Elixir Supplier Chapter 674: Time Passed Quickly


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"It involves so much knowledge," Su Xiaoxue said.

"I know it, which is what I have engaged in," Wang Yao said. "I know nothing in other fields, like what you learned about economy and administration. We have different majors."

"Yeah, you are right," Su Xiaoxue said.

"Let's go see the Wu family before I prepare the second decoction," Wang Yao said.

Once they arrived, they could immediately tell that Mr. Wu's condition was better than the day before based on his complexion.

"How do you feel? Do you still feel pain in your body?" Wang Yao asked.

"It is much better, and I even had some porridge this morning," the old man said.

No matter how glorious he had been, how high a level he had been at, he was now just an old man with a serious condition like common people. The only difference was that the treatments he was provided were much better than others

"Good, remember to take the medicine," Wang Yao said. "Before that, I'll treat you with acupuncture."

Mr. Wu spent most of his time lying on the bed and lacked exercise. He maintained his life under the support of medicine. This made the Qi and blood circulate inconsistently in the body. One of the vital triggers for his various diseases was the poor circulation of blood and Qi. Good and vigorous circulation could drive away all evil diseases.

After undoing the old man's top clothes, Wang Yao inserted a needle into his skin and transferred Qi into his body. The treatment process lasted a while. It was 1 p.m. when they finished.

"Thanks, Dr. Wang," one of the old man's family members asked. "Lunch is ready. Would you prefer to..."

"Ah, we told Chen Ying we would have lunch with her before we left," Wang Yao replied.

They returned to have lunch with Chen Ying. Afterward, Wang Yao wanted to visit his second aunt. He had popped in on her when he had arrived, but it had been on his own. This time, he wanted to go with Su Xiaoxue.

"Is it proper?" Su Xiaoxue viewed it as important as seeing parents, even though the woman was not Wang Yao's mother.

"Why is it improper? See it as a visit to your relatives," Wang Yao said.

"OK, but I need some time to prepare gifts," Su Xiaoxue said.

"You don't have to do that," Wang Yao said. "You are the best gift."

In the end, Su Xiaoxue still took a gift with him. Only Wang Yao's second aunt was at home. She was originally at the company. When she heard Wang Yao was coming, she returned to the house.

"Is this?" She saw he had come with a rather beautiful girl.

"Ah, this is Su Xiaoxue, my friend." Wang Yao said.

"Hello, aunt," Su Xiaoxue said with a smile.

"Hey, hello, come in, sit down." Wang Yao's second aunt was busy making tea and washing fruits. She looked very happy.

"Auntie, you don't have to be busy," Wang Yao said. "Sit down and let's have a talk."

"You left in a hurry a few days ago, now you prefer to stay here for dinner before you go?" his aunt asked.

"Nope, I have to go to see a patient in the afternoon, and we have already made an appointment," Wang Yao replied.

"Hey, will you come back to eat after you see the patient?" his aunt asked.

"No bother! I just came to see you," Wang Yao said.

During their conversation, his aunt asked Xiaoxue some questions. The more she saw the girl, the more she liked her. Plus, she was pretty beautiful and well-behaved. Wang Yao and Su Xiaoxue for more than an hour before leaving.

Wang Yao's aunt walked back and forth a few times in the room. She finally picked up the phone and called her sister a thousand miles away. "Sister, it is me, yes, Xiaoyao came to see me just now."

"He should. As a younger generation, he should pay you a visit," Zhang Xiuying said.

"He didn't come alone. He brought a beautiful girl called Su Xiaoxue," her sister said.

"Girl?" Hearing that, Zhang Xiuying put down her work. "Hey, I remember that name. She has been here."

"Yes, are they friends?" her sister asked.

"Well, it looks like that," Zhang Xiuying said.

"Oh, OK," her sister said. "The girl is beautiful."

"Oh, I know," Zhang Xiuying said.

The two sisters had a brief conversation before hanging up the phone.

"Is his trip to Jing for this girl?" Zhang Xiuying asked herself.

