Ephemeral of us Chapter 1: Ephemeral Of Us


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"How are you doing?"

"You're supposed to be in the ceremony, Gusion. Get out of here. "

*Sighs* "Alucard, the ceremony can wait. You're my priority for now. "

Gusion raised a brow as he watched his friend to help himself get up. He heaved a sigh as Alucard struggled to do so, "You don't look well. Might as well stop traveling for awhile. The demons can be eliminated soon but rest first. "

Alucard clicked his tongue, "Tsk. I will never forget how that demon got me."

"Lesley, you know what to do! "

"Got it! "

"Harith! "

" Okay! "


"Healing for everyone! "

Things were smooth for Alucard. Defeating the demons was a piece of cake. Even defeating the monsters from the dark abyss.

Not until.. .

"Damn, these ugly-looking monsters are shitting me up! " Gusion hissed, his daggers rolling within his fingers. He was about to perform his ulti when he heard a menacing laugh coming from behind him.

"What a hilarious joke you have there, Gusion Paxley. Hmm."

"Sure, there are ugly demons in the abyss. But there are also gorgeous elves like me."

Alucard's eyes widened as he saw a purple lady approaching the group calmly, her demon pet floating just behind her.

Selena's eyes wandered around the whole team, "I see. We do have some powerful visitors."

"And another idiot came to check on us," Lesley mumbled under her breath. It didn't escape from Selena's sharp ears. "What was that? Dear Vance?" She smirked.

With one swift move, Lesley was already crouching under Selena's gaze, coughing out blood.

"Lesley!" The team shouted.

Selena crouched down in front of Lesley. She grabbed her chin and forced her to look at her. "Hmm, maybe I should go with you first. Your eye patch looks lovely, though."

Alucard felt uneasy, he should be defending his members now. After all, he's assigned as the leader of the group by Queen Aurora. But his legs were shaking.

"Shit. Why now?" He whispered.

"Now, what should I do with you? Should I torture you, or kill you instantly? My demon here is hungry. You'd be great food." Selena chuckled. Lesley only stared at her, as if she was lost by the demon's eyes.

Gusion looked at Alucard worriedly. He was worried of his teammate, she might die if they stand still and watch her being eaten. But the fear in their heart, it was mostly like they were being controlled.

"Squad Alucard, watch as your teammate gets devoured by my pet." Selena laughed maniacally.

"Stop. I'll sacrifice myself. Let her go. " Alucard warned. Selena took interest at the blonde and payed attention to him. "Darling, do you know what you're saying? "

"Yes." He bravely answered.

Selena stared at him as her lips curved upward, "Okay then... Take this!"

Everything happened so fast. The last thing Alucard knew, everything was in chaos as Selena's demon came out of his body. And everything went black.


"Gusion..." Alucard called out for his friend.

"Hmm? "

"Is Miya coming here?"

Gusion stopped on what he was doing and sat on the chair beside his friend. "Ahuh, she's with Lesley."

The curse of the Abyss...

When Selena's demon entered him, the curse was passed unto him.

Where you'll die, if you don't kiss the one you truly love.

The next thing Alucard knew, Miya was already standing in front of him. Her eyes red from shedding tears. He wiped those away.

"Don't cry."

They stared at each other lovingly as silence filled the room. Miya was the first one to speak, "If we kiss, then you'll be okay?"

Miya was a bit hesitant. She thought of what Gusion told her before she entered the room.

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"Love him dearly, okay? Please, don't leave him alone. I can't bear to see him hurt again..."

She could see the pain in his eyes.

But that doesn't matter now. Now that Alucard needs her help.

Miya touched Alucard's cheek and caressed it, "Remember that I love you so much." Her boyfriend only nodded in response.

They both leaned in, not wasting anymore time.

As soon as Alucard and Miya's lips touched, they thought everything was okay now. They parted, both happy and contented.


Alucard coughed out blood, a lot.

"It... didn't work?" Miya's eyes widened.

