DROPPED:Juvenile Entertainer Chapter 59: Chapter 58 Trouble


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This happened in a split second leaving the man no time to counter or react. When it finally came to the end I said with a cold tone "Who are you!!"

"argh You bastard get off me!" said the man with his face showing pain.

"Not before you answer, so who are you" I say while moving his hands closer to the top of his back causing more pain to his shoulder.

"Argh You fucking argh stop!" shouted the man.

"His name is Matt Stevens" Said Liz in a cold frosty tone and continued.

"Why is that familiar?" I said still holding his arm in place.

"Get off me fucker argh"

"He's a famous playboy and his dad is James Stevens the owner of the PRIME, the hypebeast company that sell ordinary material clothes at a ridiculous price, its one of the reasons why my company hasn't been doing well" Said Liz

I nod and say "Okay now I know who you are, now why did you attack me"

"You tried to touch my women" Matt says resentfully.

"Who are you calling your women,there's not a chance in the world I'd get with you," said Liz with a stern and cold look.

"I can bring your brand back to the limelight, all you have to do is be mine and dad will stop trying to ruin your company. And get off me" said Matt still trying to wiggle out of my hold.

'Sigh it's a spoiled rich kid, seriously I thought this stuff was just a faze, I mean it's in the name spoiled rich KID'

"Yes I could go out with you too save my company but I'm not one of your poor girls who fall in your arms at the sound of money, just to be thrown away the next day and don't think I don't know that your dad wants to have the company shares" Said Liz in a fit

"Guards, show Mr Stevens the doors and make sure to not let him in next time" said Liz in demanding tone

"Yes, Miss Grainger" said one of the guards as he takes Matt from my hands.

"get off me, When your company finally falls, you'll come crying to me like the bitch you are" Said, Matt as he walks off in a strop.

"What the fuck is wrong with that guy??" I said with disgust.

"What's not wrong, apart from his looks and money I'd say he's a man child. But Theo that was pretty cool how you restrained him in a few seconds" Said Sarah

Liz looked at me with concern and said "Are you okay, did you get hurt anywhere"

"I'm fine, you should ask the other guy, I was close to popping his shoulder out from its place," I said shamelessly

"Who cares, if that kid gets hurt" Said Liz.

"Thanks," I said sincerely

"Hey, you didn't answer me how did you restrain him that fast" Said Sarah impatiently

"It was just an arm lock, nothing special. I could have done a cool over the shoulder throw but Liz was too close" I said

"So once again, Liz the buzz killer strikes again" Said Sarah teasingly

"Stopping adding titles to my name," said Liz

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"I'll politely decline the offer, Miss Grainger" Said Sarah in gracious manna.

Laughing for a bit before I got serious and ask "Do you guys have security cameras"

"Yeah, why?" said Liz.

"Him being a spoiled rich kid he'll most likely try to cause trouble, so was hoping to have a copy of our little tussle" I said

"Yeah, sure I'll get Sarah to send it to you," said Liz

"Thanks, if you guys are free you should come over for dinner," I said

Liz replied with a red face" I couldn't possibly..."

Sarah interrupted and said with enthusiasm "We'll take you up on that"

"That's good we could do a stream and you could advertise your brand, try to wear something nice but keep it casual"

"Got it, well be there at like just before 6," said Sarah

We exchanged contacts, gave them my address and then separated. Walking out I call a taxi and head home.

. . . . . . . .

Theo's House 4:45

Coming home I saw Megan was out and assumed she was with Sophia and Rose. Mentally I had named them the triple threat.

No, I'm not referring to their talent but to their three sizes and that there's three of them, pretty clever I know. Although their sizes aren't as ridiculous as Liz it still impressive.

Taking off my suit jacket and rolling up the sleeves I began to make dinner. For dinner, I was making a traditional cottage pie with salad and baked potatoes.

As I was making dinner my phones go off.

*Ring, Ring, ring*

I pick up the phone to see it's Rose and answer "Hi Rose, what's up"

"Hello, Can you make extra special dinner for us," said Rose in a low voice

I ask curiously "Yeah, sure what's the occasion"

"I asked my publisher to inform me first on any news about Megan's manuscript before telling Megan " Said Rose with an even quieter voice

"And," I said

"And her book has passed the review stage and they've already made the contract for her. So go all out with dinner"

I ecstatic and said "Good no problem, I just hope you make space for the banquet I'm about to make"

With that said I hung up the phone and looked back at the cottage pie that's ready for the oven. I thought of Megan's favourite food and all that came too mind was that she didn't have one.

Megan only cares that it contains meat, with that thought I run around the kitchen grabbing all the supplies needed.

So here's what dinner will be now, Mongolian Beef, Sausage Pasta, Chines Sweet and sticky pork ribs, Five-Star Chicken Sizzlers and this time I'm not making small ones but just a nice fat heavy barbecue beef burger with the works.

Of course it can't just be meat I'll be making a large bowl of salad, chips and rice to go with it. I'm not throwing out the cottage pie its also on the menu.

Now I have a major problem, I don't have the tablespace for such a thing, nor do I have the seats for the amount coming.

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