Falling For The Possessive CEO Chapter 17: Complicated Emotions


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"Make sure she is provided with everything." In the spacious office, after relaying his message to Zu Jianguo, Lu Mingyu put back the phone. He intertwined his fingers and fell into deep thoughts. One could sense peculiar light in his eyes. His lips were slightly curled up into a smile.

"Is thus Xu Xinya-that girl who slap-" Lu Guang stopped once he felt an icy look from Lu Mingyu. He coughed. "I'm mean, Brother, why are you giving her a good treatment? Must you not hate her?"

"What is the worst treatment depends on what that person considers to be the worst treatment" Thinking about that girl, something ould twinkle in Lu Mingyu usually cold eyes. Lu Guang caught that spark. "And no, I don't necessarily hate her"

Lu Guang fell silent.

"And Brother definitely not love her either so..."

Lu Mingyu leaned back in his chair as he said.

"But she can't be forgiven for what she did out in public. And..." Lu Mingyu trailed off as he struggled whether to say the next words or not. But in the end, he decided not to.

Lu Guang listened eagerly for what had to come after that 'And'. After all, it was quite unusual for his brother to take in a mistress. It had been ten years after high school that Lu Guang had seen his brother taking interest in a woman.

But at the same time, that girl had slapped him. So Lu Guang was also surprised at the fact that the woman was still alive.

If it was someone else who would have even talked to him with a raised voice, the person would have died by now along with five generations of his family.

But on the contrary, his brother had taken an interest in that woman. Was his brother a masochist? Slap him to get his interest?

Lu Guang shook his head. This was getting too absurd.

As his eager ears perked up to listen to what Lu Mingyu had to say and there was no more response from his Brother side. Lu Guang looked at Lu Mingyu to find conflicted expressions on his face.

At that time Lu Guang's thoughts shifted to Lu Mingyu's condition and he inadvertently brought it up. "Lu Mingyu don't tell me she has become your obsess..."

Lu Mingyu snapped at Lu Guang.

"Shut the f**k up and assort these files for me." Lu Mingy threw some papers at him. He knew how to silence him.

Lu Guang: "..." He didn't even complete what he was going to say.

He sighed and gave up on talking to his difficult brother. He quickly gathered the papers and made his way out before his brother could throw more things at him.

Lu Mingyu was a man of his will. If he had decided on something, he would do it. No one could change his mind.

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His brother didn't understand that the matters of the heart were delicate.

Lu Guang could only pray that Lu Mingyu would not hurt himself in his own game.




That day Lu Mingyu arrived at his home late at night. He was almost always busy with his business and work; he rarely used to come home.

"Ms. Lu you have arrived" Zu Jianguo was at the door to greet him and attend to any request he had following the proper procedure.

Lu Mingyu nodded as he made his way to his room. But the person his eyes had been searching for was not there.

"Where is she?" His voice was silent. Like always, it was cold and restrained. Bulter Zu was used to Young Master's antics. So he wasn't much affected.

"Young master, it is not yet nine pm. Ms. Xu will be in your room at nine pm as you had instructed. However, If you wish, I can call her right now." Zu Jianguo's tune and words were professional and unwavering yet not steady in front of his young master.

"No need. Did she readily agree to come to my room?" Lu Mingyu walked to the king-sized bed placed in the center of the spacious room. Taking off his coat, he sat in the middle of it and glanced at Butler Zu.

"No, Young Master. Ms. Xu was reluctant. She requested to skip tonight. However, when I asked firmly, she relented."

Lu Mingyu interwinked his fingers and brought his hands in front of his face. Behind his face, his lips curled up slightly.

Zu Jianguo was startled. Was his Young Master really smiling? Until now, he hadn't given that girl any importance assuming that his Young Master wouldn't even spare her a glance. She could be a political tool or anything.

But the smile on his face was real. Did that mean that woman really meant something for his Young Master?

Suddenly, Lu Mingyu got up and walked outside. Before passing by Zu Jianguo he said: "If someone asks for me, tell them I am not available for the night." Saying this he continued to walk ahead.

Zu Jianguo wanted to ask where he was going but he shut up once he saw his Young Master walking in the direction of Ms. Xu's room.

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