"The... curse of Abyss can only be cured by a man's true love's kiss."

"Miya... I'm sorry I didn't tell you..." Alucard whispered weakly. "Truth is, I wasn't able to love you. I... lied. I tried to hide my feelings by using... you."

"Gusion's... your first love, right? I'm correct, right? " Moya sobbed quietly.

Alucard still managed to chuckle despite the pain he's feeling, "You're... right. Ah, shit. I'm gay, aren't I? Gusion... was there for me even when I was young. Never thought I could still meet him before the curse consumes me. He's a great man. That's why I love him. " Miya sobbed even harder, her fingers unclasping from his grasps.

"W-why did you lie then?! He should've been here! Not me! IF HE'S HERE, THEN YOU'D BE OKAY NOW. SO WHY?" She screamed.

The demon hunter smiled, "I don't want to bother him anymore. He loves Lesley, not me. And I think that's an enough reason for me to give up."

Miya stood up, her bow snapping as she threw it on the other side of the room. "DON'T YOU DARE GIVE UP! GUSION LOVES YOU! HE TOLD ME SO DON'T YOU DARE GIVE UP!"

With that, Miya bursts outside, sprinting along the hallway as her eyes wandered for the white haired boy. There, she spotted him, talking to Lesley with a worried expression written on his face.


When Gusion heard his friend's voice, his thought automatically went to, "Is Alucard okay now? Did they kiss each other?" Pain erupted from his heart. So this is love, huh?

"What happened, Miya? Is Alu—"

"We don't have much time! Come with me! Alucard needs you! " Miya grabbed his arms. He was confused. So he's safe now?

"Can you answer my question first? Hey! Is he okay—"

"He's not! And if you're still going to stop there, he will die! "



"HE LOVES YOU, GUSION! HE WANTS YOU AND NOT ME! SO SHUT THE HELL UP AND KISS MY BOYFRIEND! SAVE HIM AND BE WITH HIM!" He was left speechless, but as soon as Miya's words got through him, he continued running. A way little more fast as he was worried he might lose his love.

Alucard loves him?

He didn't know that.

As they both arrived in front of the room, Gusion didn't realize that there were lots of tears already cascaded down his cheeks. His heart skipped a bit as he opened the door. Where his dying love is...

"Please stay alive, please." Gusion whispered breathlessly. The only thing he could think was Alucard's safety. He needn't worry about Lesley and Miya's interrogation as they weren't his priority for now. Alucard is.

Gusion snapped his head when he heard the girls' gasps. His eyes automatically landed on the blonde demon hunter. His beautiful ocean eyes... now close.

"I— I can't feel any life..."

"No... no. No!" Gusion sprinted towards Alucard. He held his cold hands, and placed his ear on top of his chest, where Alucard's heart is located. He was praying for a heartbeat, a weak one is enough. But no, there was none.

"Alucard... It's me, Gusion. The one who loves you dearly. Do you remember?" Gusion whispered with his unusual melancholic voice.

No response. Gusion tried his best to cheer himself up, thinking that Alucard was only having a nice slumber and would soon wake up in his arms. Truth strucked him when Miya said, "He's... gone. Just like that. "

"He's alive, Miya!" Gusion placed his lips upon his love's desperately. Hoping for Alucard to open his eyes. Gusion did it again, again and again.

Until he lost hope.

He couldn't stop himself from crying hard as he hugged Alucard. "Sorry... I'm so sorry... I— I didn't even get the chance to tell you how much I love you. Alucard... I love you so, so much..."

"I love you too, Gusion..." Gusion's heart skipped a bit. He looked up, and a pair of ocean eyes met his. "Alu...? "

"I'm alive..." Alucard mumbled, shocked. He glanced at Gusion, "I'm alive and I love you..." He leaned in and placed his lips on Gusion's.

I won't leave you again.

Maybe a curse is the way for the two person's love. After all, it did work on Alucard and Gusion.

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