Elixir Supplier Chapter 675: Two Hearts were Getting Closer


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"I should go home," Wang Yao said. 

"OK," Su Xiaoxue said. 

Wang Yao had a clinic to run and Nanshan hill to look after. Su Xiaoxue had to continue with her studies. 

Before Wang Yao left Beijing, he went to see Su Xiaoxue's parents again. He and Su Xiaoxue had officially started a relationship, which Su Xiaoxue's parents seemed to accept. 

Su Xiaoxue was reluctant to leave Wang Yao in the airport. 

"I'll come meet you in Lianshan," Su Xiaoxue said. 

"OK, we'll keep in touch. Go home," Wang Yao said. 

He walked a few steps and suddenly turned around. He held Su Xiaoxue in his arms. "Take good care of yourself." 

"I will. You too," Su Xiaoxue said. 

They were extremely close to each other. 

The plane soared and disappeared into the sky. Su Xiaoxue was still looking at the sky in the airport. 

"Miss Su, he's left," Chu Lian said. 

"I know. He'll be back, or I can visit him," Su Xiaoxue softly said. 

"Shall we go back?" Chu Lian asked. 

"Just one moment," Su Xiaoxue said. 

The sky was blue, high, and decorated with some clouds. Another plane soared and disappeared into the sky. 

"Let's go. I have lectures to attend today," Su Xiaoxue said as she got into the car. 

The plane landed in Haiqu airport, which was quite far from the city center. 


Wang Yao was waiting for a vacant taxi outside the airport. Unfortunately, all the taxis had been booked. He moved forward a bit. 

Whoosh! A car suddenly accelerated and ran toward Wang Yao. He ducked effortlessly to avoid being hit by the car. 

Creak! The car stopped. A man wearing sunglasses wound down the window and took a glance at Wang Yao. Without saying a word, he pressed down on the accelerator and left. 

Hmm? No apology or explanation? What does he mean by doing that? 

Wang Yao kept the number plate in mind calmly. 9527. A moment later, he found a vacant taxi, which took him back to the village. 

"Son, you are back?" Zhang Xiuying called out. 

"Yes, Mom," Wang Yao said. 

"Go and wash your face," Zhang Xiuying said. 

Wang Yao dropped his luggage in the room. He washed his face before entering the living room. His parents asked him a lot of questions, trying to find as much information about Su Xiaoxue as they could. 

"I did go to Beijing for Xiaoxue. I wanted to know if we can get along well together," Wang Yao honestly said. 

"That's great," Zhang Xiuying happily said. "What do Xiaoxue's parents do for a living?" 

"They are public servants," Wang Yao said after thinking for a moment. 

"I see. What does Xiaoxue do for a living?" Zhang Xiuying asked. 

"She's still studying at Peking University," Wang Yao asked. "She dropped out of university because of that horrible disease. She will finish her degree."

"I see. Is she fine now?" Zhang Xiuying asked. 

"Yes," Wang Yao asked . 

Zhang Xiuying asked all the questions while Wang Fenghua listened. 

"I am just curious about her and her family. You can go ahead to do your own stuff now," Zhang Xiuying said. 

"OK, I'm off to Nanshan Hill," Wang Yao said. 

Although he appreciated the history and bustling of Beijing during his one-week stay there, he thought Nanshan Hill was a better, or more suitable, place for him. He felt calm and peaceful there. 

Outside the village, there was a large field. At this time of the year, the wheat had turned yellow. It would soon be time for harvest. Further down south, there was a hill sticking out, which severed the field. Behind the hill, further inside, the ground became uneven. Several stepped fields with wheat appeared. Further down south were the trees Wang Yao had planted. After seven days, the trees had grown well. The leaves were green with good spirit. 

San Xian ran down from the top of the hill toward Wang Yao. He hopped around him pleasantly with his wagging tail. 

"San Xian, how come you put on weight again?" Wang Yao patted San Xian's head with a smile. 

He and the dog walked around at the foot of the hill before going up. It was as peaceful as always on Nanshan hill. The air was fresh, making Wang Yao really comfortable. He walked around on the hill. 

"San Xian, less and less people come to the hill." He had a long walk, so he could see the old footprints had been covered by grass. It indicated that almost no one came close to Nanshan Hill. 

Woof! The dog barked to agree with Wang Yao. 

"The grass here..." Wang Yao murmured. 

The grass seemed to grow much faster than the trees. With the effect of the spirit gathering battle array, the grass had grown crazily. Some of it reached Wang Yao's waist. 

