Extra Ordinary Love Chapter 1: Extra Ordinary Love


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Extra Ordinary Love

Please note that everything inside the () are Steve's personal retort and not, I repeat not my/author's retort.


I am Steve Plain. Quite a plain name if I say so myself. I was born in an average household with an average looks, well... probably except for my "illustrious exotic hazelnut eyes" as mom always say whenever she comforts me. Even the people that know my family describe us an ordinary household.

Anyway, I can be concluded to be an average man with those opinions, but the truth is I am not. Now, before you give any scrutinizing gazes and think that I am in great denial, let me give two damn good reasons why I can't label myself as average man.

First of all, I retain memories from my previous life in Earth. Why did I emphasize or added the word Earth? Well, don't be shock okay. I mean for real. You ready? I got reincarnated into a fantasy world!

Well, if you still believe that's not possible and probably thinking that I am just making things up; well then buddy, sucks to disappoint you, but it's as sure as death it happen to me.

Now for the second reason, I am a woman in a man's body, literally. What I mean is that I was previously a young lady in my past life, (Don't ask how young, it's a heaven defying and earth shattering secret) now I am born as a man. Now surely you can't argue that an average man doesn't have intimate knowledge of menstrual pains, both emotionally and physically. Well if there were men who knew these things, they are either a very sympathetic lover or a person who has some very weird fetish. Well either way they can't be labeled as average either. Don't get the wrong idea I was really a young lady in my previous life and neither am I a sympathetic lover nor do I have a weird fetish. *sighs* It also took a long time before I accepted the fact that I am now a man, seven years to be exact. (*mumbles softly* at seven, one toddler girl suddenly saw me peeing and screamed away and shouted "Steve has an ugly turtle".)


What was I talking about? Ah yes, now that I have presented passable valid fact and highly opinionated reason why I am not an average man,... I proudly announce that....

I am an average adventurer!

Mind you, before you laugh your ass off while thinking "what the heck is the difference between an average man from an "average adventurer"?" I would gladly and humbly provide you with significant facts to fend off your intolerable ignorance.

An average man will follow the the flow of life dictated by society. To illustrate, an average man would find a job that would make him secure enough asset to create and support a family. So an average man in this world could be described as a family oriented person. On the other hand, to be an average adventurer means that you live your life according to your whims because the consequences are pretty much tied to life and death. And only a self centered individual would pursue adventuring. You see an average man would choose respectable and life prolonging ways to attain family oriented goals while an adventurer would take risks and sometimes do unpleasant actions due to the idea of self satisfaction. ( so much fancy words that I, myself can't believe that I just said those words. Gosh, am I not so incredible? What!? You don't agree? well that's your problem.)

So now that you know the difference between an average man and an average adventurer, then I suppose you won't be surprised at my current situation which is...

"Donkey ass, Steve! MOVE YOUR LUMPY BODY OUT OF THE WAY!" menacingly yelled by Ereis as he maneuvered to avoid me while being hotly pursued by the enormous, ugly, stinky, and powerful King Troll.

"I'm moving! I'm moving! Jeez," as I quickly scurried away from Ereis' path. Well is not my fault that I become dazed as soon as I spotted what's behind the King Troll. It's not everyday that you see a majestic, terrifying, nerve wrecking, schizophrenia inducing three headed dragon glaring at you. (can you believe it that I am still perfectly sane even after being glared by that beast even though I suddenly realize that I need to lose weight cause my legs just collapse on me.)

"Steve, stand up! It's easier for me to scoop you up while your standing." Devin shouted while riding his magnificent steed as he gallantly rash towards me. And before I could even reply or stand up, he is suddenly upon me and dashingly scoop me up placed me gently in front of him as he stirred his steed away from the rampaging King Troll and nearing dreadful dragon.

"Once again, the prince charming saves the damsel in distress!" Andrea smirkingly said as she rode up beside us, readying her enchanted bow to shoot the ugly troll.

"Stop playing around! You are wasting time!" grumpily yell by Eries.

Andrea grinned and looked at me and said "Don't worry Steve, Ereis is just jealous that Commander saved you not him."

"ANDREA!!!!" Ereis screams.

Andrea just smirks. "Okay, okay. I'm moving."

As Andrea was making her way towards Ereis, Devin sternly reminded her. "Andrea, make sure to take only one shot to kill the King Troll. As soon as the King Troll falls down, Ereis make sure to heighten the defenses. Nil and Shil take on your positions. Follow the plan we discuss last night and only compromise if worst comes to worst." Devin commands with such mesmerizing manner.

Unexpectedly, he lowers his head to gently whisper "Steve, I will be by your side so don't worry too much. You won't be hurt I promise." Why does his words sound so ambiguous. (*blushes* and rapidly shakes head and denies that I just perversely interpreted his words.) Devin just smiles at my antics and gently tacks in a stray hair behind my ear.

