Evolution Of a Gamer Chapter 10: CHAOS DUNGEON FINAL PART


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"Say hello to my little friend" were words that were spoken before Jeff learnt the effectiveness of advanced technology.
The machine gun rounds shredded the skeletons that made up the bone dragon while the missile blanketed the area in explosions and ignited rocket fuel.
The bone dragon began to break apart after taking a lot of damaged, but Jeff wasn't giving up. He order the dragon to attack the Nomad with its bone claws, but when it hit, it bounced of a blue energy force field.
"You know Jeff, you aren't the only one that has a shield" said Zain over the Nomad's public address system.
Jeff scream out in anger, "I really hate you"
"I know" replied Zain in an understanding voice.
Jeff finally lost it, he began to collect all the magic he had left and channelled it in to the bone dragon, this was his final attack.
The now falling to pieces bone dragon opened its mouth as a light particles began to gather and formed a large ball of black and white energy.
"Warning high energy levels detected, Warning high energy levels detected… evasive manoeuvres strongly advised."
Hearing the on board computer warning, Zain quick grabbed the steering of the Nomad and stepping on the gas pedal. He hit reverse and began to distance himself from the bone dragon.
As he began to pull away, an energy ball was shot out of the dragon's mouth and headed straight at the Nomad.
While still reversing, he saw the ball of death coming at him, so he jacked the steering wheel to the right executing a drift that Dominic Toretto would approve of.
The drift enabled the Nomad to dodge the attack, but it was still able to graze the shield causing it to disappear.
"A little graze and the shield was depleted, what would have happened if it was a full head on attack, it's a good thing I dodge it" or so he thought.
The energy ball turned in the air and headed back at him. Kicking the engine in to full gear, he began to accelerate away from the stalker ball.
Suddenly Jeff laughed "HAAHAHA… how do you like my tracker ball of death, it will follow you until it hits its target"
Now Zain was the one that scream in anger, "Why won't you just allow and drop dead" he shouted out.
The energy ball was now itches away behind the Nomad chasing it.
"What am I going to do?" he thought to himself.
"I have a plan" came the voice of Selena.
Jeff watched with a smile as the white summoned beast move around trying to evade the last of his magic attack, "I exhausted my magic and I will be powerless for about a month after this, but it was worth it" he thought.
All of a sudden, the white monster turned and headed in the direction of Jeff with the energy ball following it, this caused the smile on his face to disappear.
"He wants to destroy me along with him" said Jeff out loud.
Jeff gave the bone dragon orders to get away from the white beast but, there was no response, his last attack drained magic from both him and the bone dragon.
"FUCK" he yelled as the white beast reached him.
Selena's big plan was to drive the Nomad at Jeff and bail out, he quickly agreed because he didn't want to die.
As the Nomad reached the stationary bone dragon that had a wide eyed Jeff on it, Zain hit eject causing the canopy like roof to fly off and the chair he was in to fly up in to the sky.
The Nomad hit the bone dragon then the energy ball hit the Nomad power cells. An epic explosion followed destroying Jeff and his dragon completely with blowing Zain clear of the blast zone.
When the dust settled, there was a crater where Jeff and his dragon used to be with nothing but ash in it. A combined explosion of the Nomad power cells and Jeff's energy ball attack meant zero survival.
Zain was laying on the ground when he was covered by golden light.
"I have finally levelled up" he said
While still laying on his back on the ground, he check his new stats
Zain [Race: Gamer]
Class: Dragon Mage [tier 2]
Level: 12
HP: Critical
MP: 1400
STR: 300
SPEED: 300
SKILLS: Gun slinger, Marksman

When he say critical, Zain was surprised, he didn't feel like he was hurt, so he tried to sit up and that's when noticed a scythe planted in his chest. Turns out in the final moments of his death, Jeff throw his scythe at Zain hitting him in the chest.
"That looks bad" he said looking at the blade buried in his chest.
"Don't remove the blade" came the sudden voice of Selena.
"Why ?" he asked.
"Because the Nano bots in your body will shut you down to do repairs, meaning you will black out and I don't know if you have noticed the building is coming a part"
Zain looked up and realised the place was falling apart, the explosion earlier and done more damage than he imagined.
Getting up to his feet, Zain dragged himself towards the location that Jeff's throne once sat, and buried in the ground was cube about the size of a micro wave.
"You have found the power unit, you really are lucky. With this, the ship will be at 60%. Now get your ass out of there"

With great pain, Zain was able to drag his body out of the collapsing pyramid.
He fell on the ground breathing heavily, the pain of having a blade in his chest was finally getting to him.
"Okay you can now pull the blade out to begin the healing process"
"How long will I be out for?" he asked
"Your injury is bad, your heart, lungs and even spinal cord are damaged so about 3 months. If it wasn't for the Nano bot holding your organ together, you would be dead by now"
"So I will be out for three months"
"…that's a long time"
"Don't worry, a drone is on route, it will bring you back to the ship"
Zain smiled and said "That makes me feel better"
He scream pulling the scythe blade out of his chest. When it was out, he fell back on to the desert sand and closed his eyes.
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