DROPPED:Juvenile Entertainer Chapter 32: Chapter 32 Explosion


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Megan: "You're a writer? Theo's a writer as well, you've probably heard of him, he's pretty famous"

Rose pointed at Theo with a shocked expression " Oh My God, Theodore Smith, handsome white-haired 18-year-old, writer of The Chronicles of Narnia, selling out in a week of it being published, gave all his earnings to the orphanages in England, no one has ever seen him or taken a picture, the only info on him was told by some of the orphanages that he personally visited"

Theo: "Well that's a little unexpected, I didn't think news of me reached America"

Rose: "It's really you, Oh my God tell me is it true that "The, lion, witch and the wardrobe" about Christianity"

Theo: "The story can be depicted in many ways but it's up to the reader to decide whether there is meaning behind it or just a mindless story"

Rose: "Come on, give me a clue"

Megan: "Don't bother I've been asking since the day he released, but what about you, Rose? what did you Write?"

Rose: "I like to write short stories"

They continued to talk and eat for the next hour before coming to a stop, holding their stomach while satisfied smile showed on their faces.

No one was talking not even the overly energised Emily was making a sound, she just quietly sat and looked the leftover tiny burger.

Megan and Rose had hit it off quick straight away after talking about books. Emily oddly seemed to really enjoy talking to Theo.

Theo learnt about all of Emily's friends, from the human friends to her toy friends and he also learnt about all of her likes and dislikes.

They proceeded to talk before the air changed to that of a heavenly scent. Everyone including Theo subconsciously raised their noses to smell the air and locate it.

They all caught the smell with their eyes closed and paned towards the kitchen.


Without looking at Theo they asked "What's cooking"

Theo snapped out of the trance, got off his chair and pulled out two trays from the oven and said "I made brownies and cookies, who wants one"

Emily put out two fingers: "Big brother, I want two of each"

Rose: "I would like some, please"

Megan: "Just bring the trays and let us eat"

Picking up a knife he cuts the brownies into squares. Placed it on the table and immediately they all grabbed a brownie and bit into it.

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Emily: "Hot!! its really good big brother"

Rose: "You have a gift, Theo"

Megan: "why have you never made this before, were you hold out on me"

Theo felt danger and quickly explained "What!? no, I was just practising to get it perfect and I thought today was a good time"

Megan: "No excuses, as punishment you will make this every day from now on"

Theo: "Hows about once a week it's not very good to have it every day"

Megan: "Fine but it has to be this good or better"

Emily: "Big brother! Big brother, make me and mom some as well, please"

Theo looked towards Emily and then to Rose to see if it's okay but what he saw was Rose looking at him and nodding repeatedly

Theo: "Okay princess, I'll also make you little extra to take to school and give it to your teacher and classmates"

Emily got up on her chair and kissed Theo's cheek "Yay, I love you big brother"

Theo felt happy but at the same time depressed, he's happy that Emily treats him like a brother but depressed at the fact that, that was his first kiss on the cheek ever and it was actually by a little girl.

They were about to continue eating brownies when Theo got the tray of cookies and placed it down next to the brownies. But they were way too into brownies to even care about a simple looking cookie.

That's when Theo spoke up "By the way cookies are just as good" saying so he took a bite out simple round looking cookie. The three girls stop as greed took over them and launched at the tray of cookies.

Taking a nice large bite they felt like their taste buds exploded as a sweet flavour flew around their mouths. As it went down the throat a warm feeling spread through their bodies, making them feel like they were surrounded by a warm cushion of clouds.

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