Falling For The Possessive CEO Chapter 22: The truth unfolds


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Silently closing the book in his hands, Lu Mingyu looked up. His expressions were cold as always. Wearing a mask of nonchalance over his handsome features, he looked overbearing.

"Speak." Just one word. Yet it carried in it an unaccountable amount of oppression and authority making the recipient of the word yield in fear.

However, the recipient of that word was none other than Xu Xinya.

The overwhelming oppression in his aura couldn't dominate her.

It was funny how a single word, when spoken from different people, can have such a profoundly different effect.

Xu Xinya strengthened the resolve in her heart as she recalled Lu Guang's words. The long conversation she had with Lu Guang prior to muster enough courage in her heart replayed in her head.




After Xu Xinya had told him that she knew about the matter of Xu family's business fall, Lu Guang had been utterly shocked.

"W-hat?! What made you believe that it was caused by my brother?"

"Was... it not?" Xu Xinya asked with uncertainty. "If you are trying to hide it—"

"Of course not! And I am not hiding anything!" Xu Guang bristled. "I know that my brother is a little overbearing. In fact, he is totally over-the-board overbearing but he doesn't go after someone for no reason! Only if a person strikes first with evil intent, he retaliates ruthlessly!"

"No reason? But I... slapped him. That's enough evil intent and reason." Xu Xinya replied with a smirk.

"I know right, but..." Lu Guang sighed helplessly. "I know that but you need to understand! My brother didn't do it. Even I was taken aback when my brother didn't try to get back at you! Initially, I had also thought that your family business fall had something to do with my brother but it turned out totally different! In fact, that was something was fishy. When my brother instead extended his helping hand instead to your family, I was so shocked that I couldn't sleep for days!"

Xu Xinya was unconvinced. "Even if it's so, it doesn't matter." She couldn't understand what this Lu Guang was trying to achieve by convincing him that his brother was not evil. "After your brother hit that woman in the club that night..." Xu Xinya trailed off.

The kind of man she hated the most was the one who would hit a woman. Nothing could change that.

Lu Guang stared at her.


"My brother never hit any woman." Xu Guang said it a blank tone. His expressions as if he couldn't believe that the person in front of him believed this. "You do know that my brother has a severe case of mysophobia, don't you? Everyone knows that! Even hitting a woman, he would never do that!"

A severe case of mysophobia? Then how came last night, he had easily pulled her into his embrace?

"But also that night I clearly remember..." Xu Xinya tried to recall her memories from that drunken night in the club.

But as she recalled the specifics, it all turned blurry.

He was right.

All she had heard a slap resounding in the Hall and quickly assumed it was Lu Mingyu.

She had never once seen him hitting that woman.

When Lu Guang observed her perplexed expressions, he felt multiple headaches coming.

God, the intensity of the misunderstanding between those two was tremendous! Thank God he had timely appeared to save the two of them!

Otherwise, with his brother temperament and this Xu Xinya fearlessness, great chaos would send the Lu family into a spiral!

"But..." Xu Xinya's eyes were filled with perplexity.

"If you are still unconvinced, I can even show you the CCTV video from that day." Lu Guang rubbed his temple in pain. "And even if he did, I would not have found excuse with that. Do you even know? That woman was an assassin sent by our enemies."

Xu Xinya was dumbfounded. This was too much.

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