After leaving his aunt's home, Wang Yao and Su Xiaoxue went to Zhang Anning's home and picked up Chen Zhouchuan on the way.

This time, his father was at home. He was a middle-aged man. Almost half of his hair was white. He was a little bit humpbacked and looked very tired. 

"Uncle Chen," Zhang Anning's father said.

"What happened to you?" Chen Zhouchuan asked.

"Nothing." Zhang Anning's father frowned when he stood up and walked.

"When he was working in the factory, he accidentally hurt my waist," his wife said beside him.

"Come, let me see." Chen Zhouchuan carefully checked the man. "Well, there is no big problem. The muscle is sprained. You have to rest for a few days."

"OK," Zhang Maoqi responded.

"This is Dr. Wang, he came over to see the Anning," Chen Zhouchuan said.

"OK, thank you," Zhang Anning's father said.

"Shall we start?" Wang Yao asked.

"OK," Zhang Anning's father said.

Wang Yao first gave the patient regather soup.

"I am familiar with the smell," Chen Zhouchuan said by the side. He was sure Wang Yao had used this medicine more than once in Jing.

"It is to consolidate corporeity," Wang Yao explained.

After giving the patient the medicine, they returned to the living room. After 30 minutes, Wang Yao went back to take his pulse. "There is no problem. It's time for the second drug."

The role of the second drug was to clear away heat and sputum. It also had added herbs to relieve pain.

After another 30 minutes, Wang Yao took out a third drug. It was muscle revitalization powder.

Su Xiaoxue sighed because she knew this medicine. She had taken it when she was being treated.

Wang Yao took out a teaspoon of it and melt it in warm water. He placed it in a sprayer and sprayed it evenly on the patient's rotten wound.

Afterward, his parents carefully tied his wounds with gauze.

"Take this medicine on time." Wang Yao left the first two drugs and told them how to use them before leaving.

After they left, the couple went upstairs to their son's ward.

"Anning, how do you feel?" his mother asked.

"Well, it's not so painful," he replied. "My stomach and back are much more comfortable than before."

"Good, good." When they heard that their son was comfortable, they were relieved.

"Which hospital is this doctor from?" Annig's father asked. "His medical skills are so brilliant."

"I don't know, but you know Uncle Chen," his wife said. "The person he introduced must be professional. I heard that many people want to see him for treatment but have failed. He has even treated many senior officials."

"What about the medical fee?" her husband asked.

"He said that he would treat Anning for free," his wife replied.

"Why?" her husband asked.

"Because of you. He said kind people should be treated kindly," his wife said.

"Hahah..." her husband just smiled.

In the car, Wang Yao and Chen Zhouchuan chatted about the patient's illness.

"Are you going to stay in Jing for a few more days?" Chen Zhouchuan asked.

"The plan is to stay for another three days," Wang Yao said. He originally planned to stay in the Jing for a week.

"What about Anning's disease?" Chen Zhouchuan asked.

"Within three days, there will be a fundamental improvement," Wang Yao said. "After that, he can come to the mountain village to find me."

"Well, OK." Chen Zhouchuan did not say anything else. Since Wang Yao was willing to give his face to treat this patient, and it was for free, he was already satisfied. He could not ask for anything more. "Let's go to Jing Opera tonight."

"Jing Opera?" Wang Yao hesitantly asked.

"Don't you don't like it?" Chen Zhouchuan asked.

"Oh, to be honest, I have never a live opera," Wang Yao said.

"Would you like to go?" Chen Zhouchuan asked.

"OK," Wang Yao said.

After dinner, the three of them went to the opera. Wang Yao wondered of his level of appreciation was not high enough because he could not get the point of it. He just did not like it. He felt impatient having to listen to it.

"Sir, didn't you like it?" Su Xiaoxue asked after coming out of the opera.

"I really didn't," Wang Yao said. "But, it doesn't matter. It is to pass the time."

During the next three days, Wang Yao went back and forth between the two patients. Of course, Su Xiaoxue accompanied him all the time. Under his treatment, the condition of the two patients rapidly improved. At this point, both patients' families were very happy.

Seven days passed quickly.
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