Dragon King is Son-In-Law Chapter 775: All Yours...


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"Grandma..." Hao Ren tried to speak, but Qingfeng Hermit ignored him and placed her hand on his forehead.

Hao Ren felt a complete technique entering his mind from his forehead, and he could see each character. Just like when he immersed his spiritual senses into the jade slip which contained the Mystic Water Sword Techniques, he couldn't see it directly but could feel it.

In fact, the profound and secret techniques wouldn't be recorded. Instead, they were passed down from the masters to the disciples through spiritual senses.

If the disciples had low realms and couldn't be taught this way, the ancient cultivators would print the techniques into special jade slips and then leave the opening method to the disciples. When the latter had reached certain realms, they would use the methods to open the jade slips. Of course, the masters were usually not with the disciples or had passed away by this time.

Hao Ren's Mystic Water Sword Techniques were written on a jade slip. Since Zhao Haoran didn't have the opening method, he had to take a lot of time and energy to beak the array formations in it very carefully.

Right now, this dual cultivation technique rushed into Hao Ren's mind and forced him to memorize it.

Any distraction would make him miss some words, and any mistake would be fatal in terms of cultivation.

Hovering in the high sky, Qingfeng Hermit stared at Hao Ren intensely. When she felt like he had memorized the technique, she pushed him into the valley.

Hao Ren tumbled and stumbled into Xie Yujia's cave abode abruptly.

With the array formations around the spiritual herb fields in Ethereal Summit removed and the absence of the snow lion cubs, it was very quiet here.

Hum... Around the valley, 36 pale golden notes suddenly lit up.

The notes were shot out by Qingfeng Hermit so that no cultivators could come and disturb them!

"I'm heading back! With the huge changes in the world, I must keep Godly Cloud Dao of Eighth Heaven in order!" With these words said, Qingfeng Hermit turned into a beam of light and flew toward Eighth Heaven.

Hao Ren rubbed his knees and stood up. He had been tossed into the cave abode by Qingfeng Hermit, but it wasn't as gently as the toss that Xie Yujia received.

There was no carpet covering the original smooth stone floor in Xie Yujia's cave abode, so Hao Ren was still hurting from the fall when Qingfeng Hermit tossed him into the cave.

"Yujia..." Hao Ren looked around the dim cave and called out.

Since her cave abode had a small elixir-making room connected to it, Hao Ren thought that she was in the elixir-making room in the back when he saw no sight of her.

He was about to go to the back when he saw some movement in the stone bed.

He turned his head and walked over, and he saw that Xie Yujia was nestled under a thick blanket.

Half of her head was above the blanket, and her face was beet red.

"Grandma... taught me the dual cultivation technique already," Hao Ren said bashfully.

"Ok..." Xie Yujia's face turned redder. While biting on her lip, she suddenly reached out and pulled Hao Ren under the blanket.

Hao Ren had wanted to say something about the technique to Xie Yujia and was surprised when she pulled him over. After tripping on the edge of the bed, he fell under the blanket and found that Xie Yujia was naked!

Xie Yujia's face looked as red as blood right now. She had been nervous when she saw Qingfeng Hermit teaching Hao Ren the dual cultivation technique outside of the valley. Then, she got under the blanket and took off all her clothes, thinking that they would do it sooner or later.

When she thought that she had crawled into the blanket to wait for Hao Ren, she felt extremely shy.

"Yujia..." Hao Ren touched her arm.

"Yeah?" Red-faced, Xie Yujia replied in a quiet voice.

"Am I too impatient? But we must do it to save Grandma..." Feeling nervous, Xie Yujia blinded quickly, not knowing if she should close her eyes or keep them open.

"Ugh... Anyway... Do whatever you want..." Feeling no movement from Hao Ren, she murmured again.

"What are you thinking about? The dual cultivation that Old Grandma mentioned isn't what you think..."

While looking at her, Hao Ren couldn't help smiling when he imagined all her thoughts.

He wasn't laughing at her. Instead, he smiled because she was so cute.

Xie Yujia knew very little about cultivation except the Life-Death Runes Grandma gave to her and alchemy, which was why she had mistaken understanding about dual cultivation when she heard the name.

Thinking about how Xie Yujia got under the blanket and took off all her clothes while he was learning the dual cultivation technique from Qingfeng Hermit outside the valley, Hao Ren thought that she was so considerate and sweet.

A surge of warmth rose in his heart, knowing that Xie Yujia had acted as if he were her husband.

