Dragon King is Son-In-Law Chapter 776: Reaching the Four-Petal Realm in Secret!


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Dawn came.

With his arms holding Xie Yujia's smooth back, Hao Ren rested his palms on her round shoulders, and Xie Yujia's hair rested on Hao Ren's chest.

Smooth and soft, she nestled in his arms like a kitten. However, her smooth skin made her look sexy.

The cave abode was warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and Xie Yujia was being nurtured by the dual cultivation technique. Therefore, Xie Yujia didn't feel cold when she laid on the stone bed under a thick blanket.

Hao Ren was also naked, and he was full of love for her as he held Xie Yujia.

Seeing that she was still soundly asleep, he lowered his head and kissed her forehead.

Xie Yujia was pure and reserved, but her seemingly thin body was beautiful.

Hao Ren then kissed her pink lips while his palm moved on her chest.

"Erm..." Xie Yujia woke up drowsily. When she saw Hao Ren kissing her, she blushed and nestled closer in his arms.

With both of them naked, it felt warm to move against each other.

"I love you, Yujia," Hao Ren whispered.

It came from the bottom of his heart without any unnecessary words.

He had always liked Xie Yujia and had been restraining himself from taking her. Few people could understand his feelings.

Xie Yujia felt like her body heated up, and she was almost out of breath when he moved his palms on her chest.

She held her breath but couldn't control the rapid rising and falling of her belly.

Hao Ren slid under the blanket and kissed his way down.

"Bad..." Xie Yujia patted his face lightly since she found that he wasn't as inexperienced as her. Thinking that he might have been intimate with Zhao Yanzi, her shoulders stiffed a little.

Hao Ren kissed her chest and nudged her with his nose.

Deeply affectionate toward him, Xie Yujia couldn't bear this gentle attack. She held his neck clumsily, trying to stop him.

Hao Ren kissed her neck and took her into his arms as if she were a vulnerable kitten or a mermaid who gave her heart to him.

"Oh..." While holding Hao Ren, Xie Yujia lost her thoughts.

Deep inside, she was pleased and knew that she would be his wife now that they had done it.

She had always wondered if he really liked her or just took her as a close friend. Seeing Hao Ren treating her cautiously and gently as if she were a precious artifact, she knew that he had been afraid of hurting her.

He liked her but had been keeping his distance for fear that he couldn't give her his commitment.

Thinking that she had become a part of Hao Ren's life, Xie Yujia felt warm and sweet throughout her body.

"I'll let him do whatever he likes..." she thought to herself as she bit on her lips and pressed herself onto Hao Ren while holding his waist.

Hao Ren liked being hugged by Xie Yujia like this since this kind of bodily contact excited him beyond control.

"We have to go back," Hao Ren said.

"No..." Xie Yujia cried out immediately.

However, upon second thought, she remembered that Grandma was still lying in her ward and didn't have many days left.

"I love you..." Xie Yujia bit his ear and whispered.

Hao Ren lifted her and held her tightly in his arms. While holding her from behind, he pressed his hands on her full chest.

"Erm..." Xie Yujia shrunk her shoulders and let Hao Ren's elbows press on her belly.

The cooperation of their minds allowed her to feel his love.

While panting, Xie Yujia turned around and hugged Hao Ren.

For a few seconds, she bit Hao Ren's chin lightly, feeling like her body was melting.

With her blushing face, she felt limp and couldn't get up. Hao Ren kissed her lips gently and held her tightly in his arms.

"Hot..." Xie Yujia panted out one word.

With a smile, Hao Ren lightly bit on her nose and patted her butt.

"Wait for a moment..." Xie Yujia clung to him, not wanting to move.

She would like to stay with him this way, even for a few more seconds.

"Ok..." Hao Ren enjoyed the tight embrace and pushed her up gently. Then, he picked up a small floral-patterned cloth from the stone table and placed it by her legs.

With a blush, Xie Yujia lowered her head shyly, not knowing why she felt this way. However, she hoped that Hao Ren could hold her like this for several consecutive nights.

"Be careful!" Thinking of the things that Hao Ren had to do, Xie Yujia said to him in worry.

"Nothing will happen to me. Otherwise, what should happen to my Yujia?" Hao Ren rubbed her smooth cheeks and said.

Xie Yujia blushed. "I didn't mean that!"

She had done it because she liked him; she didn't stay with him for this…

"Don't worry. Everything will be great after a while." Hao Ren pecked her pink lips and kissed her forehead.

"Ok." Xie Yujia nodded, suddenly feeling like nothing was important as long as Hao Ren was safe and sound.

After pulling the blanket over her, Hao Ren put on his clothes swiftly and flew out of the cave into the valley.

He had unblocked all 368 openings in his dragon core!

He had reached peak Qian-level like that!

While inhaling deeply, Hao Ren opened the jade slip which contained the Mystic Water Sword Techniques and put his spiritual senses into it.

All the sword techniques and variations spread out, and Hao Ren understood them almost instantly. A sharp red sword appeared in his hand. When he moved, the wind surged up, and the lightning bolts cracked.

Xie Yujia put on her clothes and watched him practice the sword techniques at the valley.

After one night's dual cultivation, she felt like her body had become extremely light instead of the previous dumb feeling when she tried to sense the nature essence. Now, she could clearly feel the tiny changes in nature!

