Falling For The Possessive CEO Chapter 21: Demon King is delicate?


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\"Second Master Lu, are you not being extraordinarily... stupid?\" Other than this, Xu Xinya didn't know what else to say. She laughed lightly at the novelty of the situation.

\"I am not joking. My brother really wants to court you.\"

\"And how does he intend to court me? By forcing me to stay by his side.\"

\"Okay, I know that my brother a little overboard.\"

Xu Xinya: \"...\"

A little?

\"Alright, he went totally over the board. But that's not important. The thing is... I have been with brother since I was little. And I have never seen him take an interest in any woman.\"

Xu Xinya was shocked.

So does that mean that the rumors circulating First Master Lu's love life are all false? Should I trust this Second Master Lu so soon? But, he doesn't have a reason to lie to me anyway.

\"What are you telling me this for.\"

Lu Guang coughed lightly. \"Before coming here I did a little bit of investigation... on your background and life.\" Lu Guang glanced at the woman's gorgeous face. There is no lack of beautiful women in the world, especially the ones that hide black hearts under the curtains of innocence.

After he realized that his brother showed an unusual interest in the woman, Lu Guang couldn't keep his nose out.

If by any chance, if a deceitful woman took the place beside his brother, what might happen to 'poor' him?

Xu Xinya raised her eyebrow.

\"You can't blame me! My brother finally showed an interest in a woman. As his closest relative, I had to see for myself what sort of woman he went for.\"

\"Second Master Lu, you are really misunderstanding something here. The reason I was called here was...\" Xu Xinya trailed off. Looking at Lu Guang, she thought to herself that since he checked her background he must know already. \"The reason is that your brother wants to teach me a lesson for what I did back at the club. Nothing more.\"

\"That's not it!\" Lu Guang quickly said. He cursed under his breath and composed his expressions. \"I know my brother ways are a bit extreme, but if he really wanted to teach you a lesson you wouldn't be standing here and talking with me.\"

\"What's the purpose of this talk?\"

\"I just want to ask you to give my brother a chance. I know it might appear that he is a ruthless demon from the exterior but inside he is really...\" Lu Guang struggled to find a suitable word. \"...delicate\"

Xu Xinya couldn't keep a straight face.

Lu Mingyu, a man that is surrounded by layers of chilling coldness, a man who is akin to a demon king ascended from the umpteenth level of hell; whose aura can choke anyone who dares to get within a diameter of three meters...

And this man... said he is delicate...

Second Master Lu, are you blind?

Looking at Xu Xinya's expressions, Lu Guang wasn't surprised. He could only sigh in dejection. \"I just want you to give him a chance... by heart...\"

\"I don't think it matters to your brother if my heart is in it or not.\" The words he said to her last night, replayed in her mind.

'But you must know whom you belong to' In his low yet deep voice, his words had clamped on her heart. It was a declaration that no matter what she wanted she had to accept his label on her.

\"This is where you are wrong! It does matter to my brother a lot.\"

\"Even if it matters to him, after everything that happened, it doesn't matter to me.\"

\"After everything happened...\" Lu Guang's face filled with confusion.

\"Second Master Lu, I am no an idiot. I know very well what had caused the downfall of my family's business a year ago.\"

Lu Guang's eyes widened for a second.

Xu Xinya was confused.

What does that face mean?

If it was not Lu Mingyu who was behind my family's downfall then who can it be?

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