Xinya fell silent. She repeated the same question to herself.

Could she live without him? Could she forget him completely? Could she end her lingering feelings for him?

Once her silence dominated, Jiang Fu felt little at ease.

It meant he still had hope.

"I'm leaving, for now, Xu Xinya but I'll come back and remember only you are the love of my life" He conveyed his words and after throwing the last yearning glance at her, he left.

He had a flight that day and was leaving to study aboard at a university.

In the following days, while Xu Xinya was still busy trying to settle her feelings, something even more terrifying awaited her.

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