Falling For The Possessive CEO Chapter 23: I am willing to compromise


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Xu Xinya was careful.

Although her natural personality was careless, impulsive, and unrestrained under normal circumstances, when she would find herself in a difficult position, she would quickly transform into a cautious person.

Thus she only believed in Lu Guang's words once he showed her conclusive evidence.

As for the family that had resulted in them getting bankrupt a year ago, it was the Shen family pulling strings from behind the covers. "How could this be? My Xu family has done so many favors on the Shen family..." Xu Xinya couldn't believe it. But the facts were there, right in front of her eyes.

In fact, what that Shen family was tody was because of the Xu family.

Not only that, but Jing Lihua also learned that the woman that night in the club was also indeed a hired assassin.

So to say Xu Xinya had slapped him for no reason? She was the one at the wrong since the beginning?

And not only that, if not for Lu Mingyu help a year earlier, her Uncle would have been dead by now.

All of them were official documents and they couldn't have been fabricated.

Difficult emotions surged through Xu Xinya's heart.

She had been in the wrong all along.

Xu Xinya was always passionate, stubborn since the beginning but if she ever learned that it had been her who was wrong all along, she would be the first one to take a complete one-eighty degree turn and admit her fault as soon as possible. She would consequently make amends for her mistakes.

She didn't like to owe something to someone.

It was the same earlier. Just as she had assumed that the downfall of the Xu family was indirectly caused by her due to Lu Mingyu's involvement, she didn't hesitate to 'sacrifice' her to amend for the mistake.

Now that she had learned that Lu Mingyu had done nothing wrong, instead, he had favor on her family, how was she supposed to cope with the situation?

How was she supposed to make amends for insulting him in front of everyone?

She was in a dilemma.

Glancing at the young woman with complicated expressions as she went through the investigation files he had brought to her, Lu Guang suddenly said.

"Your future... It's now up to you."

"What do you mean?" Xu Xinya looked up.

"Xu Xinya, you are smart so I won't beat about the bush. My brother is the heir of the Lu family empire. Countless women would flock to his feet at his one call. He has wealth, looks, and everything. Yet, he had never felt any interest in women. Thus he is not aware of the basis of relationships. He just doesn't know how to pursue women. I am not saying what he did is right. But, look at your situation. You can choose to continue like this and cry in self-pity. Or you can choose to take matters in your hands and change your fate. It's up to you. Don't you want your freedom back?"

Hearing the word 'Freedom', Xu Xinya ears instantly perked up.

"Is there a way?" She asked eagerly. But, inside her eyes, also a hint of caution appeared. "But... why would you help me?"

"I am not helping you. I am just helping my brother."

"Second Master Lu cares a lot for his brother?"

Hearing this, Lu Guang assumed an expression as if he was a benevolent immortal sent down to Earth to help mortals out of their miseries. "True, heavens! My brother must have accumulated a lot of good karma in his previous life to be blessed with a talented brother like me."

Xu Xinya stared at him strangely. She coughed lightly. "So... how are you going to help me?"

"Easy!" He cackled with an evil flashed across his eyes. "We are going to manipulate him!"

And so had started Xu Xinya's first lesson.




Face him head-on!

When Xu Xinya had heard these words, she had actually suspected if this Lu Guang was actually tricking her into digging her own grave.

Face him head-on? Face that great Devil head-on?

Was he insane? Or did he think she was insane?

"You! Stop running and listen to me! Why do you think my brother took an interest in you in the first place? It was because you were fearless. My brother is so! He admires those kinds of women. If you appear fearless in your demand, he will admire you more!"

"What good admiring would bring me?"

'Admire my ass! Even though I would want my freedom, I don't want it at the cost of my life!'

'As long as one is alive, there is hope! Maybe he gets tired of her one day and let her off. But this Second Master Lu? He was actually asking her to go and court death?'

"You...! You just don't understand my brother. I do! Do as I say and he will agree to your terms."

After chasing Xu Xinya around for half a day and relentless pursuing, Lu Guang managed to make her agree to his plan.

Later that day, she had asked for an audience with Lu Mingyu. Butler Zu told her he was in his study. After knocking lightly, she had entered his study.

Facing him, Xu Xinya demonstrated sheer resolve.

"Speak." After saying that single word, he didn't say anything else. Glancing at Xu Xinya, his eyes were clear as crystal.

"Lu Mingyu, last night after you left I thought over the things. You said I belong to you. Although I don't completely understand the right meaning behind your words, I am ready to agree over your terms. However, I also have some boundaries that you must not cross. If you are willing to let me have a certain level of freedom, I am willing to compromise."

In front of the man who could shake anyone's to his core, Xu Xinya said in an unfaltering, consistent tune.

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