Falling For The Possessive CEO Chapter 4: All men are the same


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A month later, she had seen him again. Till then she had no idea who he was.

In the high-class club. that was exclusive for the elite community, Lu Mingyu; the important man of the century was sitting in the VVIP section. Being surrounded by groups of influential men who had waited for months just to win a minute time of audience with him, justified his sovereignty.

His eyes lingered momentarily at that beautiful woman on the bottom floor who was drinking non-stop without any regards for the future. He silently took a sip of some expensive brand of French wine.No one could penetrate his thoughts. Not soon after, his eyes shifted back to the person who was desperately fawning over him.

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It was noteworthy to say that the people that surrounded him included not only the President of some big renown international corporates but also several embassy members from foreign states.

Yet, the nonchalance in Mo Lu Mingyu demeanour did no justice to their status. Despite their important posts and flattering smiles, he was sitting there, with a calm look on his face and a refined ambience in his air. Looking ever so unapproachable and aloof. From that, one could infer that this man was several levels above than any of those who surrounded him that night.




That night, on the down floor, Xu Xinya had chugged down a great number of drinks. In struggles to dissolve her pain, she had long surpassed the predecided safe threshold.

"Ya'er, you said it would be the last one. This is not what you said when you asked me to tag along."

"Now what? You are determined to get totally wasted?"

"Xu Xinya, we have classes tomorrow!"

"How about this; let me take you back?"

"Ya'er stop! This is the fifth one!"

Xiao Yi voice complaints came at regular intervals. However Xu Xinya paid no heed. "Stop nagging." She dismissively said and asked the mixer for another glass of a high alcohol content beverage.


"I-I'm not going home tonight." Her speech only began to slur now. Yet, the determination in her eyes was crystal clear.


Xu Xinya giggled lightly.

"This is it! I am going to call your cousin!"

Xu Xinya paused.

Playfully, Xu Xinya placed a finger under her chin as if she was thinking about something. Laughing lightly, she met Xiao Yi eyes once again. "I wonder how surprised your brother would be once I tell him about the things you did with your boyfriend in the backseat of his new car."


"And how beautiful his expressions would be once he realizes the stains on the those seats wasn't ice cream but actually-"

"For f*ck sake, shut up!" Xiao Yi eyes were furious. Yet a deep crimson crept up her face. It was a mixture of anger and embarrassment.

"See? It is wise if we don't involve our family in this. You are going to cover up for my absence and that's how it's gonna be."

"This is bullying. Ya'er, you! You are so shameless!'

Xu Xinya smiled at Xiao Yi. After chugging down the remnant contents of the glass, she looked back at her. Propping her chin over her hand, her drunken eyes looked directly at Xiao Yi reddening face. "How came? I wasn't the one who did those things."

"I shouldn't have told you."

"That was a mistake you did! Now suffer!"

Xu Xinya was naturally so provocative. After numbing her caution with alcohol, her provocations had reached entirely new heights. That night Xiao Yi had already suffered a lot by her hands.

Xiao Yi didn't know what to do with her. She just didn't know. Other than throwing her head over the counter in desperation, she couldn't do anything anyway. She could already hear her brother's scolding for not completing her assignments. "What was I thinking when I agreed to accompany you?"

"Xu Xinya, my dear Xu Xinya, you are going to regret it tomorrow."

"Have you ever drank this much before? Think of the terrible hangover awaiting you!"

Yet no matter what Xiao Yi said had no effect on Xu Xinya.

Gritting her teeth, Xiao Yi finally said. "You are like this because of Jiang Fu? Let me tell you, that bastard is totally not even worth a hangover!"

Something flicked in Xu Xinya eyes. "Who says I am here because of him? This is my life and I want to drop drunk today."

Xiao Yi was about to retort but stopped. She had just caught the subtle change of expressions on Xu Xinya's face. She froze for a second. 'Ya'er with your attitude, you almost had me believe that you really didn't care. But guess I was wrong. You still care for that bastard?'

Xiao Yi didn't bring that matter up again. With a sigh, she resigned. "Being me one too!"

"That's my girl!" Xu Xinya's eyes gleamed in happiness; she clapped happily and kissed Xiao Yi cheek.

"Just remember that I am doing it this once. There won't be any other time." Xiao Yi eyed Xu Xinya with a glare.

"Of course!"

No matter how playful and provocative Xu Xinya was when it came to relationships, she had her heart settled on only one man, Jiang Fu. For him, she had forsaken everything. Now that she had caught him with another woman in the middle of the act, Xu Xinya's state of mind had been chaotic for a weak.

Although, Xu Xinya did her best to not make it obvious and continuously told everyone that she was over him, this time Xiao Yi had seen right past her.

"There won't be any next time. Come on, you need to lose yourself sometimes too." Xu Xinya's eyes fell on a couple dancing happily in the club. Gradually her smile dropped. Inevitably, she succumbed back to the memories of Jiang Fu.

She closed her eyes for a second and thought. Where did she go wrong? She just didn't agree to sleep with him until she was eighteen. To compensate that she had done her best to become a woman in his ideals. Despite her naturally wild personality, she had been restraining herself all those years. Just for his sake. Just to keep him happy.

Xu Xinya felt a dull ache in her heart. 'Xiao Yi is right. He is not worth it.'

What pained her wasn't his betrayal. But pained her more was her naiveness. She was so naive to think that he was sincere with her. 'Guess this is how the men are. A man who can love a woman without having her physically must be a myth.'

And her that supposition was going to make her do something that she would regret for the rest of her life.

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