Extraordinary Genius Chapter 289: Jealousy


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“Have you sold all the shares today? It’s time to return the money.” A young man in his 20s said while swirling a glass of red wine in his hand.

If it were 10 years later, this scene would be normal. But now, there were very few people in China who drinks red wine. This person was way ahead of everybody else.

“Master Lu, all the shares were sold. In less than 10 days, our money had increased by over 6 times!”

Master Lu smiled. Other people might not know that the shares will rise so fast, but he knew. His uncle was a high ranking official with the central government, and he was in charge of China’s financial market.

His uncle had no son. He only has a daughter, and Master Lu was the groomed by his uncle to be their family’s next head. Master Lu might be in his early 20s and had just graduated two years ago from the university, but he was already a deputy chief with the government. Next year, he would be promoted to Chief, and this was due to his background.

Master Lu was not like the generations before him. He likes to enjoy life. How can he live without money? These type of people dares to sell official documents, but Master Lu was not interested in doing this. He prefers to make use of the information he got from his uncle to make money.

This time, he invested in shares was also because of his uncle. He borrowed 1 million from others, and within 10 days, he got 6 million. This was better than selling official documents.

Furthermore, no one could say anything about him doing this. He used other people’s name to invest and the returns, he would use some other methods to transfer to him and his men.

“Hmmm, you have done well. Take 100,000 RMB for your mother to buy some tonics.” Master Lu said.

“Thank you, Master Lu.”

“Are you the one that attracted the most attention when you sell off the shares?” Master Lu smilingly asked. Selling millions of shares should be the center of attention.

Huh? Why was his expression like this? Could it be someone selling more shares than me?

“Master Lu, I had followed your orders and went to the Shanghai Stock Exchange to sell the shares. But today there were a few big players there. Their transactions were all over 5 million RMB. There were even some that traded over 10 million. From their accents, they seem to be from the Northeast.”

Master Lu had wanted to boost in front of his friends and let them know that he was the one that knew how to make the most money. But today, he was shadowed by others. Master Lu’s transactions were not even in the top 5. How can he still boost?

Northeast? Master Lu was lost in his thoughts. Who is from Northeast? He had never heard of anyone from the northeast that had the power to do so many transactions. The children of the leaders in the 3 provinces were all working with the government quietly, and they were all in their 30s. They were all working hard for their careers and would not jeopardize their career for money.

But if it was not them, who else can these big players be?

“Go and find out who is the one that traded such a high volume of shares. They are worth befriending.”

No matter who this person was, he must be capable for him to invest so much money. This person was worth knowing. Now it was the era of free economy, and if he was posted to the grounds, he could quickly get some investments in the region he oversaw. This was also considered a political achievement. Coupled with his family background, it would be effortless for him to be promoted.

But Master Lu never expected that the few people from the Northeast had no strong backings. They were all employees of Tai Hua Trading.

Feng Yu had asked Li Shiqiang to bring his men to sell off the shares at Shanghai Stock exchange. Feng Yu, on the other hand, lead another team to the Shenzhen Stock exchange to sell off the shares that were mortgaged to the Hong Kong’s banks.

Feng Yu had thought that these few million shares will not attract attention, but things had been going on too smoothly for him these few months. He had forgotten that the total shares in the Chinese market was not a lot. The total volume of shares traded in a day at Shanghai Stock exchange was only about 5 million in the past. Now, with the bull market, the total amount had increased to about 50 million. But Feng Yu’s transactions were in millions and even tens of millions. This was more than 10% of the total transactions. They kept selling their shares, and this had affected the market.

Luckily for Feng Yu, the people now were crazy over the stock market. Even when Feng Yu was selling off the shares at high volume, the shares prices did not fall. It was still increasing steadily.

Those workers of the state-owned enterprises, that were assigned with shares were all regretting. If they had known stocks were so profitable, they would have requested for more shares in the past. This was much better than their salaries.

Many of these workers also started to invest in shares. Anyway, most of them were sitting in the office and had nothing to do.

The funds from these people entered the stock market, and this caused the stock market to continue with the bull run. As such, Feng Yu’s selling of stocks did not suppress the share prices.

After selling a few hundred million shares, Feng Yu received a call from Li Shiqiang. Someone was trying to find out about Li Shiqiang and his men’s background.

This message alarmed Feng Yu. Although what he was doing was legal, but in the era, there were many government officials and their family members that were unreasonable. This was trouble.

Feng Yu immediately ask Li Shiqiang to leave Shanghai Stock exchange and sell the shares in other cities. Feng Yu also left Shenzhen Stock exchange for other cities to quickly sell off his shares.

Feng Yu had thought that he would not attract unwanted attention if he went to the stock exchanges. The transactions at the stock exchanges were bigger, but they had sold their shares too fast. If there were electronic transactions, it would be safer and more convenient. This was the golden era, but the development was still too slow.

Since now people were trying to find out their identities, then it should not be some officials from the top. Feng Yu biggest worries were some arrogant officials’ second generations. These people have the authority and will not obey the rules.

Feng Yu was not really scared of these people. If these people dare to use underhand methods against him, he was confident that he could use his wealth and connections to bring down the officials. When one’s wealth reaches a certain amount, he would be as powerful as a high ranking official!

Feng Yu likes to make friends. This was a habit he had from his previous life. You do know what connections your new friends have, and maybe a piece of information from them will let you earn a sum of money.

Others were trying to find out about Feng Yu, and Feng Yu also let his men find out who the other party was.

If the other party was only interested in befriending him, Feng Yu does not mind. However, if the other party was jealous of him, and wanted to take advantage of him, then they must be prepared for his retaliation.

Early June, Tai Hua Trading had sold off all their shares. Feng Yu actually wanted to keep some of the shares. But someone was trying to investigate him, Feng Yu did not keep any shares. He sold every single stock he held. This was also a way to flaunt his power. A company with assets of over a billion RMB cannot be bullied easily!


“Master Lu, I had found out about those people. They were all employees of a company call Tai Hua Trading. This company is registered in Bing city, and they were doing Sino-Soviet trades. The person in charge of the company is a person named Feng Yu.”

“Bing City? The surname is Feng?” Master Lu held his chin and thought. There were no top officials with the surname Feng. Where did this Feng Yu come out from?

At the same time, Feng Yu also found out who was investigating about him. When he found out that it was Master Lu, Feng Yu’s eyes widen. It’s him!
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