Evolution Of a Gamer Chapter 9: CHAOS DUNGEON PART 2


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When the skeleton army heard the "Kill him" command they immediately sprang in to action.
The first skeleton to reach and attack him held a spear and a shield, of which it stabbed its spear at him.
Zain side stepped the spear and then swung his sword at the skeleton who raised its shield to block the attack. The sword didn't find the shield a hindrance because it went right through the shield like a hot knife to butter then slicing the skeleton in half.
If this was a fight against living beings they would have been frighten by the sharpness of the sword, but it was a fight against undead skeletons, they had no fear especially with their master watching.
The next skeleton attacked and the results were the same for Zain's sword the traitor's fate, was one hit killing the skeletons. Be it armour, shields, swords or spears, they were unable to stop the blade of the traitor's fate.
SLASH, SLASH, SLASH he cut down skeleton after skeleton with an occupational BANG for an archer at the back taking aim at him.
Zain was dominating the fight replicating the fighting style of the Spartans in 300, but in the long run it didn't help.
"Fuck, there is no end to their numbers, the EXP is amazing and I feel like about to level up again, but I know I will be over run before I finish levelling up. I need to change my strategy"
Zain looked over to the hooded man sitting comfortable on his throne of skull and bone and was hit by an idea. Kill the puppet master, and the puppets drop.
With a smile on his face Zain pointed the ace of spades at the hooded man and fired an explosive round.
BANG, the bullet sailed through the air in slow motion.
When the explosive round reached its target, there was a loud BOOM sound. Zain was smiling thinking he had eliminated the target but he was wrong, the sound he heard was the bullet being intercepted by a magic barrier.
"HAHAHAHA… you think it's that easy to kill me, you don't get to live for as long as I have without being cautiousness" said the hooded figure.
Zain wasn't fazed by his failure, on the contrary he was excited, because this meant his opponent was strong and there was a big chance of levelling up and also a drop item.
He began to dodge and weave his way around the still incoming skeleton army attack while unloading explosive rounds at the magic barrier.
39 explosive rounds later, there was a very uncomfortably sitting hooded figure on a throne of skull and bones. The reason being, that there was a visible crack on the magic barrier.
With his explosive rounds spent, Zain quickly switched to normal rounds and fired dead centre of the crack, then came a popping sound. The magic barrier was down.
Seeing the magic barrier drop, Zain laughed and said, "Would you look at that, I popped your barrier and now it's time to make you bleed, don't worry, it will only hurt for a moment."
No hearing Zain's taunting, the hooded figure began to release a blackish grey aurora form his body, "To me" he said calling back all the skeletons to his side even the one's Zain had defeat.
The skeletons began to gather around him and like Legos, they slowly began to join together.

A look of surprise appeared on Zain's face and it wasn't because of the blackish grey aurora or the Lego skeleton easy to assemble set, it was because he could see floating above the hooded figure's head the words, Jeff Necromancer Level 28.
Jeff saw the look on Zain's face and thought it was because of this amazing display of magic, until he heard Zain's next word, "You are a Necromancer called Jeff…*chuckles*…I don't think Jeff is a terrifying Necromancer name. Ares, Jax… now those are Necromancer names."
Jeff paused his skeleton assembly process and looked at Zain in disbelief, "I am about to destroy you and my name, which I have no idea how you learnt, is your biggest problem"
"Yes, it is, I am not really worried out your impressive Lego set."
Zain's word were not making sense to Jeff so he continued to assembly the skeletons until they transformed in to a massive skeleton dragon.
ROARRRRR… came the sound of the dragon to his face and also felt a strong wind pushing against him.
"So what do you think of my bone dragon?" asked Jeff as his throne appeared on the back of the dragon.
"You are no mother of dragons, but I must say it does look impressive" replied Zain.
Jeff laughed and began his bad guy monologue, "For years I have been perfecting my technique so that I can create the most impressive undead monster and this bone dragon is it. It is immune to fire magic and light magic which are undead weakness. It would take a tier 4 melee attack to destroy it of which they are few on this continent. The only problem is it consume a lot of magic meaning I have to finish you off quickly before I run out."
"So prepare to die" he said.
When Zain heard that he need a tier 4 melee to destroy the bone dragon he was worried. In this world, the power levels are in tiers from 1 being the lowest to 9 being the highest. When compared to the gamer race, tier 1 is between level 1 to10, tier 2 is between 11 to 20, etc.
So he needed to be at least level 21 to fight this bone dragon and he was just level 6 making him a tier 1.
But he had one thing a normal tier 1 wouldn't have, a six wheeler all-terrain vehicle equipped with twin machine guns and a rocket target launch system.
So before Jeff could attack, Zain materialised the Nomad and jumped in. he accessed the weapon system to see his ammo count, right machine gun 999/1050, left machine gun 1000/1050, missile launcher 200/200.
A wide smile appeared on his face, he knew he had enough ammo to level a hill, which is what the bone dragon was.
"I see you can also summon a beast of your own, let us see whose is stronger." Said Jeff as he ordered his bone dragon to attack.
Seeing the ferocious bone dragon shaking the ground with ever step coming at him almost caused him to peep in his pants. That was until twin machine guns came out the side and a missile launcher appeared on the roof.
The implant quick programmed targeting positions for the bone dragon to the machine guns and missile launcher, "Say hello to my little friend" said Zain as he opened fire.
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