Andrea seems to have eyes behind her back because she suddenly blurts "Aiya! I wish I am Steve, snuggle in the Commander's embrace while he gently whispers sweet sentiments of his love in my ears!" Clearly, we are behind her for I can distinctly see her concentrating at aiming at the troll.

As soon as Andrea blurts those words I immediately felt heat rising to my cheeks and so I look down. I swear, Andrea's contradicting actions are so mind wrecking. I mean how can a person clearly full of concentration and killing intent just say something so ridiculous with a teasing tone. Her actions leave me so lost that I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

As I was about to ask Devin to let me down so he can be more at ease at handling the subjugation, when the King Troll suddenly let out a bone shattering shriek. I look up and was shock to see that the distance between here and the dreadful dragon is rapidly narrowing. I almost, but did not, let out a scream. Due to the shock I forgot to ask Devin to put me down. Fortunately, Devin skillfully got down his mount and unsheathed his two awesome ( I really mean awesome. Like how it can cut a diamond cleanly in half) swords.

" Steve, stay here for a moment. It shouldn't be that long before we finish the mission." Devin bluntly stated. Well, it's not that he's arrogant or anything. It's just he is confident about their strategy and team work. Them being one of the SS rank teams according to Association of Adventurers evaluation does give them backing on taking on a level A mission. *sigh* it just so happens that I, Steve Plain, seems to be the weakest of the link of the team. I mean me being a level C adventurer (Just so you know the Association of Adventurers officially announced that the average adventurer is level C) means that the strongest I can kill without me being killed for sure is a lone average troll. Which is way, I mean waaaaaayyyyyyyyyy weaker than a King Troll and not even one percent of that of the dreaded dragon. While the strongest of the team is obviously Devin Dawnbringer. The first rank SSS adventurer that "could take an ancient dragon alone and is barely injured, as well as a man that makes the ladies swoon and men pays deep respect", again that's what the AA magazine published.

Anyway, I feel like joining this high spec team seemed to be a mistake. I mean I feel like I am just a freeloader and sometimes a parasite because I receive the same benefits from a finished mission without really helping them. My pride as an average adventurer makes me feel that I should quit because I become an average adventurer through my own blood, sweat and tears and now I just sit around and wait for others to do the job and receive the same benefits. It does not suit my ideals at all.

Another downside of being on this high spec team is that; A year staying in this high spec team is enough time for me to realize how vicious and harsh women can be on people who tarnished their idol's image and how life threatening it is to be these women's target of hatred more than being in first rank missions. Imagine, just me occasionally scolding Devin for not washing his hands properly before eating in a tavern always leads to confrontation with women. And if that's not scary enough, they even try to kill me.

I was reminiscing all of this while quietly waiting. I was pulled out from my reverie when I heard Devin shouted "Steve we're done!"

I look towards him and frowned. I see him covered with blood. I am pretty sure that he was covered with the dragon's blood rather than his own. Although, Devin covered in blood is quite a horrific sight it's not the reason why I frowned. It's because they finished the mission damn to quick and from a thorough looks of it, none of them suffered any injuries. Not even a scratch! Mind you this happened not only today but for the past four months already. *Sigh* Can you believe it that this team keeps getting more riskier mission but finishes them so quick and receive so little damage that leaves people in shock.

I once believed that joining this team is quite a blessing but from all the psychological trauma and emotional damage being in this team has caused me, I believe the money compensation can barely soothed by burned nerves. I know I said it before that I barely do anything but still receive the same amount of money like the members of the team that did the mission, but you see I was stating that due to my pride of being an average adventurer while now I argue that the money neither helps my own pride nor promotes my well being. Now that I see the pros and cons of being in this team, it's best to quit being in this team for their reputation and for my pride and well being.

I was thinking all of this while watching Devin walks towards me. The blood splattered on Devin makes his appearance quite ghastly but doesn't stop him from exuding such strong sex appeal. I immediately search for anything to wipe the blood off Devin before he reaches me. I found nothing on his mount so I untied the cotton sash around my waist and offered it to Devin.

"Here, wipe that blood off your face. You look ghastly with it." I said as I handed him my sash.

"Thanks. I'll make sure to take a bath when we get back to the camp. Also your sash,... I'll treasure it." Devin gently replied as he looked at me with a gorgeous heart-stopping smile.

My mind totally went blank for a moment from that heaven-sending smile. Then, I suddenly realize what Devin said about my sash. "I didn't give you my sash you know! I'm just lending it to you. So just wash it and give it back. It's just a cheap cloth with nice colors. No need to treasure it." I blurted out.

"Anything from you is worth treasuring." Devin replied as he passionately looked into my eyes and gently lifted my sash and kissed it.

His action just made my heart throb so hard that I rubbed my flat chest unconsciously. (Yes, flat chest. You know cuz I am man...I am a man...)

