Every Minute I Love You Chapter 2: Chapter 2


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Stella ran towards the university gates, its a good thing that she decided to stay at the apartment near her school. One of the perks of living at the dorm complex is that there's a chance you can outrun and arrived earlier than your professor especially when you're running late.
Upon arriving she greeted the lady guard then dashed inside. Since she lived at the Dorm complex the guards were familiar with her. The lady guard was a bit surprised in seeing Stella rushing her way. She has a confused look on her face as she checked her wrist watch. She felt like something was not quite right.
"Geez, I have missed 2 dungeon boss hunt in a row. My golds and loots are gone. I have sacrifice enough for this. I really need to submit this project." she thought as she run towards the right wing of the Fine arts building.
She hurriedly climbed up the staircase leading to the second floor. As she was distracted by the thought of her project's demise, she didn't notice what's in front of her she suddenly crashed into a guy who was going down the stairs.
"Blag.. " she managed to held onto the railing but still landed butt first into the platform. Her pencils and coloring materials scattered all over the place.
"Im sorry, a... a.. Are you alright.?" the guy asked her as he reached out his hands to help Stella up. Stella took his hand and hurriedly stood up, patted her dress, grabbed her things then checked her wrist watch.
All of a sudden her face turned pale, she slumped to the floor as if her energy got all dried up. The guy frantically went closer to her to help her up.
"hey, are you OK?!" he said, his face was so full of worry . Stella just looked straight at his panic-stricken eyes
"I got cheated!!! those two scoundrels!!!" she wailed. Like a little kid throwing a tantrum. The guy then suddenly grabbed her shoulders and looked intensely at her.
"Who cheated on you?!!" he asked, there's a hint of annoyance and concern at his voice that surprised Stella.
This dude, why was he so worked up.she thought .
"Oh, never mind that, im OK hehe" she said laughing awkwardly at the guy infront of her. The guy let out a sigh then instantly calmed down and helped her to get up.
"Thanks" she said.
She gathered her things then extended her left hand. "Im Stella. Stella Howards. What's your name?" she asked, her face beaming with smile.
"Im Johan." the guy replied then lightly shook her hand.
"Would you like to grab some coffee with me, my treat." Stella invited him, afterall she needed someone to talk to and accompany her as she needed to release her anger.
"Aren't you late for class or something..." Johan said he has a confused look on his face.
" Don't worry, I'll explain to you on the way. Let's go." Stella said then grabbed his arm and headed towards the cafeteria.
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