Hao Ren had carefully broken her Stone Physique and revealed the rarest cultivation physique - Ultimate Yin Physique! It was a physique even better than Zhao Yanzi's Pure Water Physique and Duan Yao's Pure Fire Physique!

Old Grandma's Life-Death Notes really had the power that could transform nature! However, if Xie Yujia hadn't persisted in cultivation, she wouldn't have had this opportunity!


Hao Ren leaped into the air before falling upside-down while stabbing the sword toward the ground.

The world seemed to freeze at this moment.

Bang! Suddenly, a big crater that was as deep as hundreds of meters appeared in the valley!

Hao Ren felt like all the nature essence in his body suddenly got active, and it traveled to all the small ends in his meridians! Then, his dragon core released radiant light when the 369th opening was unblocked!

The opening in the dragon core that was meant for the Heavenly Dragons!

With the 72 earthly openings at Kun-level and the 36 heavenly openings at Qian-level unlocked, the last one was the Heavenly Dragon Opening!

Hum! Hum... After one night, the 36 golden notes that Old Grandma had left begun to dim, but now they suddenly released bright golden lights again.

Suddenly, Hao Ren sensed the mark of a four-petaled lotus appearing on his forehead!

It meant that he had easily skipped the Heavenly Tribulation!

Hao Ren looked up at the 36 profound notes and suddenly realized that Old Grandma had used the dharma notes to create a small world and tricked the Heavenly Dao!

Gaining the breakthrough with Xie Yujia's Ultimate Yin Physique, the process was done quietly and didn't cause any changes in the world!

"Good! You have indeed reached the Four-Petal Realm!" Old Grandma's voice suddenly came from the outside of the valley.

The changes in the dharma notes alerted Qingfeng Hermit, and she had dashed to Fifth Heaven from Eighth Heaven to check on the situation.

"Thank you very much! Old Grandma!" Elated, Hao Ren yelled toward the outside of the valley.

"It's too early to celebrate. You have temporarily hidden the breakthrough from the Heavenly Dao, but you will have to go through the real Heavenly Tribulation sooner or later," Qingfeng Hermit said to Hao Ren.

Then, she changed the subject. "Yujia, for female cultivators, the Ultimate Yin Physique is the best cultivation physique. However, due to your low realm, this physique is too chilly for you, and you must adjust Yin and Yang regularly to avoid hurting your body."

"Adjust Yin and Yang." Xie Yujia looked toward the outside of the valley in bafflement.

"Silly girl, do you need me to tell you what to do?" After tossing these words to her, Qingfeng Hermit vanished.

"Oh..." Xie Yujia froze for a moment and then understood the situation while blushing.

"Hao Ren's wife… Old Grandma has been worried about this..." Xie Yujia understood the whole situation.

Grandma had spent a lot of efforts to make all the arrangements for her, and Xie Yujia gritted her teeth while her heart was filled with gratitude toward Qingfeng Hermit.

Hao Ren turned to look at Xie Yujia and smiled. As long as they were together, they had a lot of opportunities to 'adjust Yin with Yang'.

Seeing the smile on Hao Ren's face, Xie Yujia melted inside, wishing to hit him with her fists.


Hao Ren withdrew the red energy sword and released all the sword energies from his body!

There were 40,960 sword energies!

Peak Qian-level!

Ten Sides Ambush Array Formation!

Instantly, the valley was lit up by blinding lights.

Bang! More than 40,000 sword energies exploded and turned into hundreds of thousands of sword energies!

Ten-Thousand Heart-Piercing Array formation!

It was one of the last two sword array formations in the book that Qingfeng Hermit gave to him. With this sword array formation, Hao Ren could even kill the Four-Petal Realm cultivators!

While controlling hundreds of thousands of sword beams, Hao Ren raised his head, spread out his arms, and let out a wild roar, feeling all his meridians contracting.


Hundreds of thousands of sword energies turned into even more sword energies!

Glorious Tiangang Killing Array Formation!

With this sword array formation, he could kill Five-Petal Realm cultivators!

The violent fluctuations of sword energies shook the entire Fifth Heaven.

Xie Yujia opened her eyes wide in surprise, not expecting Hao Ren's sword array formations to release such great power.

She had thought that the hundreds of thousands of sword energies were the limit, but she was wrong!


Keeping his arms spread out, he closed his hands and formed two fists.

Many sword energies entered his back like rivers of light before condensing into five long swords.

White, green, black, red and yellow - they were the five-elemental swords!

Any of the swords was a top-tier dharma treasure, enough to turn the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators crazy and amaze the Soul Formation Realm cultivators!

They were pure five-elemental swords condensed with the nature essence.

Standing at the entrance of the cave, Xie Yujia was dazed, thinking that he was the most powerful sword cultivator!

Hao Ren had achieved Heavenly Dao with swords! The five-elemental swords could further combine into the Tiangang Sword which only lightning cultivators could control!

The Tiangang Sword could kill both immortals and devils!

The Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll and the Mystic Water Sword Techniques had merged in Hao Ren's hands perfectly!

The golden shield which had sneaked away after taking one strike for Hao Ren on the Heavenly Realm sensed all kinds of violent nature essence from Ethereal Summit, and it spun its way back.

"Let's go to the Dragon God Shrine!"

Hao Ren didn't spare any attention to the golden shield. After putting the five swords into his body, he moved to the entrance of the cave instantly and took Xie Yujia's hand before flying out of Ethereal Summit with her!
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