Falling For The Possessive CEO Chapter 5: Did you really believe my promise?


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Xiao Yi didn't intercede Xu Xinya drinking again. After all, the Xu Xinya she knew, once she had decided to do something there was no way to stop her. And today Xu Xinya had decided to waste herself completely.

'It must have been because Jiang Fu had never allowed her into clubs before. In defiance, she is behaving this way today.'

Xiao Yi hadn't missed the pained expressions on Xu Xinya's face when she was looking at the happy couple dancing.

Xiao Yi didn't take much. Today she was here not to be a drinking partner but a babysitter to watch over Xu Xinya. She just waited for Xu Xinya to either drop dead drunk or get tired and agree to leave.

As Xu Xinya took another sip from the glass, she heard Xiao Yi's voice.

"Xu Xinya I'm going to use the restroom." After saying, Xiao Yi glared at Xu Xinya. "So don't you dare leave this spot or I'm going to ditch you. Have fun finding a taxi back home this late at night."

"Why the glare? Do you not even trust me?" Xu Xinya pouted.

"Not even a bit!"

"You hurt me, Yi'er." Xu Xinya clutched her chest as if heartbroken, being dramatic.

Xiao Yi rolled her eyes. "How many shots you had again?"

"Seven. Not eight. I-I think I lost the count." Xu Xinya gave a giddy smile. Xiao Yi almost wanted to punch that smile off her face.

"Ya'er, this is not a joke. You must not leave while I am away!" Xiao Yi was growing impatient.

First, she had to use to restroom. Second, she had to engage in a useless bicker with her. How unfortunate!

Xu Xinya innocently smiled at Xiao Yi. "Fine. Go away. I wouldn't leave." She waved with her hand and took another small sip.

Xiao Yi looked at Xu Xinya suspiciously. Something about Xu Xinya's 'innocent' smile looked not so very innocent.

Feeling the suspicious gaze, Xu Xinya whined in a sweet voice. "I promise!" She even put two fingers up.

"You!" Xiao Yi raised her finger, but the need for the restroom made her swallow all the curses she had originally wanted to throw at Xu Xinya. In the end she could only shout while rushing away in a hurry. "You better keep your words!"

"Haha. Yi'er did you really believe my promise? How stupid of you."

Xu Xinya laughed evilly. Getting up, she stretched. In was very stuffy at the bottom floor; she climbed up to the second floor. It was more refreshing and clear in there.

She was engaged in her own fun. She had lost the track of time when suddenly, gasps and a slap was heard from the side. Xu Xinya frowned and glanced in that direction.




Sitting over a black couch, with his elbow resting over the armrest of the couch and his head propping over his hand, nonchalance was everything that appeared on the man's face. His other hand held a vine glass as he took small sips at intervals. All the people in the club had stepped several steps away from the spot creating a circle with the couch in the center.

As if he were some king and everyone else in there was a peasant.

Only his subordinate kept standing by his side with a solemn face. He quietly handed a tissue paper to Lu Mingyu. Lu Mingyu silently wiped his hands clean; his actions held elegance and smoothness.

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His eyes shifted down towards the woman who was groveling at his feet. Coldness was the only thing that emerged from the bottom of his heart and poured into his eyes. Within the chilliness, one could detect slight disgust for the creature at his feet.

"F-Forgive me!" The woman was terrified being looked at her like this. Her appearance was totally ruined. One could tell that originally, she could have been looking quite seductive and alluring with her expensive jewelry and flamboyant dressing style.

But after being slapped and crying, her makeup was totally ruined. Blood trickled down her nose. Her hair was messy and tangled. Now, she looked more appalling and pitiful.

Looking at this, something snapped within Xu Xinya.

"I didn't mean to. I only approached Mr. Lu because I admired you-"

The woman was slapped again by one of his subordinates. She was shut just like that. Her cries echoed on the second floor. The atmosphere grew serious. Even the background music had been shut long ago. Everyone was holding his breath as if waiting for a great volcano to erupt

Yet the man in the center was silent and still like a cool moon on a winter night giving a gentle glow.

The women's pitiful eyes looked around as if searching for someone who would volunteer to help her out of her imminent death. Yet, no one stepped forward. Even if there were few who pitied her, no one would dare to offend the man on the couch.

No one but a certain someone.

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