Falling For The Possessive CEO Chapter 11: Another mistake


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At that time Xu Xinya still had no idea who was that mysterious person who had helped them through their tough times. Never had she any idea on the identity of the person she had offended that night in the club.

Once she made her way downstairs, her eyes landed on the person who was sitting on the sofa with his long legs crossed. He had a very calm disposition, a chiseled face and a relatively severe aura around him as if he belonged to some nobility. His features were exquisite. And one couldn't help but stare at his ravishing face longer than normal.

She frowned; it took her some time to recognize him. But once she did, her eyes widened. "Is that you?"

It had already been a year but the face of that person was still there in her memory. She had never slapped anyone in her life. Besides, there was something about this man that made it hard to forget about him. There was something very unsettling about him.

After Xiao Yi's persistent nagging for a month or two, Xu Xinya was always anxious that the person would pop out anytime to have revenge on her. So his face got even difficult to forget.

However, she was never scared. Xu Xinya was a fearless girl and bravery was one of her good or bad character.

"What are you doing here?" Her tone was not very warm, rather hostile. She had absolutely not a good image of that man in her mind. The other day he had hit a woman. There was no way she could accept that.

Xu Jiang was speechless. "Ya'er..." He had wanted to talk with her. But now that she was suddenly here, he didn't know how to handle things. And more than that why was her tone so impolite just now? He instantly grew anxious that she might offend him. Before he could say anything, Lu Mingyu spoke up.

"You recognized me?" Lu Mingyu's lips curled up slowly. However, his tone didn't have a slightest emotion. No one could tell from his voice alone what he felt.

Xu Xinya crossed her arms in front of her chest. "How can I fail to recognize someone like you?" Hatred and scoff were clear in her expressions. Lu Mingyu's expressions didn't change. Being glared by her, he didn't feel any sort of anger. Instead, he liked the ferocious look in her eyes.

Xu Jiang was in cold sweats. Xu Xinya was always polite and nice. Why did she have a change in attitude? If Mr. Lu felt offended, their entire family could be eradicated!

"Ya'er!" Xu Jiang's voice rose. He openly reprimanded her. "This is not a way to talk to someone!" He didn't know what else to say. He didn't want to tell her who he was.

Xu Xinya had never been rebuked by her older brother. She couldn't understand the situation.

But her brother didn't know what kind of man he was. "Brother Jiang, you don't know what kind of person he is. I have met him before-" Xu Xinya's voice was getting louder. However, she was cut off by Xu Jiang.

"Shut up Ya'er!" He glared at her.

Xu Xinya could not believe it. Her brother was not even letting her talk. He had always supported her before on whatever matter it was.

At that time strong laughter resonated in the lounge.

His laugh was like a dagger cutting Xu Jiang spine to the whole length. Xu Jiang was on the verge of a breakdown. Lu Mingyu's laughter was definitely not a merry one. It was a mocking one. And Xu Jiang understood the meaning behind it.

However, his laughter had an opposite effect on our naive Xu Xinya. Anger bubbled inside her.

"Do my brother say something funny? Who do you think you-" Before she could continue, a hand raised and slapped her face.

Xu Xinya was shocked. Tear filled her eyes as she placed her hands on her face and glanced at her brother.

His face was full of wrath and a little bit of panic.

"B-Brother Jiang?" She couldn't believe it. The brother who had doted on her since she was little suddenly raised a hand on her?

She was never slapped before. Not even her uncle had ever raised a hand on her.

Lu Mingyu silently observed everything.

"So you still haven't told her anything" His voice shook Xu Jiang. "I knew her signatures were fake but I didn't expect that you wouldn't have told her until now."

Xu Jiang's heart was in his throat.

"Ms. Lu I deeply apologize to you for my sister's lack of respect" He frantically said and bowed deeply in front of Lu Mingyu. "She is naive and young. Please forgive her in my stead."

"Brother Jiang, what haven't you told me? What signs?" Xu Xinya asked quietly.

What was happening?

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Why did her brother look so scared of that man?

Scared to the extent that he slapped her?

"Ya'er, go to your room." Xu Jiang's voice was grave.

His sister had caused enough damage. If she was to stay here, God knew how many more disrespectful things she would say to that terrifying man.

And what if that man took something seriously.

After all, she would have to live with him one day.

"But Brother Jiang..."

"I said go to your room! Now!" Xu Jiang snapped at her angrily.

Xu Xinya took two steps back. Tears still rolling down on her rosy cheeks. She turned and dashed upstairs to her room.

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