Dulcet Effervescence Chapter 4: Xie Yu Yan (Scarlet) Life.


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Country X, Golden Bay Restaurant.

''Two serving, Set B Dinner, please. For table number two.''one off the customer can't wait for her to take the order, suddenly approaching her.

The restaurant is too crowded especially at the period of time when it almost the end of the day. It is full with people who work for a nearby company.

''Ok Sir. Please wait for a while.'' Yu Yan replied to her customer while smiling courteously. She slowly walks towards the counter while bringing the empty dishes with a big tray.

''Yue-Yue! Take this for me. I need to serve that customer.'' She talked to the Jiang Yu Yue who just done taking a bill from one off the customer.

She looked at her pityingly. ''Yu Yan. Can you not multitasking? One thing at the time. Ok? You not tired at all?''

''I don't have time for that.'' She smiled then, continue doing her job.

''You don't have to rest if you don't want to! But please, take it slow. You are human, not a machine. Your health is more important!'' she tries to advise her beloved sister.

''Ok.'' She replied and wink at her while smiling.


''Whoa. I'm so tired'' Yu Yan stretch her body sluggishly while looking at her strap leather watch.

''Me too.'' Yu Yue replied her while leaning her body at the counter.

''God! Were dead!'' Yu Yan suddenly screamed.
Yu Yue was shocked. She looks at her with a confused look. ''What is it? What's wrong with you?''

''Look at your watch!'' she replied.
''What's wrong with my watch?'' she looked at her watch, her eyes widened with shock.
(Its almost 8 p.m)

''Why don't you tell me early!'' Ying Yu panicked out.

Both of them run towards the kitchen area to finish all the things up and thanking all the part-timer who works for them.

After they finish, they locked up the restaurant door. Then, they run with their 'stored energy' without looking back.


From afar they can see an old woman in their 40s, with a cane, outside of their house.

''Were doomed!'' Ying Yue said it out loud while slowing her step down.
Even though they still 20 meters far from the house, they still can hear she angrily nagging.

'' This stupid kid. Hey. Come here! What did I say about restaurant working hour? I'm ok with you guys for taking it over. But, I did mention that you guys should close it before 5. Right?!''

Both of them, Yu Yan and Ying Yue suddenly pointing at one another. They try to blame each other for that.

She continued ''If for a weekend I'm ok with it. But not when it's your school time! You guys should focus on studying too!'' she said it while hitting their bum.

''No. noooo. Mother!'' both off them screaming and giggling. They just find it funny when their mother nagging at them.

While avoiding the cane, Yu Yan trying her best to take something that they buy from the jewelry shop inside her beg.

''Mother. Wait! No. Yue-Yue! Help me first!'' she screamed.

''Ok Sir!'' Ying Yue raising her hand up to the corner of her eyebrow, same as the way soldier do when their commander giving them a command.
Then, she runs to her mother's back and holds her wrist.

''What you two doing? Hey! Let go off my hand! This how you guys treat elders? You guys sh ..'' Madam Jiang tries to free her hand from Ying Yue.

''1.. 2 .. 3!'' Yu Yan suddenly counting. Giving her sister a hint.
''Happy Birthday Mother!'' they wishing her at the same time. Yu Yan successfully taking a 'surprise present' inside her beg and present it to their mother.

Their mother was shocked. Slowly, a gentle smile blooming at her face.

She touched by the birthday surprise that her daughter makes for her.

Yu Yan looking at her mother. ''Sorry, we just can buy this small little gift for you. If we got a lot of money, later on, we ..''

''We will buy a big one! We promise you mother ..'' Ying Yue continuing her sister word while giving a big smile.

Suddenly there's a happy tear, falling to her wrinkled cheek.

She tries to shed it, but it keeps falling. " You guys don't have too .."

Yu Yan comes over to her mother, and hug her tightly. Followed by Ying Yue.

Three of them hugging each other quietly as if you could hear a pin drop, outside of there house.

Even though they just a family of three, they still live happily and their house full of laughter.


At night. Yu Yan look at the night view through the window at her room.

She taking a deep breath. As if she doesn't have enough air.
She looked at the star who blinking non-stop, like beacons of hope for all the lost souls of the world.

(Mommy! Daddy! Look at those stars!)
Her eyes suddenly get teary.

"Mom, Dad.
How you are guys doing?
I bet you guys doing well.
You guys have each other there. Right?
Oh, yaa.
You guys can see, right?
I live a good life here.
Thanks for your blessing from up there.
I know you guys praying for me from above.
Even though I couldn't hear it with my ears,
I can listen to it with my heart.
Just rest assure.
I'm old enough to take care off myself now.''

I Miss You guys ..
Mom .. Dad ..
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