DROPPED:Juvenile Entertainer Chapter 81: Chapter 80 The Only Reward Needed


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Theo's Pov

Monday 05:00 am

I woke up this morning with a sense of purpose. What is my purpose you ask? it's simple, conquest.

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What do I wish to conquer? I want to conquer the entertainment industry. But that's nothing new? Well, you're not wrong but now I want to conquer my own feelings, my girl-friends feelings and conquer the audience.

The reason for my sudden enriched momentum is because of the skill Serene Heart that I had used last night. It did knock me out cold the first three times but after the fourth time, I managed to meditate without much problem.

The meditation had cleared most of my problems in one night. It basically made me realise that I need to be selfish. Yes, it was that simple. My selfless persona had been holding me back.

My badass side was just the selfish persona that would come out if I allowed it and now both sides of me have balanced out but this in no way means my badass side is gone if anything its become more stable and cold.

This also, in turn, changed my social stat from an already impressive 20 to a crazy 45. My confidence in my future endeavours is through the roof, I've never felt so sure about my future until right now.

'It seems confidence really starts by accepting your self' I thought to myself

And my conquest for the entertainment business has been broadened to that of complete monopolisation, that's singing, acting, animation, writing and gaming. I want my name in plastered over everything entertainment related.

With my not so newly found goals I jump up from my bed and fling my covers to the side. Getting changed into some loose clothing I got ready for my morning routine. Before doing that I take my mask out and use the second customisation option that I had forgotten about

For the mask, I changed it to just be a mouthpiece that could filter the air but also changed the air to something that simulated high altitude. Then I mad it look like Sub Zeros but a polished white version, just cause it's cool.

This is to make my training more straining but also because even though theirs no upper portion, I can still use it to go through my social media and just general internet searches.

My plan is to go through my social media and interact with some of the comments. Also this way I can go back to learning new things and also upgrade my old skills.

I then looked in the mirror to see my handsome face with the new white Sub Zero mask that covered my face from the top of my nose down, some loose strands of white hair flowing down in front and my orange eyes shining in all its glory.

Taking a quick photo, I leave it to be posted on a later date where I'm able to explain where I get my masks. With the mask on my face, I began to do my martial arts training but this time I upgraded from basic kicks and punches to outright ridiculous moves.

Why am I still trying to learn martial arts when I can start planning? Its because of the self-discipline it teaches and that I feel like I'm making my childhood self, proud of such a cool skill and having a hobby helps me to relax.

I then started incorporating some gymnastic moves. I was flipping, kicking, rolling, spinning and punching. I hadn't learnt how to do any of the gymnastic stuff before but my unwavering confidence convinced my inexperienced body to jump right into it with no fear of failing or falling.

I had some bruising in some hard to reach places but my hardened bones and skin let it fade after a few seconds so it wasn't a big deal. After about 2 hours of me flipping around my garden, I attempt to punch an Apple tree that sat in the corner of the garden.

Standing side on with my fists up to my chin I push out my right fist making sure the distance was right. Then with one big exhale I throw out a punch with my skin hardened to that of iron.

*WOosh THUD, Crack* The tree shook and a few leaves fell. Retracting my fist I look at the damage. I had left a small indent with cracks going off to the side.

I then take off my trainers and roll up? tracksuit to my knees. Then I perform a roundhouse kick. My shin connected with the tree.

*WOosh THUD, CRack*

The damage for the kick was similar to my punch but there were more cracks and it was deeper. I then proceeded to kick and punch the shit out the tree.

About an hour later I throw my last punch carrying the last of my strength *woosh thud* I then fall back on the overgrown grass and take off the mask.

"Huff, Huff Fuck, yeah! that's the stuff. Man, it's a beautiful day" I say while looking up at the early morning sky.

'Did I just shout "fuck yeah" out loud, man this Serene Heart thing, really changed a few things about myself hopefully I'll be more mindful around the kids. kinder funny, I sound like a tired father, then again they will eventually become my kids and quite like being their father figure. And Like hell, I'm letting anyone take two beautiful Milfs from me. There also Megan and Liz, I still don't know about Sarah. So it's settled I'm gonna achieve the impossible dream of having my four beautiful girl-friends become my girlfriends and wives'

*Ding* [Task: Achieve the impossible dream, by marrying multiple women at once: Time Limit: None]

{Reward: A Happy Family That Loves You}

{Failure: Regret and an Invitation to go to their weddings}

'That might be the best reward ever and the only rewards I've truly wanted, but that failure will definitely leave me broken, fuck I'm sad just thinking about the possibility. I'll be sure to make it so that doesn't happen' I said clenching the dirt and grass under me.

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