Extraordinary Genius Chapter 530: Going out to Sea


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Deputy Station Chief Jia was nervous when he heard what Feng Yu said. He tried to persuade Feng Yu, but Feng Yu ignored him. Instead, Feng Yu told him that he will not be sponsoring the coming Spring Festival Gala Night and the New Year Gala Dinner. He will go to Ludong TV or Zhejiang TV as a form of congratulating them for being a satellite channel. Feng Yu thinks that they will be very supportive of him and will pull all their resources to make the show a success.

Feng Yu was threating Deputy Chief Jia. Deputy Chief Jia can no longer sit still. He immediately reported this matter to the Station Chief. But he did not say that Feng Yu wanted a weekday primetime slot on CCTV. Instead, he told the Station Chief that Feng Yu demands for a primetime weekend slot.

The Station Chief was furious. But when he thought about it carefully, he had no choice but to give in to Feng Yu’s demand. The New Year Gala Dinner had been successful for the past two years, and if this special program stopped this year, the whole nation would be scolding CCTV. As the Station Chief, he will be the number one target!

If this really happens, the Station Chief will not have to wait to retire two years later. He might be removed from his position within this year! Also, CCTV’s advertising slots auctions will be starting soon. If Feng Yu pulled out from the auctions, it would significantly affect the sales of their advertising slots. The Station Chief was also puzzled on Feng Yu’s threat over a variety show.

The Station Chief suspects that it was Deputy Chief Jia that was creating trouble for him. He asked for Feng Yu’s number and called Feng Yu personally. Feng Yu told him the same thing. Either it’s a win-win situation, or they will go on separate ways!

CCTV finally agreed to Feng Yu’s demands, and they will not increase the product placement fees. Feng Yu was satisfied with this outcome and agreed to continue to bid for the advertising slots and help CCTV increase the prices of their slots. He will also continue to sponsor the New Year Gala Dinner and the Spring Festival Gala Night.

It was necessary to be tough sometimes.


Feng Yu and Li Na arrived at Guangzhou and boarded the ferry to Hong Kong.

When they arrived in Hong Kong, it was already dark. Hong Kong was also known as Pearl of the Orient. The bright lights from the buildings lit up the skies. It was really a beautiful scene.

“Wa……. Hong Kong is wonderful…. Look at that building. It’s so tall….. Look at that…….” Along the way, Li Na was behaving like a country bumpkin. She was fascinated by everything she saw.

Hong Kong was more prosperous and developed than Beijing. There were many skyscrapers, and the roads were wide and leveled. There was also no shortage of electricity. Hong Kong’s night scenery was more beautiful than the day. But Feng Yu had seen the big cities of China 20 years later, and this was nothing compared to then.

Driver Old Chen was seated in front driving the car. After being reprimanded by Feng Yu previously, he does not dare to look into the rear-view mirror. He sent Feng Yu and Li Na home. Feng Yu made arrangements with him to pick them up at 9 am tomorrow, and Old Chen left.

“This should not be the school hostel.” Li Na curiously asked. Even if this was Hong Kong University, the hostels should not be so good.

“I had bought this apartment. You are visiting Hong Kong for the first time. I cannot be letting you stay at a hotel. Furthermore, I will not lose money from this apartment. I can sell it two years later and still be able to make some money. You should be tired after traveling the whole day. Come, let’s bath together.”

“Who wants to bath with you?” Li Na blushed. She was moved because Feng Yu had bought an apartment just for her visit.

“I want to bath with you. This bathtub is really comfortable. Come and try it.” Feng Yu carried Li Na up and walked into the bathroom with a naughty grin on his face.

The next morning, Old Chen came to pick them. Feng Yu brought Li Na to try Hong Kong’s traditional breakfast. It was Dim Sum. There were buns, shrimp dumplings, porridge, etc. The food was delicious, and both of them ate a lot. Maybe they had used too much energy last night.

This day, Feng Yu brought Li Na to shop at the commercial district. Feng Yu bought all the clothes Li Na tried in the shops. The salesgirls were shocked. The mainlanders were so wealthy now? Feng Yu was even more generous than those Hong Kong tycoons.

The salesgirls tried to flirt with Feng Yu but were ignored. All of them were unhappy with this young girl from China. How did she hook up with such a wealthy man?

Feng Yu was young and rich. He still can be considered as good looking. Feng Yu was the prince charming in the eyes of those salesgirls. But Feng Yu was also speechless. Li Na was not bothered when she saw those salesgirls trying to flirt with him.

Was Li Na really not bothered by those salesgirls? When she was in the dressing room, she secretly peeps at Feng Yu several times. She noticed that Feng Yu was unfazed by those salesgirls and she was relieved.

Feng Yu had stayed in Hong Kong for quite some time, and Li Na was worried that Feng Yu would change. She had heard that Hong Kong was a place full of temptations. But Feng Yu’s actions, she knew her Feng Yu was still the same! She felt terrible to suspect Feng Yu.

At night, Fu Guangzheng appeared and invited Feng Yu and Li Na to a hotel for dinner. They had Chinese cuisine again. Feng Yu had brought Li Na to try western cuisine. But Li Na does not like it, and she does not like the troublesome table etiquettes. Fu Guangzheng had asked Feng Yu about Li Na’s preferences before inviting them.

“Brother Feng, the yacht is ready. Tomorrow’s weather will be good, and the waves will not be strong. I can bring you and Miss Li out to sea.”

Feng Yu had borrowed a yacht from Fu Guangzheng. It was Li Na’s first visit to Hong Kong. How can he not bring her out to sea?

“Thanks.” Feng Yu raised gave a toast to Fu Guangzheng.

Fu Guangzheng bottoms up his mug. He was troubled. Why Feng Yu does not like red wine? Why does he like beer so much? Drinking too much beer will cause burping. Burping during meals was rude.

Red wine was sour and acidic, and Feng Yu does not like that taste. He firmly believes that those who claim to like red wines were pretending to be high class!

Bing City was the city that had the highest beer consumption in China. The residents from Bing City had been drinking beer since young.

“Brother Feng, I have prepared everything for tomorrow’s outing. You do not need to bring anything. The captain is experienced, and you do not need to worry. Miss Li, what else do you need? I will ask the captain to prepare for you.” Fu Guangzheng was meticulous in his preparations.

“I’m fine. Thank you, Brother Fu.”


When they saw the yacht, Feng Yu and Li Na were excited. No wonder so many tycoons like to buy yachts. Hmmm…. later I must get Guangzheng to pass me the contacts to buy a yacht.

“Nana, come over here. The captain said that we can try to steer the yacht for a while.” Feng Yu was steering the yacht. It felt better than driving a car.

“I can also try steering it? Hurry up and let me try it.” Li Na had never expected she would be steering a yacht. She was behaving like a kid who had discovered a new toy.

The captain was standing beside Li Na guiding her and at the same time, looking at all the gauges on the dashboard. Safety was still his top priority.

Eh? There was a yacht in front signaling them to slow down. That was…… Li’s Family yacht!

“Mr. Feng, the yacht in front belongs to the Li Family. They are signaling to us that they want to approach us. What are your instructions?”

“Li Family? Which Li Family?”

“Superman Li’s family!”

Superman Li’s family? Who was the one on board that yacht? Superman Li or his son? Feng Yu had wanted to know the Li family all along. His opportunity had finally come.

Translator’s notes:

Li Ka Shing a.k.a. Superman Li

Hong Kong’s iconic breakfast.
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