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Chapter 119

"It seems they are rushing to get to your third floor." Rue's comment pulled James from his concentration, which resulted in one of his sacrificial lambs falling into the pit he had been guiding it over. The moment it fell, it exploded. The pit, after all, was filled with spikes. James was in the process of seeing just how much control he could have over his pet mobs, and had enacted an obstacle course, to test each of his mobs out on.

Of course, the obstacle course had taken him a couple hours to create in the Avatar training area, so, he was only on his second mob for training, even though day 2 of immersion had started about an hour ago.

"Probably wanting to level up and gain as much gear as they can, before the war." James wiped the sweat off his brow with his glowing left arm, marveling for a second at the patterns of swirling energy on it. He had started to notice that as he summoned mobs, the strange runes would start to shift and change, though he had only experimented slightly with that feature of his class. He was almost 100 percent positive it was just an aesthetic change put into the game, however, the gamer in him screamed that there was a chance it was something secret, and he needed to find out what.

"How do you think they are going to do against the Terminus?" Rue's comments, were of course, in relation to the new and improved Knight's Who Go Ni, as well as Skar's group, which had finally seemed to create a guild of their own. Before, while they had all played with each other, James had found it interesting that they weren't actually a guild. This time around, it seemed that had changed. Now, next to all of their names, a guild tag appeared. Boss Slayers seemed to be their guild name, rather unoriginal in James's eyes but fitting since they did gain world first alongside the Knight's, when they defeated the Terminus. Of course, what amused James, was the tag shortened to BS, which he was certain had been intentional on their part. After all, their archer's name was Troll'd.

"I'm pretty sure they'll win, again." This wasn't going to be the, second, or even third time, that they'd faced Terminus and won, after all. Last immersion, the Knight's had all climbed into level 30, gaining them all another subclass to choose from. James knew the subclasses offered quite the power boost, and seeing what they had chosen the day before, when they all reached 30, had cemented in their strengths even more. In fact, that had been the first time James had seen a secret class get unlocked.

It had all started out normal enough. They had defeated the Terminus, and in doing so, their party had leveled up to level 30. James and Rue had silently cheered for all of them, especially because, by the way their faces lit up, it seemed they had gained another achievement for hitting level 30. This had to have been their fifth or sixth time defeating the Terminus, since the original raid that brought the boss down, and they were getting used to him. Even his advanced AI, could only change up how the lumbering T-rex could fight, in so many different ways. Add in the fact that Skar's gang accompanied them almost every time, and well, Sir Rexus just didn't stand much of a chance.

When they all next entered the dungeon though, James had eagerly inspected all of them, wanting to see what options they had taken. After all, he had done his research on all of their classes and knew what the logical choices would be for each one to take. And while they were often eccentric, they played in a very professional, well thought out way. After all, they were veteran gamers, James knew that for sure now.

Z, at level 30, was now classified as a Beast Master. That was a Ranger subclass, which fit Z in more ways than James was sure the old man would care to admit. Mainly because, while everyone had initially mocked him for Badgy, that badger was actually quite loved by the group. As a Beast Master, Z had the ability to further buff Badgy, and enhance the pet to help the team even more. It also gave him the ability to summon an additional full-time pet, from a different tree.

For Rangers, James had found, the pet that was summoned was random. James knew the frustration of that. For Beast Masters, they could choose to summon a random mob, from one of four tree choices. The first, was offense, the second was defense, the third was balanced, and the fourth, was wild. A wild pet had higher stats than the others would and could be from any of the other three trees. However, wild pets, were just that. They had more willpower than the regular pets and would act in the way they best saw fit, rather than how the Beast Master ordered it to.

Z, of course, had gone wild. Because, why wouldn't he? The result, to everyone, including Z's, amusement, was a giant eagle. And giant was the appropriate word. The eagle was large enough it seemed it could pick up Z if it wanted to. It definitely could pick up Badgy, as James had noted, on more than one occasion, Z ordering the wild eagle to pick up Badgy and carry the badger towards a boss or mini boss. Of course, sometimes the eagle did just that. Other times, it let out a loud squawk, and promptly did its own thing. At the very least, the eagle was quite a powerful ally.

Next, had been Elm. He, also, had chosen the path James had expected for him. Previously, he had been an Arcane Archer. The subclass that best suited an Arcane archer, was to simply continue down the magical path. There was a subclass for Arcane Archer, called Elemental Archer, which did just that. It essentially allowed the user to modify which types of magical arrows were used and giving those arrows unique damage types and conditions depending on the option. It was a versatile class, that would give Elm the opportunity to always have an answer, to whatever problem he saw. From there, James figured he would go the sniper route, which would increase the range, and damage, that he could do with his attacks. But level 40 was still a ways off for the group.

Faust had continued his pursuit of even more magical attacks and damage. His first subclass had of course been choosing to become a lightning mage. From there, he seemed to have choose the war mage subclass, making him a Lightning War Mage. War Mages were able to amplify their magical spells more, and also had a neat feat that allowed them to decrease their casting time on spells, by increasing the amount of MP they spent on it. Meaning he could get more powerful spells off more quickly, if he had the mana for it.

The healer, Med Ic, obviously continued to play his role well, and was now a High Cleric of the Light. The light obviously being the optimal healing class for clerics, and being a high cleric just meaning he got even more healing spells. It also had a neat mass revive cooldown, as well as some really strong mass heals. The obvious choice for the party's healer class, given their tendencies to race headfirst into every challenge, always going for their instance first achievements.

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Finally, came Oak. The warrior turned Shielder. Oak, the reluctant tank, who hated his role, but did it, for the greater good of the party. Well, he had apparently gotten fed up with that, because there was no other way James could think of, that he would have stumbled across his secret class, otherwise.

Now, normally, the logical progression from Warrior, to Shielder, was a class called a juggernaut. A massive, super tanky class, that could essentially become a mobile, walking fortress of armor and pain. It was a great class, with strong damage mitigation skills, and a large boost to hp max, and defense.

However, Oak didn't seem to have wanted to be a juggernaut. A shame, because James actually had been looking forward to seeing Oak as one. That, and the title was just awesome. Instead, as Oak had stepped into the instance, his appearance, his class, had caused James, and Rue, to just stare in silence. Oak, apparently, had decided he was done being just a straight tank, because he was not a Juggernaut. Granted, he still had his Tricera-cog shield. And was still wielding B.L.U.'s Chainsword. But now, around his entire form, magical energy seemed to crackle, and his elven eyes glowed with magical power. The class seemed more a name, than a title, as it simply had the world Indra listed , which James learned later, as the group discussed Oak's class, was a secret class.

With all five of them above level 30, and with the explosive, and amazing, defensive capabilities of Oak's new class, the party could likely take on Terminus and have no problems. However, they had opted to keep training alongside Skar's group, which was why, as James saw the party once again moving together towards his second-floor boss, he couldn't help but grin. The fight would likely be over quickly, and Skar's group was probably going to hit level 30 from it. But that just meant, they were going to all be quite confident of their abilities, as they moved to his third floor. And James was really looking forward to them seeing his third floor.

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