Dungeon Core Online Chapter 120: Chapter 120


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Chapter 120

"Till next time then, good chaps." The Terminus called out as his hp hit zero, and his massive form toppled to the ground. " 'Tis always a blast." The light from his eyes faded, and James and Rue watched as the group of adventurers all turned and ran. For anyone new to the dungeon, they would likely be confused at the odd occurrence. But, for veterans of the second floor, and the Terminus boss fight, this was standard practice. After all, no one wanted dino-aids.

All 10 members of the raid team cleared the 25 yard radius before the core detonated, ensuring they were safe from dino-aids yet again. James was mildly disappointed, as while he hadn't spent much time looking over his disease menu, he had found out he could at least increase how diseases spread. He had, of course, upgrade dino-aids once, quickly, to give it an increased chance to spread via proximity with players, and had been hoping to see what would happen if it spread around.

So far, he knew that dino-aids was a permanent, per instance, debuff that players could receive when the Terminus detonated. It halved all of their stats and had to be either cleansed by a high-level spell or faded away when players left a dungeon. James was still curious if it carried over to other floors, and what else he could do with it. He planned to give his disease menu a good look before the war started but wanted to see Z's group explore his third floor first. After all, who knew how many more times he could watch them do their dungeon dives.

"Right, the timer's not starting, which means there is a new floor." Z had regrouped with his party around the Terminus's scrapped body. Everyone was looting the boss, and checking their own stat windows, likely checking their experience gains, and seeing what they had gotten from the boss.

James was having a hard time taking them seriously, as they were all wearing the top hats that the Terminus dropped. Because, of course they were. It was too good of an item to pass up, considering it decreased the amount of set gear they needed, in order to get their set bonuses for the floor. Granted, Z's party and Skar's had both managed to farm the floor enough during the last instance, that they were both set up pretty well gear wise.

Just like the Demonic Farmer, the Terminus had a percent chance to drop pieces of loot, and set gear, each time he was defeated. Obviously, all of the players knew that, and as such, that had been a big part of the grind on the second floor for the higher leveled players in the dungeon. In addition to that, B.L.U. also dropped set gear for players, and you could actually mix or match the pieces, in order to get the same buff. So, while players may not have a matching set, they could still get the buff for having 6 pieces of gear. The incentive, for having a complete matching set, other than just being cosmetic, was that B.L.U.'s gear, and the Terminus's gear, was actually geared for different types of players. B.L.U.s gear was lighter, offering lower protection, but also giving a buff to magic and ranged players for their attack damage. Conversely, the Terminus's gear was bulkier, providing a higher defense stat and a boost to hp, for tanky and melee type classes.

Because of the fact that Z and Skar's parties had been clearing the dungeon together since the middle of the last instance, they had managed to defeat both bosses enough times, that they had traded around and ensured each member was now wearing the appropriate gear for their respective classes. For the lighter armored classes, and magic users, their gear consisted of tight, padded leather armor, with various scraps of metal thrown as protective plates. The armor was well insulated, offering resistance to magical and elemental attacks, and increased their ranged and magical attack damage by an additional 3%.

What James liked about the B.L.U. set, was that it had metal spikes almost like a spine, that ran down the back, and the gloves of the set had the steampunk raptor-like claws built into it. The boots, as well, had the same claws. The helmet, James knew, was molded to look like a raptor head as well, but everyone seemed to really enjoy their top hats.

The Terminus gear consisted of leather armor, that was then insulated, and covered with metal plates. It was large, and intimidating, and bulky. To augment the armor, there were various gears placed along the joints, as well as what appeared to be steam powered pistons, that almost seemed to aid the adventurers in their movement, as otherwise it would seem ridiculous for them to be wearing such armor. It gave the wearers a very visual sense of being a tank. Add to that, the Chainsword from B.L.U., as well as the triceracog shield, and tank players really were intimidating.

There was also a player James had noticed, that was running around dual wielding Chainswords, who had opted to wear the full B.L.U. armor as well. To James's amusement, that player wore the helmet too, which just made him all the more ascetically terrifying. That was one of the things James always loved about MMOs. Players could always craft their character however they wanted.

"Any suggestions on multiclass options, before we head to the third floor?" Skar was looking at his character screen, his face deep in thought. Around him, his party members were all doing the same. As James had figured, they had all leveled up, hitting that level 30 mark, and earning themselves a new class option.

James lazily scanned Z's stats for a moment, curious how the Knight's Who Go Ni were doing level wise.


LvL 32 Beast Master*

*(Archer-Ranger-Beast Master)*

86109 Total xp Earned

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3409 current xp held

3391 xp to next level

HP: 320 (184+46+65+25)

AP: 255 (184+46+60+20)

Atk: 354 (155+30+10+39+75+40+5)

Atk: 0

Def: 159 (64+30+16+30+19)

Def: 25 (20+5) *-15% from magical and elemental attacks before M. Def is applied*

It seemed that each subclass granted players an increase in stats for the next 10 levels, and then were replaced by the next subclass. As such, it seemed Z was getting an additional 65 hp from his ranger subclass, and another 25 from his Beastmaster subclass. Which was fitting, considering James knew the extra hp would come in handy against his latest and greatest mobs. He was also pleased to see that Z's attack had continued to grow. The good news for the adventurers, was that they could, in theory handle the basic, un-upgraded mobs on James's third floor. The bad news was, they wouldn't even be able to scratch his boss with their basic attacks. Of course, that's what skills and ingenuity were for.

The other members of Z's party, James already knew, were similarly boosted. In fact, Oak's HP was now over 500, and his defense was ridiculous at just over 300. The guy was the embodiment of a tank, and that was before his passive skills came in to play when it came to damage mitigation. His Indra class, James had discovered, gave him a constant passive damage reduction of 20%, after the damage had gone against his armor. It was called Thunder God's Aura. That same aura gave all of his attacks an additional 3% of magic, thunder damage. Secret classes were definitely the way to go, if you could find them.

"Well, there's obviously the logical choices," Z motioned towards most of his party, all of whom had gone through the logicalish upgrade. His eagle let out a loud squawk overhead in agreement. "Or, of course, you can try for something…unique." He pointed towards the constantly glowing Oak. The Indra beamed back at the party, and made a flexing motion, looking ridiculous as he did.

"Right." Skar looked at his party, then at his screen, and then looked over at Oak once again. "I'm going to have to go with the-"

"Screw it, I'm going to gamble." Gno-More called out, selecting an option on his screen. Everyone froze the moment he did and held their breaths. Once you chose your subclass, you couldn't undo your choice.

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