"I should do something about the weeds to control their growth," Wang Yao said. 

More than 10 types of licorice roots were growing really well in the herbal field. 

Beep! Om! Wang Yao's mobile phone rang. 

"Have you arrived at home?" Su Xiaoxue asked at the other side of the phone. 

"Oh, yes, I'm on Nanshan Hill now," Wang Yao said. 

"Was it a tiresome trip?" Su Xiaoxue asked. 

"Not really," Wang Yao said. "How are you? Are you in the university?"

"Yes, I have just finished a lecture," Su Xiaoxue said. 

They chatted for a short while before hanging up. 

"Who were you talking to? You sounded so gentle," a friend of Su Xiaoxue's asked. 

"My boyfriend," Su Xiaoxue happily said to her friend. 

"So, did you have last week off to..." her friend began to ask. 

Su Xiaoxue smiled. 

"What does he look like? Do you have a photo to show me?" her friend asked. 

"Yeah!" Su Xiaoxue showed her friend the photo she took with Wang Yao. 

"Nothing special I can see," her friend said. 

"He is a very capable man," Su Xiaoxue said. 

"Wow! Look at you!" Her friend teased her. 

It started to get dark and was very quiet on Nanshan Hill. 

Wang Yao posted a thread on Weibo to notify his patients that his clinic would open the next day. People soon started to respond to his thread. 

"Finally you are back! I've been waiting for you for days!" a patient posted. 

"Exactly! Where have you been?" another patient on Weibo asked. 

A lot of people responded. Wang Yao took a look at the messages before putting his phone aside. 

Apart from seeing patients, he had one more thing to deal with. He had to be careful with Guo Zhenghe, who was a scheming young man from a prestigious family. 

Wang Yao didn't go to bed until midnight. 

In the village, his parents had talked about their son for some time. 

The sun rose early the next morning. Some patients had been waiting before 8 a.m. when Wang Yao came down from the hill. He unlocked the door of the clinic and started to work. 

More than 10 patients came in the morning. Wang Yao still had a few patients waiting around lunch time. He skipped lunch and continued to work. More patients came in the afternoon. Some of them thought they wouldn't get to see Wang Yao in the morning, so they came in the afternoon. There were actually more patients in the afternoon than in the morning. 

Most of the patients were from places far from the village, so Wang Yao couldn't send them back without seeing them. He worked from until 8 p.m. without eating anything. 

He saw 32 patients in one day. He had never seen so many patients in one day since he opened the clinic. 

"Have all the patients left?" Zhang Xiuying delivered a meal to the clinic. 

"Yes, Mom," Wang Yao said. 

"Here you are. I have some food for you," Zhang Xiuying said. 

"I'll go home to eat," Wang Yao said. 

He locked the door of the clinic and went home. While he was eating, Zhen Weijun paid him a casual visit. 

"I think the pharmaceutical company you mentioned last time is a good idea. Is there any criteria I have to meet?" Wang Yao asked. 

"You've decided to go ahead?" Zhen Weijun asked. 

"Yes." Wang Yao nodded. 

"Initially, some paperwork has to be completed. Since you've made your decision, leave the paperwork to me." Zhen Weijun said. "We also need to discuss the frame of our company." 

It indicated that they needed to discuss who would be in charge of the company and how many people they wanted to be in management. 

"Sure, shall we talk about it tomorrow evening?" Wang Yao asked. 

"OK, I'll come again tomorrow," Zhen Weijun said. 

After he had left, Wang Yao gave his parents a massage to relax before returning to Nanshan Hill. 

In Zhang Anning's house in Beijing. Dr. Chen was visiting Zhang Anning. 

"This is amazing!" Chen Zhouchuan exclaimed as he checked Zhang Anning's wounds. 

New muscles had started to grow, and the rotten areas had started to heal. Scar tissue had formed, and some of them had dropped. This was a sign of recovery. 

"It only took three days," Chen Zhouchuan said. 

Wang Yao left all the decoctions for Zhang Anning including a small amount of Muscle Revitalizing powder. 

"The decoctions are magical," Chen Zhouchuan said as he looked at the three bottles of decoctions. 

Zhang Anning, who was still lying on the bed, also looked better. He had more color in his face and eyes. His parents were thrilled. 

"Uncle Chen, do you know where Dr. Wang lives? We must go and thank him," Zhang Anning's mother said. 
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