Extraordinary Genius Chapter 285: Heavy Industrial Facilities’ Sales (Part 2)


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“Zhang Ruiqiang, this is the important report you are talking about? Utter rubbish! You say that the Soviet Union will disintegrate, I can understand. The Soviet Union’s economy had collapsed now, and many people believed that the Soviet Union will disintegrate. But you even state the exact time of the disintegration? You are talking rubbish!”

The Provincial Government no. 1 was unhappy with Zhang Ruiqiang. He like’s Zhang Ruigiang’s devotion to his work and his capabilities. But he never expects Zhang Ruiqiang to be so eager to get credit.

The Provincial Government No.1 can understand Zhang Ruiqiang’s forecast of the disintegration of the Soviet Union but to even predict the timing of the disintegration? Was it even possible? Even the leaders in the Central Government could not analyze the approximate date with the intel they got. How could Zhang Ruiqiang forecast it?

“Leader, I am not trying to fool the public. I have my own source of information. Please go through my report. My analysis of the situation is written in the report.”

“Where is your information source from?” The Provincial Government No.1 was curious. Zhang Ruiqiang does not seem to be finding excuses for himself.

“Leader, I guessed you had heard of Tai Hua Trading. The private company that had bought a stake In the Machinery Company and had joint cooperation with the Motor Factory and the Aviation Factory to manufacture humidifiers and electric fans. That company had started doing trades with the Soviet Union. I had known the company’s General Manager Feng Yu for more than 2 years. His Soviet Union partner is the son of a high ranking military officer under Yeltsin!”

“Who? Yeltsin?”

“That’s right. Currently, in the Soviet Union, Yeltsin was the favorite candidate to replace Mikhail Gorbachev. Feng Yu had told me that the current Soviet Union’s economy had collapsed, and they will need our country’s support. That why our President Jiang was invited to visit the Soviet Union. But our country’s support would be the reason for the downfall of Mikhail Gorbachev. Leader, think about it. What would the Soviets think if their leader sought support from another country’s leader? They will think that their leader is a traitor!”

The Provincial Government No.1’s eyes’ widen, and he realized that Zhang Ruiqiang made senses. Mikhail Gorbachev wanted China’s support, and this meant that his support had dropped to the lowest point.

Even though the Soviet Union was a strong nation, but there was a high possibility of disintegration. If Zhang Ruiqiang had gotten insider information, then he might be able to predict the exact period of the disintegration!

“Leave your report with me. I will read it.”


Bing City’s railway station manager had been busy for the past few days. Every day, he had received calls asking for his favor, and he did not know how to reject them. All the calls were asking for the same thing. They wanted train carriages to transport large machinery.

He asked his men and found out that Tai Hua Trading had imported a batch of industrial facilities and this time, it was for the heavy industries. These machines were the machines not available in China. They were blocked by the Western nations.

Tai Hua Trading had been importing light industrial machinery, but this time, they managed to import machines used in heavy industries. This was unexpected. Heavy industries were crucial for the development of a strong country. These machines were seldom exported, and Tai Hua Trading managed to get these machines.

The train station manager also heard that these machines were models after 1985 and were considered advanced machinery in the world. The Soviet Union had never exported these machines to China before. How did Tai Hua Trading get these machines and the quantity was still a lot! The most unbelievable part was the prices of those machines were only about two-thirds of the market rates!

Now, in Bing city, there were rumors that Tai Hua Trading was a government department and it represents China. That’s why their machinery was so cheap. This was all for the nation’s growth.

But some people said that Tai Hua Trading was a private company. However, the boss of the company was capable and could get the rare goods from the Soviet Union. There were very few people who supported this rumor. China could not even get these machines and how can a private company get it?

There were some other rumors which were spread. Feng Yu did not know whether if he should cry or laugh when he heard the stories.

Feng Yu’s surname was Feng, and none of the top leaders in China had this surname. End up, Feng Yu was rumored to be the illegitimate child of one of the leaders!

These were all rumors, and Feng Yu can’t be bothered with them. It might be a good thing too. No one would dare to create trouble for his company.

Although Feng Yu had some connections now, it was still not enough. In this era, a word from the leaders, could shut down or make his company prosperous overnight.

Every day, Feng Yu would just visit his company and sign some contracts. He seldom goes to school nowadays.

Kirilenko was too efficient. The number of machinery he sends to Bing City was increasing, and Wu Zhigang even had to station himself at the Railway station. Feng Yu had no choice but to stay in his office and look after the company.

Two ultra-high power electric furnaces, which the Aviation Factory bought previously, were sold to two large state-owned enterprises.

Luckily there were other furnaces and related technologies. The other large companies were fighting over this machinery.

Two other state-owned enterprises wanted to pressurize Tai Hua Trading in lowering the prices further through the City Government. But the city Government refused to do that. The city even told Tai Hua Trading about this incident.

Feng Yu immediately blacklist those two companies. Tai Hua Trading will never work with those two companies again. Even if they had offered high prices, Tai Hua Trading will also not sell them anything. After that, Feng Yu donated some things to the City Government for Zhang Ruiqiang to claim credit.

Look, these are the benefits for having people in the government.

If Feng Yu had sold his machines at higher prices, that means more taxes for the City Government. This was the City leaders’ political achievements. If Tai Hua Trading were forced to sell their products at low prices, the Bing City Leaders would not agree.

Zhang Ruiqiang was someone who does not like officials making use of their authorities to gain benefits form themselves. He made a public announcement that the City Government will not interfere with a private company as long as the company does not do anything that would harm the City or Country!

Furthermore, Feng Yu had always placed the enterprises of Bing City first when it comes to selling those machines. This was followed by the companies from Longjiang Province and then it will be the companies from other regions. Even the leaders from the Provincial Government felt that Feng Yu had done the right thing. All the leaders supported Tai Hua Trading as this company had paid the highest taxes in the province.

Feng Yu actions had let Bing city’s heavy industries to grow at an astonishing speed. Even the whole Longjiang province’s heavy industries were affected. Bing City’s leaders had still ordered some more machines and facilities from Feng Yu. With these machines, Bing City’s industries will be the top in the whole of China!

Feng Yu leaned back on the sofa and hanged up the phone. He had an excited expression on his face. He got the Mikoyan MiG planes’ technologies!
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