Extraordinary Genius Chapter 532: The Little Superman’s ambitions


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Seeing that Feng Yu and Li Zekai were having a conversation, and the BBQ set up, Li Na pulled Shen Huihui towards the BBQ pit to prepare lunch. She does not want to disturb her man.

Li Zekai looked at Feng Yu enviously. How come his girlfriend was so understanding and pretty? Li Zekai’s girlfriend only know how to pester him!

“Young Master Li, you should make quite a sum after selling your TV station. Are you going to set up the Pacific Century Group?” Feng Yu purposely asked.

Feng Yu knew that satellite TV station was Superman Li’s investment. He had only assigned Li Zekai to manage it. Li Zekai will just have a company under his name, which was Pacific Century Group.

Superman Li, like most of the influential families in Hong Kong, trusted his eldest son more. The eldest son was being groomed to be his successor. As for the second son, it’s okay if he is capable. If they are not capable, it is fine too, as the elder brother will take care of his siblings. If both sons were very capable, they might fight over the family’s assets after he was gone.

But Feng Yu knew the Li Zekai in his previous life had made lots of good investments and received high returns. Although it was partly due to Superman Li, Li Zekai was still very capable.

Li Zekai had wanted to walk out of Superman Li’s shadows. All his businesses were different from the Li Family’s traditional businesses and were successful.

This was why Li Zekai earned the nickname of Little Superman. The media felt that Li Zekai’s character was more similar to Superman Li, compared to his elder brother, Li Zeju.

This was why Feng Yu purposely asked Li Zekai that question. He wanted to know if the rumors were true. If the stories were true, then Li Zekai should need money now!

“I had just set up the Pacific Century Group, and you know about it?” Li Zekai looked at Feng Yu. This Feng Yu had stronger connections then he expected.

Feng Yu raised his brows. Just set up? Damn. I thought it was set up for quite some time. This means Pacific Century Group had just started and was still not influential yet.

“Hahaha. I heard it from Brother Fu. Oh, is this Pacific Century Group fully owned by you?”

“It’s mine. Why are you asking?” Li Zekai could guess what Feng Yu wants.

“I am wondering if I can have the honor to invest in Pacific Century Group?” Feng Yu smiled and asked.

“Mr. Feng wants to invest in my company? Why?” Li Zekai does not understand. His company was focusing on technology, and his father thinks that this company will not be doing well. This Feng Yu wants to invest? This was weird.

“In China, there is a saying, Science and technology are primary productive forces. I firmly believe that technology will change our lives and our future! Therefore, I like technological products like humidifiers, bladeless fans, VCD players, etc. These products can be considered technological products and are popular all over the world. Both Brother Fu and I received high returns from these products. Your company is also a technological company, and I believe that your company will be profitable.”

Feng Yu’s explanation was straightforward, and Li Zekai does not believe him. No businessman will make investments based on their interests. These types of businessmen might become rich overnight but will not be sustainable in the long run. Investment decisions must be made wisely. This way, the returns from the investments will be high.

However, Li Zekai was interested in Feng Yu’s intention of investing in his company. He had invited Feng Yu along to this island was to get to know Fu Guangzheng’s business partner.

Li Zekai’s father and brother do not think much about his company. Although his father had given him a sum of money, that money was what he should get for managing the satellite TV station.

If Superman Li were supportive of him, he would have given him a more significant sum of money.

Why was elder brother allowed to join Cheung Kong Holdings once he graduated and was promoted to Vice Chairman and General Manager within a few years? Why was he given Cheung Kong Holdings shares by his father and hold key positions in many listed companies?

Li Zekai was only given the task to manage a TV station and some other businesses that were not doing well? Now, he still must sell off the TV station he developed. What else does he have now?

Li Zekai felt that he had the abilities, but his father did not give him the chance to shine. His father would reject him whenever he made some suggestions. His father wants him to move up the ranks slowly and follow his instructions. He hated this!

Li Zekai wants to show his results to his father. He wants to prove that all his suggestions were right. He can be as capable as his elder brother!

All of you does not think my Pacific Century Group would succeed and are not willing to invest in me? Then I will look for investors myself. I can still manage without your help!

Now, Feng Yu expressed interest in his company and this was what he wanted. But Li Zekai did not agree immediately. After all, this was their first meeting, and he still does not know Feng Yu well.

Li Zekai intends to ask Fu Guangzheng out for a chat. He wants to get Fu Guangzheng to invest in his company, and also, to find out more about Feng Yu. He needs to know about Feng Yu’s abilities and character. Most importantly, Feng Yu’s reputation.

If Feng Yu’s reputation were not good, he would not let Feng Yu invest even if Feng Yu had the capabilities. Others would look down on him if he allowed someone with a lousy reputation to invest in his company.

Although Li Zekai was not on good terms with his family, he also does not want his family’s reputation to be affected. Deep in his heart, he was still proud to be a part of the Li Family.

All Li Zekai wanted was to prove himself to his father and elder brother. He does not want to be restrained. He does not want to be known as Superman Li’s son and Li Zeju’s younger brother.

“Mr. Feng, we can discuss this when we are back. We are here to enjoy ourselves today. The BBQ pit is set up. Let’s go and help out.”

Li Zekai did not agree with Feng Yu’s investment immediately. This was very normal. If Li Zekai accepted without any consideration, then Feng Yu would suspect something was wrong.

Li Zekai does not know much about Feng Yu, and it was the same for Feng Yu. Feng Yu had only heard of Li Zekai in the news from his previous life. He had not met him personally. What if this Li Zekai was not as capable as the media claims? It does not matter if Feng Yu loses some money. His track record of not making losses from his investment would be broken!

“How is the BBQ? We are here to help.” Feng Yu smiled and walked over to Li Na. He took a bite from a sausage Li Na cooked: “Taste good. The fire is just right. Come, let me show you my skills. Do you want to eat chicken wings?”

Li Zekai had also walked to Shen Huihui. He looked at the burnt chicken wing in Shen Huihui’s hand and then looked at Feng Yu eating the well-cooked sausage. He sighed.

But 5 minutes later, Li Zekai’s expression could not hide his embarrassment. The chicken wing he was cooking was burnt too!

On the other side, Feng Yu was feeding his girlfriend and cooking at the same time. Their loving antics made Li Zekai more depressed.

Translator’s notes: It’s been years since I BBQ. Traditional Chinese families tend to treat their eldest son better. The eldest son will be groomed to be the next head of the family. Even in Singapore, many Chinese families in the 50s to 60s only send their eldest son for further education. The rest of the siblings will just receive primary education and the eldest was expected to take care of the rest of the siblings. Thankfully, times had changed. I don’t think this was still happening around us.

Victor Li, eldest son of Li Ka Shing.

Cheung Kong Holdings
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