DXD: Hard to kill Chapter 33: Flying house


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"What the hell happened to my house!?" a certain red-headed shinigami cried as he looked at the large missing piece of land that was his house.

"Maybe it moved?" the black haired nekoshou put in her input

The area didn't exactly look destroyed. The fences were still up, if anything it looked like a giant dug it's fingers underneath the house and lifted it up.

"Or someone moved it" Shiro said giving the comment more thought

'System, can I still fast travel to my house?'Shiro asked hoping he could port to his dojo

[System detects house still intact. Fast-travel available] it responded confirming his suspicions

"Alright, Kuroka grab my shoulder" the crimsonette instructed as he ported them both away

"So why did you guys decide to take my house?" the shinigami asked with a blank face while across from him. A blond haired man with his sister behind him, a man dressed in chinese armor and the silver-haired vanishing dragon himself.

"Ophis-sama did not wish to leave the house, so we were left with no choice but to move the house with her" the stoic knight named Arthur informed while Vali decided to try the tea the shinigami always left in the fridge

"Hahaha we really tried, but she really didn't want to leave. When I got near her game system, I felt like she was going to kill me" the monkey man said laughing as he munched on the snacks he kept in the drawers.

Shiro just looked over to the aforementioned dragon god loli as she was seen playing dynasty warriors. He nearly stumbled when he saw her using Sun Quan swinging around a crystal table.
Moving his gaze to the blonde sister of the knight
"So I guess you're the one who turned my house into a flying house?" he asked. When he arrived he was surprised to find that his house was floating and traveling in the air.
How no planes flew straight into the house, he will never understand.

"Um... I'm sorry. My brother asked me to do it if I wanted to come with him." the girl named Le fay said as she apologized

"How did you even manage to do it anyway?" Shiro asked still a bit amazed of his flying house

"We used certain crystals found on the floating islands in the underworld. We just had to insert them within the ground and supply it with a source of energy" her brother answered for her instead

"Enough of this, Shiro Aversis Gremory. Would you join our team?" this time it was the vanishing dragon who spoke up causing the shinigami to raise a brow

"You do realize that I'm your rival's teacher right?" he asked clarifying his status

"That is only between me and the red one. I've heard you only trained him for 3 years until he unlocked his sacred gear. Currently most people see you as an unknown as you harbored our boss all these years" Vali said surprising Shiro with his information

The shinigami's shoulders began to shake as he let out a small sound. It eventually turned into full-blown laughter "HeheahhaHAHAHAHA" The vanishing dragon just kept drinking the amazing system made tea while Bikou joined in with the laughter.
"I never thought I'd be asked to join a terrorist group." the shinigami admitted as his laughter died down. "Alright, it sounds fun. I'll join." Shiro said getting up to extend a hand towards the vanishing dragon. Vali was about to accept the handshake until the shinigami spoke up again.
"But you do realize I'll probably leak out info about the other parts of khaos brigade. Namely the old Maou faction and the hero faction." he said

"It's fine, as long as you do not endanger our team. Our only goal is to defeat Great Red." Vali assured him
"Oh I remember fighting him before" Shiro said surprising everyone else.
"Well I say fight but it was more like I was treated as a rag doll." He quickly clarified as he shook the vanishing dragon's hand

"Still to survive from Great Red is no easy feat!" Arthur said amazed at the accomplishment

"Well Ophis kind of just dragged me off to do it when we met. By the way I need to send a message to my family, I'll be right back." Shiro said before popping to god knows where

At the site of where the shinigami's home was. A silver-haired maid appeared from a magic circle. Her face was blank as she took in the surroundings of where her son's home was supposed to be. She was planning on doing a it of house cleaning, but it wouldn't go her way today.
Grayfia looked over to a signboard stuck into the middle of the crater of missing earth. There was a note attached to it.

To Mom:

Hi mom, just wanted to let you know that I'm off to be a terrorist. I'll visit you sometimes in the future. Oh and can you tell Issei he can keep the fish. Give my regards to everyone else.

~love Shiro

The maid folded up the letter and pocketed it. Then she looked towards the night sky as she screamed.
"MY BABY!!!" waking up the neighbors again

Somewhere in the underworld, the Devil King Lucifer felt a chill go up his spine.


Going to work on another story. Not dropping this, just going to give it some time as this story is supposed to be full of nothing but jokes and bad humor. But I'm all out of jokes.

The other story will be on Shiro's other white haired counterpart, so that's a thing. Thanks for reading
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