Dragon Wars: Age of Conquest Chapter 7: Fall Damage


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So far there had been no actual bugs that Li Jing had to deal with. The devs who already knew how to play the game were going crazy fanboying over the game being playable and having actual people in it. At least the people who were not being paid to do specific jobs were. Li Jing was stuck in the rotation around the starter town. Her only contact with the rest of the game was through the players that ran past her out the town. So far she was suprised that no one had climbed over the wall yet. Shortly after arriving at their posts, she had teased Brave Prince with another bet. The bet would be on how many people are seen climbing over the wall to escape the town in the first twelve hours. The stakes was coffee. There was no point in betting ingame currency as neither of them had any. However going to fetch coffee for both of them for the next week was something that either of them could do instantly and the winner would be able to get coffee delivered to them in the office whenever they wanted without spendind time away from the game.

With the time they had allocated to the game for the forseeable future, one would imagine that it would be easy to get sick of playing Dragon Wars. To the player base this games was new and full of mysteries to discover and explore, it would be a while for them to get bored. However the devs had been working on this game non-stop for the last couple of years. They were overly farmiliar with various aspects of the game, some more than others. It would seem likely that they would get bored of it sooner or later. But in reality they were as excited as a new player to the game, they had been pulled along by the same hype train as the rest of the players. The devs were excited to play the game for real, to see the stuff they had spent time and effort on creating enjoyed by others. They wanted their secret hidouts, their hidden treasures discovered. Some just wanted to see the fustration they could cause the player base with the unbeatable bosses and the precarious jumping puzzles. Salt the plains!

Li Jing just wanted the game to feel as it is meant to, as lively and populated as it was designed to be, so she could have a proper experience at leveling through the game.

But right now, she wanted at least 200 people to jump from that wall.

An hour in and she was back where she started. Brave Prince had reported that no one had jumped from the wall. The other two in their team had also told them that no one had jumped. Li Jing was glad that they could only communicate at this distance through text box as she did not want to hear the disaproving little girl voice from their team leader.

To keep her busy and distracted there had been some relevant bug reports streamed to the channel. There had been a few of cases of people reporting half phasing through buildings (which would be fixed when incorporeal is turned off) and being unable to get out. A quick ingame console command fixed it for everyone who got stuck while one of the other teams sent someone to change the solid boundaries of the walls for the midnight quick patch. For some people the textures hadn't loaded, even after waiting for ten minutes. The only fix she could give these people was to log out and make sure the client had downloaded all the files of the most recent version. For problems like that, if it was only affecting the one person it was client side, not server side, so Li Jing could only give them the email of the pre-download error team.

As she was one of the devs who were assigned to making the go live transition smooth from in game, it made her burden much less so she could rely on others outside the game to deal with any major bug reports. Of course if there was a major problem with the server, it would be all hands on deck. So far that hadn't happened.

One of the fears Li Jing had was that if the transition to online went really smoothly it would be due to the amount of testing they did in the starter area alone between the alpha, beta and in department stress testing. Of course, no amount of stress testing could prepare the server for the horde of people that entered the game when it went online. They could only hope.

It was half way through hour 2 that Li Jing finally saw someone stand on top of the wall. As she was walking around to the next gate, she saw someone's head pop out above the wall. Following the head so she was standing almost directly underneath them and mostly out of sight. If she was very adamant about not being seen she would have just turned dev mode on but right now she was just curious. It took much longer than she would have thought for people to think about trying to scale the sides of buildings, normaly people would jump everywhere in non-VR MMORPGs.

The player who had managed to climb up the wall seemed to stand there for a while, taking in the view before walking furthur around the wall. Silently Li Jing followed around with him, like a shadow on the ground. With no warning, he jumped.

Quickly, Li Jing ran over to where his corpse lay on the ground before he could resurect back in the town's teleportation shrine. Kneeling down by him she helped resurect him on the spot.

As he stood back up he timidly murmured "Thank you." Obviously very embarassed at dying from jumping off a wall.

"No worries." Li Jing smiled at him reasuringly. Leaning in close to his ear she whispered, "If you bring some more people onto the wall I will still be here to res you."

Something seemed to glint in the boy's eye as he quickly nodded at her before running back into the town. Instead of continuing her way to the next gate, Li Jing decided to wait at this section of the wall, half way between the two gates. The reason she wanted to see so many people climb up onto the wall was that level ones was the only level where your health was low enough that the fall alone was enough to kill you.

Even Zhang Jie probably didn't know the morbid curiousity Li Jing had when it came to watching players die accidentally to unforseen causes that could have been easily prevented. She binged watched 'Ways to die in X' videos for many different games in her free time. It was just so silly and stupid the ways some people managed to die in some of these games and they were hilarious to laugh at. Unlike team leader's Lolita fetish, she was unwilling to let anyone know about her addiction to funny video game deaths. And if anyone found out about it, she was sure to take them to the highest point in Dragon Wars and push them off, it was designed so that the only way to survive was to be at level 120, twenty levels above the maximum. And there was only one creature who was able to survive that fall.

After waiting at the wall section between the two gates for three minutes, Li Jing saw movement on the wall again. She steped backwards, until her back was pressed against the wall, a non-obvious hiding place and waited.

Suddenly it started raining men, hallelujah! 11/200

For a player to resurect another player it didn't cost either player anything. If a player were to resurect themselves at any place other than the starter town they would have to pay a standard charge, the gravestone charge. This was relativly small as players would die a lot and they would be constantly send back to the closest teleportation shrine. For the players who going back and forwards between the teleportaion shrine and a particularly deadly area in game was too much hassle, the ability to buy resurection crystals was availible at resurection shrine, by the same person who sold teleportation crystals.

Once she had finished resurecting everyone, Li Jing marveled at how the young boy had convinced 9 people to join him to jump off a wall so quickly. She walked over to him and directed him to open out his tactical map. The parts of the map that had been cleared were only the north hal of town. trying to supress the sheepish grin that spread across her face, Li Jing directed the boy and his grop of jumpers to the gate that Zhang Jie was currently parked at and told them to climb up to that gate and jump off, Zhang would be there to resurect them afterwards. Before the boy ran off, she added him to her friends group so he would have someone to directly contact should he need anything in the future.

Basically she bribed him to get closer to having Zhang Jie make her coffee.
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