Falling For The Possessive CEO Chapter 18: You can stop pretending to be asleep now


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As Lu Mingy approached closer to that specific room, he slowed down. Outside the room, three maids were waiting. When they saw their Young Master, they exchanged worried looks simultaneously. Then they quickly ducked their heads down. None of them dared to look straight in his eyes.

"Ms. Xu said we were causing her inconvenience. She said she was tired and needed a nap. She insisted to let her alone."

"Young Master, it is not yet nine am. We intended to go in and wake her up at eight-thirty."

They fell to silence quickly after saying two sentences.

Lu Mingyu glanced at them for a short while. "Did she readily accept your assistance?"

"Replying to Young Master, No. Ms. Xu had been persistent to do her things herself since this morning. She rejected our help outrightly. She claimed that she didn't like strangers to touch her personal things."

Xu Xingyu's lips curled up slightly: "So she gave you guys quite a hard time." There was something in Xu Mingyu's eyes that wasn't prevalent. On his usual expressionless face, anything other than coldness was prevalent.

The maids appeared to be surprised at this new development. "The only thing Ms. Xu asked us was to clear the changing room of all the items. She looked surprised after taking a tour of the changing room. The second she came out, she asked us that if the clothes in there were meant for her or if they were some other woman's who had lived in this room prior to her."

Lu Mingyu eyes were cold but there was a slight frown on his face. 'She thought there was some other woman?'

"We told her that those were hers. She said she didn't need them and asked us to take them where they come from. We tried to persuade her but she didn't give us any leeway. Next, she took out the things she had brought from her place and arranged them in the room herself. She didn't let us help and instead have us move outside."

Lu Mingyu wasn't surprised. "Leave." Just one word and the maids left quickly.

Once the maids were at a distance, he pushed open the door and walked into. Inside, dim lights were on. She was lying on the bedside. Lu Mingyu quietly walked towards her. As he approached, he detected a small frown forming on her face.

He paused in his steps. But she didn't wake up. Slowly, her frown dissipated replaced with a serene expression.

Lu Mingyu resumed his steps. Once he approached closer, his eye caught a glimpse of a framed photo standing on the table. He picked it up and looked at it. In the picture, there were two people facing the camera. But none of them belonged to the family Xu Xinya had been living with.

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Because were her dead parents.

At their feet, there was a beautiful little girl. Perhaps five years old or younger. She was smiling happily towards the camera holding cotton candy. That seemed all.

But if you looked closely, you could detect an anomaly. At a distance, there was also another kid.

However, his face wasn't visible. It was blurry. And the way he was standing afar from the family, it seemed like he wasn't even the part of the family. It felt like someone had deliberately tried to cut him from the photo. His existence was shrouded in mystery and only someone with a deep insight could detect him at all.

Lu Mingyu placed down the frame after some time. He glanced back at Xu Mingyu. As he stepped closer to her, there was no change in her expressions. Slowly his hand reached out and just inches away from touching her face, it stopped.

His lips curled up slightly.

"You can stop pretending to be asleep now."

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