I really don't know what to say. I mean , internally I'm screaming "kyaaaaa" over and over again but I just can't do that; as a man I just can't go do that outwardly right!?

"KYAAA!!! How can you be so sleek Commander!" Andrea screamed as she enthusiastically run towards us. "Oh Steve, Steve, Oh Steve. How I wish I was you." she mockingly lamented. "Just imagining Commander saying those words to me makes my heart melt!"

"Well keep imagining. Cuz its never gonna happen to you." Ereis sneered. Andrea menacingly glared at Ereis.

"Enough. Ereis, Nil, and Shil did you finished gathering the mission items?" Devin domineeringly interrupted.

"Yes!" they quickly replied.

"Good. Let's go back to camp immediately!"Devin stated as he smoothly mounted his steed.

I stiffen a bit when Devin took the reins of his steed out of my hands so casually.



I took a deep breath and straighten my shoulders. I walk towards Devin's tent where everybody is gathered to discuss about the successful mission and what to do with the resources they gathered from the subjugation. This will be my chance to bring up the topic of parting away from them after we reach the closest town. I know I already made my resolve but my body seems to disagree. My body feels so heavy as I slowly make my way to the entrance of Devin's tent.

When I finally reached Devin's tent, my hand are trembling and sweating profusely. I can't help but feel nervous about what their reaction might be. Once again, I took a deep breath and gathered all my courage, then entered the tent.

"Steve," Devin warmly called.

"Your late." Ereis states with a scowl.

"Oh damsel in distress, have you calmed your entranced heart?" Andrea teasingly asked with a mischievous smile.

Nil and Shil just quietly but adorably smile at me.

"Have you finished discussing the mission?"

"Yes." Devin answered while looking at me with a gentle smile.

"Well, I have something to discuss with all of you. I..."

I feel my resolve weakening as I see their rapt attention towards me. "I plan to part ways after we reach the closest town." I feel all my courage and calm draining out of me as I said those words. I waited to hear Ereis retort, Andrea's teasing, and Devin's questioning. But, there was only an oppressing silence. Everyone silently looking at me with different expressions. I couldn't bear the silence so I continued.

"I know that I couldn't contribute anything useful to this team. The fact that I am a rank C adventurer clearly shows that I don't have what takes to assist you guys in a grade A mission."

"That's not true!" Devin quickly stated with aggrieve voice. But before he could even continue to deny my claim I immediately cut him off.

"Devin. Spending a whole year with you guys clearly made me realize my own weakness and strengths. Unfortunately, I have witness my strengths can't even help you, even for a little bit. Moreover, my weakness have burdened all of you. The bond I have formed with all of you is something that I greatly treasure and that is why it greatly pains me to be unable to assist you in the missions which puts your lives in great risks." as I said those words I feel my resolve strengthening. I notice Devin's unease and predict that he will try to argue for me to stay. I believe that if Devin truly argue with my decision I might lose my resolve. So, I smiled at them immediately exited the tent at full speed.

As soon as I was out of the tent, I made a sprint towards the lake a mile away from the camp. I know I am running from the confrontation, but what else could I do? My feelings for Devin is clearly love but I am now a man. I am afraid that my own feelings will affect my resolve. Even though this world acknowledge and doesn't discriminate towards same sex relationships, it still bothers me that my resolve to rise my self -esteem as a man weakens due to my female personality wanting romance. I am trying my hardest to live as a man now and trying so hard to assimilate my female personality but only to fall back into identity crisis due to love.

Suddenly, I felt strong warm hands grabbing my right hand. I was startled to a halt. As I turn to look, I found Devin gently lifting his other hand towards my face. Devin with sincere look of concern wipe the tears on my face I never notice until now. Then, he enclose both my hands with both his warm strong hands. I was truly moved my his actions.

"Devin." I softly whispered.

"Hmn." Devin answered.

"I....." I wanted to explain my actions to him but words suddenly deserts me.

Devin stared at me with passionate eyes as he brought my captured hands to his lips and gave them a gentle kiss. And with full of sincerity, Devin vows "Steve, no matter what happens my love for you is unconditional and everlasting. Even if one day you might hate, hurt me and forget about me; know that I will still love you with all of my being. I am yours through and through. So, if there a chance for you to change your mind, and stay with me and the team; know that I will ensure your safety and I will strive my hardest to make you happy.

Steve, I know that as adventurer, I will encounter countless danger but with you with me, I vow to you that I will make sure that in every mission even if death corners me I will always find a way to come back to you. I will never let you know the bitter taste of loss and loneliness."

I felt my heart tightening with every word he says. I am moved beyond what words can describe. I am just lost right now. I don't know what to do nor what to say. Then, as I feel tears streaming down my face again, Devin pulled me into his chest and embrace me tightly.

"Steve, I beg you to stay. Please. I love you."

"Fine. For you, I will stay."

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