Extraordinary Genius Chapter 531: Little Superman


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Both yachts slowed down and were sailing side by side. Before Feng Yu could walk out of the cabin and he heard someone shouting: “Is it Brother Guangzheng?”

Feng Yu walked out of the cabin and saw a young man wearing shades on the other yacht. That young man was also shocked when he saw Feng Yu. Wasn’t this Guangzheng’s yacht? Who is this young man?

“Are you Second Young Master of the Li Family? I am Fu Guangzheng’s friend. I had borrowed his yacht to come out to sea.” Feng Yu shouted. This second son of Superman Li looks like he was really young.

Li Zekai frowned. Why was this person speaking with a Chinese accent? Wait. Could this person be the mysterious Chinese partner of the Fu Family, Manager Feng? He had heard rumors that Manager Feng was very young. The age of the person in front was young too. He might be that mysterious Manager Feng.

“Are you Mr. Feng from China?”

“What? Mr. Li know me?” Feng Yu was pleased. If Li Zekai had heard of him, then he must have been monitoring him. It would be easier for Feng Yu to get to know him.

“Of course I had heard of you. I am going to that small island in front. Do you want to join me?” Li Zekai invited Feng Yu.

“My pleasure. Let’s meet at that small island.”

Back in the cabin, Feng Yu told the captain to follow Li Zekai’s yacht and anchor near the island.

Li Na moved closer: “Who is that Second Young Master?”

“He is the second son of Hong Kong’s biggest tycoon, Superman Li. He is a friend of Fu Guangzheng, and he thought Guangzheng was onboard the yacht just now. That’s why he stopped us to say hello. He is going to that small island too. We will have two friends with us on that island.”

Li Na does not know who Superman Li was too. Feng Yu was the richest person she had ever met. He could buy whatever he wants. If Feng Yu said that Superman Li was a Hong Kong Tycoon, then he must be someone very wealthy.

Half an hour later, the yacht anchored near the small island. There was a small boat at the rear of the yacht, and a crew member ferried Feng Yu and Li Na to the boat.

Li Zekai had already arrived on the island. He was standing on the beach waiting for Feng Yu. A sexy pretty lady was standing by his side. That lady was not Miss Liang, Feng Yu knew from his previous life. Miss Liang should be still in kindergarten now.

“Mr. Feng, nice to meet you. This is my friend, Shen Huihui.” Li Zekai extended his hand for a handshake.

“Nice to meet you, Young Master Li. This is my girlfriend, Li Na. She had just arrived from Beijing.” Li Zekai had introduced his partner to Feng Yu, and Feng Yu must do the same too. But that Shen Huihui should not be only a friend.

This Young Master Li really knows how to enjoy life compared to Feng Yu. He had come to this deserted island with beach chairs and umbrellas. He also brought tables, tents, and a BBQ pit. He looks like he was prepared to cook his lunch there.

When all of them were seated, Shen Huihui opened a bottle of champagne and poured each of them a glass. Feng Yu laughed when he saw Li Na feeling uneasy. He moved closer to Li Na and whisper to her: “Don’t need to feel restrained. I am richer than him!”

This was the truth. Li Zekai’s wealth was only tens of million USD. He could not be compared to Feng Yu. Feng Yu was used to dine with Fu Rongqi, and he does not feel intimated by Li Zekai.

Li Na almost laughed when she heard what Feng Yu said, and she playfully gave Feng Yu a punch. She felt more at ease after that.

“I am envious of Mr. Feng and Miss Li.” Li Zekai laughed.

“Yes. We had grown up together and can be considered childhood sweethearts.” Feng Yu joked. Li Zekai does not have a good reputation with women. He had girlfriends all over the world. The tabloids had more stories of him and various girls than those movie stars.

Li Zekai was very different from his elder brother in this aspect. This was also why Superman Li likes his elder brother. Superman Li was prepared to pass his fortune to his eldest son instead of Li Zekai. This was obvious. Li Zekai’s character was not too good. There were rumors that Li Zekai had fallen out his Superman Li and he does not have a good relationship with his elder brother!

Feng Yu suspects that Li Zekai could be friends with Fu Guangzheng was because Fu Guangzheng was also not liked by his father. Both were not the eldest and were not groomed to be the next head of the family. Most importantly, both of them were womanizers!

Feng Yu had known Fu Guangzheng for many years, and during this period, Fu Guangzheng had changed countless girlfriends. Both of them were the same kind.

“Hahaha. I studied overseas, and I do not have the good fortune like you. I heard that you and Fu Guangzheng are partners in many businesses?” Li Zekai asked. He was still not sure if Mr. Feng was that big boss in China.

“I do not like to manage the company and just happen. Brother Fu is good at management. So, every time I make any investment, I will ask Brother Fu along. These few years, we have made some money together.” Feng Yu placed his glass on the table and swallowed a freshly peeled grape given to him by Li Na.

Li Zekai was sure that this person was that mysterious Manager Feng. There were rumors that this person had lots of connections and had never made losses from his investments. Fu Guangzheng’s wealth had increased by several folds within a few years. His wealth was now more than him.

There were also rumors that Fu Family’s head, Fu Rongqi, had followed this person to trade in London Gold and had made high profits.

There must be a reason for these rumors. Li Zekai wants to befriend Feng Yu no matter what.

Li Zekai’s father had told him to invest in mainland China. Many industries in China were still in the starting phases, and there were lots of opportunities. Even if it was a low-risk investment like properties, there would always be high profits. If he were to invest in financial instruments, then the profits will be higher.

If Li Zekai could get the help of a China big boss, then his risk will be lowered significantly.

“Mr. Feng are you in Hong Kong for vacation?” Li Zekai looked at Feng Yu. Was this Manager Feng here in Hong Kong for some investments?


Li Zekai had thought of lots of possibilities, but he was wrong. Feng Yu’s answer was school.

Li Zekai had dropped out of the university. He felt that he could learn the same things at work. A university certification means nothing to him. He went to university was to gain some basic knowledge and make friends. To him, making friends was more important than learning all the basics.

There were rumors that this Manager Feng had a personal wealth of tens of millions USD and why does he still want to attend school? Even if he wants to carry on his education, he should be going to the prestigious universities in the US or Europe. Hong Kong University? It was not even considered one of the top universities in the world, and there were several universities in Asia that were better than it.

Li Zekai does not know what to say, and he could only toast with Feng Yu.

“What are you busy with recently? TV station?” If Feng Yu’s memories did not fail him, Li Zekai should be investing in Hong Kong’s satellite TV station, StarTV. This TV station will become Phoenix Chinese Channel in a few more years. It seems that Li Zekai will sell his TV station to Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch this year or next year. He will make lots of profits from this deal.

“Mr. Feng have also heard of my satellite TV station? But I had already finalized a deal with Australia’s Rupert Murdoch and had just signed the deal with him a few days ago. This satellite TV station no longer belongs to my family.” Li Zekai was surprised that Feng Yu knew he owns a TV station. Seems like this Feng Yu was also interested in him.

The TV station was sold? This means that the little Superman will be setting up Pacific Century Group? Feng Yu wonders if he could buy a stake in this Pacific Century Group….

Translator’s notes: Who eats a grape with the skins peeled? It tastes better with the skin, and it is tedious to peel a grape.

Miss Liang mentioned in the chapter was referring to Richard Li’s ex-wife.

Li Zekai, Richard Li.

Richard Li’s ex-wife.

An article on Richard Li’s StarTV

Rupert Murdoch

Information about Pacific Century Group
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