Dragon Wars: Age of Conquest Chapter 6: We are live!


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Seeing the normal player run past them, the devs were brought back to their senses. The countdown had ended and the players that weren't particularly interested in what their character looked like but just wanted to go out an explore the world had arrived.

Li Jing opened her menu, and reorganised her UI (User interface) so that she had the bug report channel up permanmently in her vision. So far it was empty. She wondered how long that would last untill it flooded.

"We will be in charge of the area between players being incoporeal and coporeal on the border of town." Their team leader started briefing them. "Mostly we expect that we will just have to explain to players that this is how the game is untill the first official patch if anyone seems overly confused. I expect that we will have to physically remove players from the gate to stop them from blocking the area."

"Aren't there six exits from the town?" Made you Look piped up.

The little lolita nodded. "Yes, we will need to rotate around the edge of town to make sure there are no players stuck on the border."

Brave Prince smiled sheepishly before saying, "You can also climb over the wall..."

As the lolita opened her mouth, Li Jing quickly but in, "But we have checked and the phasing still works, once you are on top of the wall you become corporeal so you have the ability to push others off and falling damage applies. We tested this to no end and I am pretty sure there won't be any problems with people remaining incoporeal if they use this way to get out of town."

"Lets hope so." Team leader nodded.

The lolita reached into her inventory and brought out a tactical map. This was an igame item that allowed a group of people to look at the same map together. This was used for groups to discuss tactics or for a player to tell their friend where they were heading. In the begining the map was all hazy with no markers, name of places or teleportation shirnes. Once players explored an area, the coresponding area on their map would become visible and they would be able to see all the features hidden on the map. If a player who had unlocked the entire map took out and showed their tactical map to a new player who had just started, the new player would be able to see the entire map for the first time. However if the new player showed their tactical map to the older player, the older player would not be able to see any defining features on it. However as they were devs they had acess to the full map from the start. In a pre-release meeting the importance of not showing the full map to players was brought up several times. It was proposed that they could try to make the map only availible to devs but that was knocked down as it would take too much time to impliment and test, instead they were told to be very careful when using their map and if a player asked for directions, to always use the player's tactical map.

The Lolita held out the map in front of them, they crowded around it, just outside the borders of the town to reduce the possibility of a player seeing past them. She used her hand to zoom in so they were just looking at the town and surronding area.

"We will go on a ten minute rotation basis, that way it will take an hour for you to get back to your original positions. If nothing else happens to change this we will go for twelve rotations before signing off and letting the westerners take over." She explained.

"Wang Chao!" a shout was heard. "Wang Chao, are you talking about me behind my back?"

As they turned to look at the newcommer, Li Jing swore she heard team leader swear under his breath. Running towards them from inside the town was a dev with the ign (In Game Name) 'I am NOT a dev'. Underneath his name tag was the dev tag that all the other dev had. The dev tag was the dragon logo that adorned the top of each page in their website in bold red to contrast the green of the player name, the letters DW:AOC were carved out of the dragon.

Their team leader, Wang Chao, the xxxSexy Lolitaxxx, faced the newcommer, placing his arms on his hips and glaring at I am NOT a dev. "How did you know it was me, I am a little kid!" HE looked very cute, a little girl throwing a cute tantrum.

"How did I know?" The newcommer mulled over it for a little while. "Surely you jest Wang Chao, you always play a little girl on online games!" He laughed loudly as the rest of the team unsure how to respond just stood their awkwardly. None of them had ever played games outside of work with their team leader or each other and didn't know each other's normal habits for playing games. As he was their team leader they dared not dig into the fact he looked like a little girl too much as they were still at work and had to maintain a respectable attitude to their higher ups.

The little lolita maintained her fierce glare untill the newcommer finished laughing. "Why are you on now, shouldn't you be sleeping?"

I am NOT a dev waved his hand dismissivly in the air, "I still have twelve hours, I really wanted to see the game's release before I headed off to sleep." Seemingly noticing the unwelcome glare the little girl was throwing his way, he nodded at them, "I won't keep you, it looked like you were dicussing something important when I cam along. I'll just go and explore the outside world a little before it gets flooded." He waved his hand at them and turned and ran before they could respond.

Pretending that didn't happen, the team leader brought out the tactical map again and started assigning possitions to everyone. Brave Prince (Zhang Jie) and Blue Vixen (Li Jing) were assigned the two southern most gates to start with. Made you Look (Fang Wei) and xxxSexy Lolitaxxx took the two northen ones, leaving the east and west gates empty. As they were already situated at the north east gate, Li Jing and Zhang Jie were the ones that had to run across town to get to their positions.

While running through the town they noticed that more players had begun to leave the character creation screen and were apprearing in the town square, it was starting to look busy. But they knew that it would only get more and more busy as the minutes go by. The peak number of players to arrive at once was expected to be at the time work finishes, which was why they were required to stay overtime on the day of release.

Once arriving he assigned gate, Li Jing glanced to the bug window, there was nothing she could respond to. Li Jing navigated through the chat windows and made the group chat for the party she was in with the rest of her team permenant before glancing through the system reports. So far there had been ten reports. They showed the population in the server sharply rising from zero to five thousand. Currently the server was still stable and showing no connection errors or failures in graphics or performance.

A flashing symbol caught her attention an she moved to open her mail. A circulation to all dev had been made describing the morbid bets that had been cast last week on how long it would take until the server crashed. Li Jing had of course not participated in this bet for ingame money. She had not wanted to jinx the servers. So far a lot of pessimists in the office had lost who thought the game wouldn't even start, but the time ranges of when the servers crashed reached up logarithmic increments to never going to come down. If the servers didn't crash anytime soon, Li Jing was sure the whole bet would just be forgotten about. She closed the mail and realised she had been sent a private message from Brave Prince.

"I lost a hundred gold!" He had sent. "I don't even have one gold and I have already lost a fortune!" Li Jing could just imagine him crying about it by his gate. She wanted to feel sorry for him, but the relif that the server was still up and running stopped her from feeling any pity.

"It's your fault for betting on us having more problems to deal with." No mecy.

":(" he responded. "If the servers had gone down at least I would have a silver linning :P" As soon as he started using ingame chat instead of any other method of communication, he started spamming emojis.
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