Extraordinary Genius Chapter 734: My ambition is to be a businessman


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“Brothers! The thesis defense is over. I will treat dinner tonight! Let’s go to Quanjude together!” Feng Yu shouted in his hostel.

“Let’s change and go now!”

Knock, knock, knock……

“Is Feng Yu staying in this hostel?” Old Meng entered the room and asked.

“Huh? That’s right. You are?” Tian Lei immediately pulled up his pants and asked. Who was this person? How can he just enter our room like this?

Luckily this was a man. What if it’s a girl who enters?

“I am from the Ministry of Agriculture. My surname is Meng. I am looking for Feng Yu.”

“Oh, Lao Si, someone is looking for you.” Tian Lei shouted. This person seems to be a government official. Could he be finding trouble with Feng Yu?

Which one was Feng Yu?

Feng Yu was packing his stuff. He wanted to bring back some of his stuff, so he will not have too many things to bring back after he graduates.

Feng Yu raised his head when he heard Tian Lei calling for him. He saw another man walking into their room. He seems to be looking for him too.

“Eh, Old Zhou, what are you doing here?” Old Meng held Old Zhou back.

Tian Lei was about to ask who this man was. But when he saw Old Meng’s attitude, he chose to keep quiet. The man who just entered their room seems to be a government official too. Although Tian Lei’s family have some connections, they were not very powerful. He did not want to offend these two government officials.

Tian Lei was more reserved, but the rest were not. Many young men at their age were impulsive.

Wang Lei, who was from Bing City, stood up and stopped both men. “I don’t care which unit you two are from, but you should have some basic courtesy. Who allows you two to enter?”

When Wang Lei just entered the university, he was quiet. But now, he had become more confident. He was also the only person in their hostel to pursue postgraduate studies.

Wang Lei will not be going out to work this year. The rest of their roommates were influenced by Feng Yu. Other than Tian Lei entering the government service, the rest chose to enter the private sector. The private sector pays better and has better benefits. Wang Lei also decided to join the private sector in the future. He does not like to be working in the government.

Since Wang Lei have no intentions to enter the government, then he does not need to treat these leaders so well.

Old Zhou paused for a while, and he flared up. This student was too arrogant. He dares to scold a leader? When Old Zhou was about to scold Wang Lei, Old Meng laughed and said: “Sorry. I had knocked the door and was pushed inside by him. Can you help me call Feng Yu? I need to discuss something with him.”

Old Zhou was pissed. What do you mean by this? You are the one fighting with me over this student. If you did not come here before me, will I be barging into the room? Now you are trying to be the good guy and try to paint me as the bad guy?

Feng Yu walked over and said: “I am Feng Yu. You all are looking for me?”

“Feng Yu. Hi, I am from Foreign Affairs. You can address me as Old Zhou. I would like to invite you to join our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With your abilities, you can climb up the ranks very fast. There is another advantage of working with Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You will be able to travel to a lot of countries and meet leaders from all over the world!”

Before Feng Yu could react, Old Zhou grabbed Feng Yu with both his hands and did not let go.

As Feng Yu was about to pull back his right hand, his left hand was grabbed by someone.

“Feng Yu. I am Meng Daming. I am from the Ministry of Agriculture. I represent my department to invite you to work with us. We will offer good benefits for you. When you join, we will assign an apartment to you. If you get married, we will give you an apartment with 3 bedrooms! Their unit does not even have enough 2-bedrooms apartments for their staffs. What visits a lot of countries? You have to be away from home most of your time! We will groom you, and I promise you will be a Section Chief within 3 years!”

Wang Lei was shocked. What? 3-bedrooms apartment? This was the usual practice in the past, but the government tried to stop this. However, this practice was still ongoing. Section Chief within 3 years was too much! That was the treatment of postgraduate students.

Also, these two men were from Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture. They were departments from the Central Government. Was there a manpower shortage? Was the shortage so severe that government officials had to do recruitment in student hostels?

Feng Yu shook his hands and pulled his hands out. Tian Lei brought two chairs for the two leaders. The rest of the roommates does not care about these leaders, but he can’t ignore them. He was going to enter the government service soon. Who knows if one of these two leaders will be his future leaders?

Working in this era had to depend on the leaders. New joiners had to do whatever the leader instructs. The leaders do not care what your specialty was. Jobs were assigned based on the leader’s preference. Very often, one would find computer science graduate working in the communication department.

Old Zhou was about to sit down, but Old Meng waved his hand. “No, thanks. I will stand and speak to Feng Yu.”

Old Zhou was cursing in his heart. Old Meng, your rank is equivalent to a Deputy City Mayor. Do you need to be so desperate to recruit a student?!

“Feng Yu, do consider our Ministry of Agriculture. You must not waste your talents!” Old Meng looked at Feng Yu. He had made his offer and was confident Feng Yu would surely accept it.

The roommates who had signed contracts with the private companies were also envying Feng Yu. If any government agencies offered these benefits to them, they would not join the private companies.

But all of them knew Feng Yu would never agree regardless what offers these two leaders made. Did these two leaders find out about Feng Yu’s background? Feng Yu was so wealthy, and how was it possible for him to join a government agency as a staff member?

“Hi. Nice to meet both of you. But when you all came over for recruitment, I did not participate. I had made it clear that I am not interested in joining the government.” Feng Yu shook his head. At the same time, he was wondering why these two people came to recruit him?

Feng Yu did not know that his thesis was published in an internal circular. He was not even paid. The University also did not inform Feng Yu about this.

The university will submit selected graduating students’ thesis to the higher-ups. All the students knew about this. Feng Yu also knew about this, but he did not expect his thesis was submitted.

Old Zhou and Old Meng were stunned to hear Feng Yu rejected them directly. They had made such good offers, and Feng Yu still rejected them like this?!

“Feng Yu, please reconsider. If you have any demands, we can discuss. If we can offer you, we will!” Old Meng moved forward. His leader had instructed him to recruit Feng Yu at all cost.

Feng Yu thought for a while and took out his car keys from his pocket. He showed it to the two men and said: “My family is wealthy and my ambition is to do business. How long will it take to buy a car if I enter the government? My car is more expensive than your leaders’. Even if they have the money, they can’t also buy it.”

Feng Yu turned to his roommates and shouted: “Are you all ready? Let’s go. Quanjude. Eat whatever you all want!”

Wang Lei was the last to leave the room. He looks at Old Zhou and Old Meng. “Are you all going off? I need to lock the room.”

Old Zhou and Old Meng looked at each other and left. Old Zhou was still able to accept this, but Old Meng could not. He does not know how to face his leader.
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