Falling For The Possessive CEO Chapter 6: Mistake


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"M-Mr Lu, I-I really..." The woman could see her situation clearly. Even if this man killed her right here and right now in front of anyone, no one would even shed a tear for her sake in fear of that man.

In desperation, she lunged forward and grabbed his leg.

Everyone was shocked. His subordinates were even more speechless.

People who knew who Lu Mingyu was, were aware of mysophobia.

They silently thought: 'If this woman had any chance to survive before, now she has lost it too.'

Yet the woman didn't know it.

"Step away." A cold voice resonated on the second floor. People heart's jolted into their throats. Some of them wanted to secretly escape yet none of them dared to make a movement. As if they were scared of attracting any sort of attention towards them.

The woman was terrified to the point where her sanity was ruined. She didn't listen.

"I said step away." His voice grew chillier than the coldest winter. His hands tightened slightly.

The woman didn't listen.

It happened so quickly that none of his subordinates could interfere.

Suddenly, Lu Mingyu raised his hand. It appeared like he was going to hit that woman. The woman on the floor cringed. However, before his hand could plunge down, another slender and delicate hand grabbed his wrist and blocked his attack.

Lu Mingyu nonchalant expressions faltered for a second. A look of surprise flashed over his face. But the next second, the surprise was mostly over. His gaze followed that slender hand, up to its owner's face. Once his eyes landed on that fierce, rosy face, his clam pupils shrank a bit.

Her sharp eyes were like a pair of mystical jade that could capture one's soul. Her jawline was sharp, well defined. Her thin, plump lips were painted red. Despite wearing minimum makeup, she was undeniably the most beautiful women in that club that night.

"I think that is enough." Xu Xinya voice was resolute. It resonated in the pin-drop silence. It was funny how not a single person made a noise. It was as if there were only Xu Xinya and Lu Mingyu in that place. The rest didn't matter.

"Y-You insolent-" His subordinate rushed. But with a slight wave of his other hand, that was not in Xu Xinya hold, Lu Mingyu shut him up. The subordinate knew not to interfere. Taking a couple of steps back, he stood silently, cautious in case his Boss suddenly wanted him to teach a lesson to that girl.

Lu Mingyu tilted his head slightly. A corner of his lips curled up. His eyes were still cold, yet there was a hint of amusement in them. "What reason could you have to suddenly come forward and hold my hand like this, little girl?"

Xu Xinya blinked. Only now she realized that she was still holding his hand still. She quickly let go and took a step back.

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Everyone was stunned at this development.

Until now no one had never stepped forward to intercede. And the people had assumed no one would either. Any sane person, who knew what exact thing this Lu Mingyu was, would make sure to stay fifty steps away from him. Even if a person was unaware of his identity, his dangerous aura would keep people away.

People thought: Either the girl was nuts or she was deliberately doing this to attract his attention.

"You do not have a right to abuse anyone just because you have power." Xu Xinya said firmly. Her fierce gaze was looking straight into his eyes.

That was new: No one had ever been able to maintain eye contact with him for more than twenty seconds. Yet, this girl, not only she didn't shy away from his cold eyes, but also her gaze was fierce.

With his slight smile becoming more pronounced, Lu Mingyu slowly rose from his spot.

People knew that since this man, who had been nonchalantly sitting on the couch ever since the beginning, finally stood up, something big was going to happen.

Yet just after a couple of steps, he stopped right in front of Xu Xinya.

"Little girl the matter has nothing to do with you. If you insist on stepping into it rashly I'm afraid you won't be stepping out of it so easily." His voice and those words could turn one's blood cold. There was clearly some hidden threat in his statement.

Although when he approached her, Xu Xinya could feel gloom looming over her, she stood her ground firmly. She didn't step back or cower in fear.

"You assume your threat would scare me?" Xu Xinya still had the alcohol in her system numbing her caution. She said what came to her mind. "Guess what? I don't want to step out of this matter either."

He could have expected the girl to tremble in fear at his cold warning. He could even have expected her step out immediately while apologizing. But he couldn't expect an even more unwavering stance from her.

"I wonder, do you actually feel bad for that woman." Lu Mingyu leaned in closer to her.

"What do you mean-"

"Or are you this bold because you are interested in warming my bed in her place?"

Xu Xinya was shocked speechless. She couldn't believe it. More than that she couldn't believe it that he would say something like this in front of a Hall full of people. A hush of whispers surrounded them. Lu Mingyu kept his calm gaze fixated on the woman's face.

"You!" Xu Xinya hands trembled in anger. She raised her hand and made the gravest mistake of her life.

She raised her hand and slapped the man in front of her-slapped the man who had never been talked with a raised voice before-slapped the man who was known for making the people suffer in the worst possible ways who had ever offended in the slightest-slapped the man who could make the heart of seven continents shake at his name.

That was the sort of man her drunk self offended one year ago.

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