Falling For The Possessive CEO Chapter 3: You belong to me and only me


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Lu Mingyu held her hands down forcefully against the mattress. The strength was so it didn't hurt but it was enough to restrain her. With his knees on both sides of her waist, he looked down at the feeble woman under him.

Xu Xinya knew her position. She knew it that struggling would only provoked him further. Slowly she let her arms lose. Her lips parted slightly as she breathed in and out softly. However, her eyes didn't look at him. Instead, they were cast down.

With a jerk, the quilt was grabbed and thrown away. Her naked and luscious body became visible. She didn't even flinch at the sudden cold. As if she had expected it this to happen after her bold words. Her delicate curves and fair, healthy skin could arouse the beast in any man's heart.

More than that, it was the bruises and marks that tainted her pureness from last night; Lu Mingyu eyes darkened as he stared down at her.

She felt the weight shifting atop her. The moment later, warm moist lips fell over hers. Strong hands gently wrapped around her delicate neck. Slowly they crawled down her body.

After a long lengthy kiss, he let go of her lips. Looking at her with great passion in his usual cold eyes, he whispered. "I won't let anyone take you way. Not even death." Her lips were bitten into a swollen and red state. "You belong to me and only me."

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With eyes still cast down, Xu Xinya never looked into his eyes. If she had, she would have been shocked. She would have seen how different his eyes looked right now. How heated they were. How vulnerable they were. How different from the usual coldness that shrouded his face.

She only felt his soft lips moving along her jaw and down her neck.

Before he could proceed any further, she whispered quietly. "I hate you"

Lu Mingyu paused, still as if almost frozen.

Sometime passed.

"I hate you." Her voice clearer this time.

Reluctantly, Mingyu moved his head up. His eyes had been so passionate and expressive a moment earlier. However, after listening to those words, they hardened into coldness. Once he looked at her face, her eyes didn't avoid him. Instead, they looked directly into his eyes without any hesitance.

A moment later his jaw clenched.

"Do you think I care if something like you hates me or not?" His hold over her collarbone tightened to a painful extent however it was still past the threshold where it would leave a mark. "Now what? You regret it?! You blame me?! You started it last night. I warned you to stop but you didn't."

It was not often that Lu Mingyu lost his calm. If any of his subordinates had seen him in such a chaotic state, they would have passed out in fear. That man had the ability to make on terrified with a mere calm glance and mild tone. With a loud voice and bloodshot eyes, the effect would be unimaginable.

Yet, Xu Xinya was not scared.

She didn't say a word and stayed in her position unmovingly. After a silence, she moved her face away, breaking the eye-contact. It was clear she didn't want to communicate on this matter.

She felt his hands just below her neck tremble slightly. Any moment, he could lose it. He could lose it and end up doing something he would later regret.

Xu Xinya breaths grew shallower. As if waiting for the moment.

However, abruptly, his hold loosened. He let go of her.

Giving her a brief glance, he picked up his coat and put it on. "It doesn't matter in the slightest if you hate me or not. One thing you should be clear of is that you belong to me." His voice was back at being calm again. Without looking at her again, he left the room.

The 'Thud' of the closing door announced that she was alone once again. For a while, she stayed in her position. Unsure if he had really left just like that.

She sighed and got up slowly.

He was right; She was the one who had started it last night.

Covering herself in the quilt, she walked to the window and cast her eyes down towards the silent city. Her long, thick hair cascaded down around her, enveloping her into a darkness. It was daybreak. The room was situated on some hundredth floor of a sky-high skyscraper.

Xu Xinya knew her life would never be the same since the day she caught the eye of that formidable man.

Her life would never be the same since the day she made that grave mistake one year ago. At that time, when she was nineteen.

"Lu Mingyu" She whispered. Her fingers lightly touched the glass of the window. Her lips curled up into a cynical smile. Remnant moisture still filled her eyes; tears still stained her cheeks.

Lu Mingyu was the name that chilled countless people to the marrow. No one would ever dare to offend him in their wildest dream.

But she did.

Xu Xinya was never a fragile, weak girl. Though her appearance was that of a delicate rose petal, that women had in her, an astonishing amount of strength. It was her good point. And... her bad point.

She wondered, perhaps if she was a weak-hearted girl, she wouldn't have committed that mistake a year ago.

Exactly one year ago, in a club, late at night, she had seen this man-Lu Mingyu for the first time.

Back then she had thought he was a very likable person. Though she didn't know his name or identity at that time, the first impression she had gathered was not bad. She had almost respected him in heart. Thinking of him having as a cold exterior yet a gentle and righteous heart.

How wrong she was.

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