Falling For The Possessive CEO Chapter 19: What is your Motive?


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Xu Xinya had never been asleep. Since the time, he had taken his first step into her room, she had been awake. However, she had instantly started pretending to be asleep noticing his presence.

She was reluctant to face him. Besides, she had wanted to know how he would act when her guard was down. She had wanted to know him better.

But once his voice landed on her ears, her heart rate picked up.

Inside the blanket, her fists tightened. But because they were hidden, so Lu Mingyu couldn't notice her tiny reaction. She tried her best to maintain calm facial expressions and continued to pretend.

"There is no use for it. I already know that you are awake." His powerful voice landed on her ears once again. However this time it wasn't his voice alone. His hand reached forward and curled a strand of her hair around her finger.

Xu Xinya quickly opened her eyes, dropped the pretense, grabbed his hand from his wrist and pushed it away from her face. Her actions held ferociousness.

Her fiery eyes met his. They were sharp and determined. Faced with those cold eyes, she didn't cringe away as any docile woman would. Instead, she faced him without an ounce of fear. "Keep away."

He chuckled lightly. "How repulsed are you at my touch. Seems ironic considering you are here as my mistress."

Under his harshness, Xu Xinya's expressions didn't break. "I am your Mistress. Not your slave." Then in a low voice, she said: "But that doesn't matter, does it? Because I am pretty sure you never intended to bring me here to be your Mistress or something. There is no way you are interested in me." Those were the questions in her heart from the beginning. What was she going to face?

Lu Mingyu was amazed at the girl's sudden change. Like a trapped kitten, she had risen her guard. Her every word and action was pre-planned and controlled. She didn't let any fear or uncertainty leak her eyes. Instead, her eyes were hard as marble.

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The more feisty she was, the more he liked her.

He glanced at her before walking away from the bed. Xu Xinya was left hanging on her questions.

Her confusion ended when she saw some servants walking into her room with some expensive wine and two intricate wine glass. They placed them on the table, poured them half and left without making the slightest noise.

Xu Xinya sat on her knees on the bed and faced Lu Mingyu who was on a couch not far from her bed. She didn't get up.

"Come here." Lu Mingyu took off his blazer and called to her after sitting. His eyes didn't say anything other than coldness. Sitting at the couch alone, with his aura and temperament, he looked regal and imposing.

"I don't drink wine." Xu Xinya replied quietly.

Lu Mingyu stayed silent for a moment, while picking up his glass. But after a while, he met her eyes again. "Come here." This time, his tune was firmer.

Xu Xinya knew her situation. She knew her family situation. And she had already thought of all the worst scenarios in her mind. She had already made up her mind to follow whatever he demanded. She silently got up and walked to him.

Once near him, he grabbed her and pulled her to him.

Suddenly being near him, her heart caught up in her throat. "You didn't answer my question. Why did you decide to have me here?" Xu Xinya knew she was treading on a thin road by bringing this up. But she wanted to have answers. She wanted to know what rested ahead for her. She wanted to be mentally prepared for what rested ahead. Whether it was good or bad. "Is this some dirty game you are playing to seek revenge on me? Is it about making me regret it? If this is all that it is about, you can stop the act." Ever since she had stepped into this mansion, things were being better than she had expected.

He could have been much worse to her. But he wasn't. Xu Xinya couldn't understand what was his motive behind all this. Was it some psychological trick he was practicing to make her first gain hope slowly then crush it ruthlessly?

She had heard a lot out this man's ruthlessness.

Lu Mingyu titled his head slightly and stared directly into her eyes. His face was impassive; no one could know could penetrate his inner thoughts or take a glimpse into his emotions.

Slowly, he grabbed her chin. His lips curled up slightly.

It felt like he was inwardly laughing at her. For what? Was she really overthinking?

Xu Xinya was pretty confused. When suddenly he leaned in and kissed her.

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