Dungeon Core Online Chapter 118: Chapter 118


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Chapter 118

James skimmed over the first page and a half of information, noting that much of what was being shared from the developers to the dungeon cores, was the same as what had been shared to the players. The dungeon wars had an option for three- or five-day wars. The dungeon wars were a way for players to get unique war related gear. The dungeon wars were a way for dungeons to gain more experience and interact with each other and their players in a special way.

The things that caught his attention, that neither Rue, nor Xander, had mentioned were the fact that dungeon wars were supposed to be optional. They were supposed to be voted upon by players, and if enough votes occurred, the dungeon would be able to send out or receive war challenges, and that the dungeons could then choose terms for their war. Apparently, they were much more civil and gentlemanly than Xander and BLANK were treating them. Of course, it was a video game, and James knew just how hard-core people could get with regards to those. He had been there himself, multiple times, when chasing world first achievements.

It's just, he wasn't as into the PvP scene as BLANK, and Xander, were. He wasn't an FPS player, he wasn't a MOBA player. James was an MMO player, and he loved the challenges that MMOs offered, outside of just PvP related things. This was, of course, why James had been going about his dungeon war preparations differently than others probably would. He was going to go at this the way he knew best, as a PvE event. His players were going to be like his guildmates, BLANK and their players, well, those were just a dungeon boss, and its mobs.

These thoughts flowed around through his mind, but promptly stopped, as he got to the section he had been looking for. From what he was reading, it seemed day three was going to be, quite interesting for his players. Oops.

Dungeon Wars- Core Offense and Defense

A Tier 3 dungeon gains access to both the Core Offense and Core Defense research trees. Based upon your research levels in both trees, your dungeon will be able to build new and improved items, which can be utilized during your dungeon war. These objects will be able to be utilized during day 3, and day 5 of wars, on the Fields of Battle, and require Build Points (BP) to make. Furthermore, you are only able to deploy a certain limit of offense and defense related objects, which is determined by your Deployed limit. Each dungeon, upon unlocking level one of these research options, starts with 1000 BP for Offense and Defense, respectively, and can deploy 1000BP worth of items in both categories as well.

Build Point maximums, as well as maximum deployment allowed, are reliant on a Dungeon's War level. Every dungeon will begin dungeon wars at a Dungeon War Level of 0. Victory in Dungeon War's grants experience, dependent upon each Dungeon's War level. Losing a Dungeon War will result in a loss of dungeon war experience, also dependent upon each Dungeon's War level. Dungeon War Levels are used to ensure dungeons face against opponents at an equal or similar level to them, though dungeons may still challenge other dungeons of higher or lower level.

As a dungeon levels up its War Level, its maximum BP, as well as its deployment cost, will increase, by an appropriate degree, per level. For instance, from level 0 to level 1, a dungeon's maximum BP, as well as deployment cost, will both increase by 200. From level 1 to 2, each will increase by 400. The higher the dungeon's level, the more tools and equipment it can deploy, to create even more challenging battles.

Once a dungeon has utilized all of its BP, it is unable to generate more, until a war has started. During day 1 and 2 of a war, dungeons will be passively gaining BP, at a rate of 10+ (Dungeon War Level X 2) per hour in both offense and defense. On day 3 and 5, a dungeon can gain BP actively by destroying or stealing its opponent's equipment and turning it into BP for itself. Additionally, a dungeon can use its BP to repair any resources it has actively deployed, by assigning probes to repair the object. Probes have a repair speed of 1/2bp per minute, per probe. So, one probe will repair .5BP per minute on an object, while two probes together can repair 1BP worth of damage per minute.

While dungeons cannot deploy more than their maximum amount in either the offense or defense trees, they can utilize more of their deployed limit in one or the other, if they so wish. Meaning, while a Dungeon with a level 0 Dungeon War level has 1000 Offense and Defense BP, that dungeon can choose to use all 2000 points in either Offense, or defense. So, feel free to experiment for which style best fits your dungeon.

Additionally, while equipment can be freely built and moved about on days 1,2, and 4 of dungeon wars, new equipment cannot be deployed, and equipment cannot be removed, from the Fields of Battle, on days 3 and 5. Whatever a dungeon has committed to battle, is what the dungeon must utilize, come the days of those battles. Be prepared, be creative, and be victorious.

"So," James was doing some quick math in his head, since he now knew what numbers he would be working with. It irritated him, that the company behind DCO, aka Xander, had essentially forced him and BLANK to compete in this dungeon war, though James also realized his own actions had led to it. BLANK had taunted him, and James, had responded. Had he not done as they did and jumped in rankings so quickly to climb into being a Tier 3 dungeon, well, he may have been safe from BLANK for a day or two irl, which would have given his players even more time to grow and explore.

That being said, James knew there was no use worry about that fact, and instead needed to focus on the now. With a glance at his clock, he knew he still had a little over a day and a half, of immersion, before BLANKs players were in, and the war began. That was the advantage James had, of being in a different time zone than BLANK. It also meant James's players would get one day of adventuring and preparation, whereas BLANK's players were going to log in and be in the war, the moment they start their immersion. James figured that was why the wars had the first two days as an invasion period, so that there wasn't an overwhelming advantage to waging war against other time zones. Especially because in the future, dungeons would have plenty of time to prepare themselves for a war.

With his quick math done, James knew that from day one and two of the war, he would earn a total of 480 BP in both offense and defense. That meant, he could spread it evenly, or utilize a total of 960 points in a single option. The difficulty was that with the number of probes he had, he would really have to be picky with what he was building, to ensure that it started in time to even be done and ready to deploy before day 3 started. He figured, based on what he could tell of BLANK, and its player base, that they would be coming at him hard on day 3. Likely intending to do as much damage and demoralize him as much as they can. That meant, he was going to need to be defensive. Luckily enough for him, he already had a giant freaking shield for his core. And, logically, he could use the other 960 points to at least build up some walls, and barricades, for his players.

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Of course. As Rue had pointed out to him, being logical was not the correct way to overcome BLANK. Instead, James already had a plan forming. One that would most likely throw BLANK off their groove and help him keep the advantage he felt he had. After all, if he was going to view this as a PvE event, it didn't' make sense for him, or his players, to completely turtle it up. No, there were mobs and a boss to slay, and he was going to do just that. James mentally started scanning over his build options, placing notes on what he wanted to do, and how he was going to do it. After wards, he figured it would be wise to get some sleep in game, and then, hop into training as his avatar, while his adventures joined back in, and began exploring. It was going to be his, and theirs, last day of freedom, before the war started.

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