With love filling his heart, Hao Ren held her shoulders and helped her up before pulling the blanket over her shoulders. "The dual cultivation that Old Grandma mentioned involves some bodily contact, but it isn't what you think. You can just keep quiet and accept my nature essence."

"Ugh?" A little surprised, Xie Yujia immediately understood the situation, and she lowered her head slowly.

She looked calm, but the blush that was spreading down her neck couldn't hide her bashfulness.

She had thought that the dual cultivation was...

However, Old Grandma's dual cultivation technique was only a cultivation method which only involving touching between a male cultivator and a female cultivator.

Seeing her bashfulness, Hao Ren felt more affectionate for her, and her red-face made Hao Ren wanting to protect her more.

Hao Ren picked up her hands gently and slowly injected nature essence into her.

Xie Yujia immediately controlled her distracting thoughts and concentrated on Hao Ren's nature essence. She thought that she would do it with Hao Ren sooner or later. If it could help Hao Ren gain a breakthrough and save Grandma, she didn't mind if they did it now.

Seeing Hao Ren's serious expression, she knew that he was careful not to make any mistakes in cultivation. Putting away her distracting thoughts, she allowed his nature essence into her meridians.

The dual cultivation technique that Qingfeng Hermit taught Hao Ren was indeed miraculous. It could not only unblock Xie Yujia's meridians little by little but transfer essence from her Ultimate Yin Physique into Hao Ren's body to form a 'live core' as well.

The so-called 'live core' was an internal core condensed by fresh nature essence. For example, the golden cores of the human cultivators and the demonic cores of the demon beasts were also live cores.

While those two kinds of live cores couldn't be taken directly, the essence from Xie Yujia's Ultimate Yin Physique could slowly come out from her meridians and enter Hao Ren's mystic crystal.

Such a dual cultivation technique was tailored for Xie Yujia! In fact, Qingfeng Hermit created this dual cultivation technique she taught the Life-Death Runes to Xie Yujia, and she had been watching if Hao Ren was good to Xie Yujia!

Xie Yujia closed her eyes and sensed the transformation that Hao Ren's five-elemental nature essence did to her meridians carefully. Gradually, she felt that Hao Ren slowly absorbed some energies.

The soft sensation was tingling and extremely comfortable.

"Erm..." Xie Yujia opened her eyes slightly when Hao Ren kissed her gently.

With their palms still connected, Hao Ren pulled her into his arms. Xie Yujia's Ultimate Yin Physique was the best tonic for the vital souls of male cultivators.

Since Hao Ren's realm was higher than Xie Yujia's, he completely controlled the; all she had to do was follow him unconditionally.

Traces of fragrant and sweet liquid flowed from the tip of Xie Yujia's tongue into Hao Ren's mouth. He used his five-elemental nature essence to dissolve the Ultimate Yin Energy in Xie Yujia's body and absorbed it into his body.

Xie Yujia felt like a warm energy in her body flowed out from the tip of her tongue, and her body turned jelly-soft. It felt as if Hao Ren were sucking away the essence from her body, but she offered it to him willingly.

The blanket slid down her smooth body. With her hands in Hao Ren's grip, she looked at Hao Ren's concentrated face and leaned quietly toward him.

Hao Ren could maintain the cultivation state in this situation, which showed that he was indeed doing it for the sake of cultivation.

Ashamed that she was nurturing distracting thoughts, Xie Yujia immediately gathered her thoughts and leaned against Hao Ren softly, allowing him to absorb the Ultimate Yin Energy from her body.

If it were someone else who was touching her like this, she would fight him to death. However, while she was held by Hao Ren intimately, she felt an indescribable sweetness.

"All his…" Xie Yujia's body turned hot as if she were melting.

"It's done."

Hao Ren suddenly whispered into her ear.

Powerlessly, Xie Yujia slid down the stone bed. When that happened, she remembered that Hao Ren could see her entire naked body and blushed again.

Hao Ren fell with her and hold her neck and slim waist with his hands, afraid that she would hurt her head in the fall.

With half of his body lying on her, their position looked very intimate.

The fingers on his right hand shook slightly against her waist, and then he kissed her gently.

The receding blush on Xie Yujia's neck came back immediately.

Closing her eyes, Xie Yujia lay on the bed half stiff and half soft while Hao Ren's left hand rested on her shoulder.

"Hao Ren..." She cried out softly as if she were begging.

Seeing the deep blush on her ears, Hao Ren knew that she didn't move because she didn't know what to do. Therefore, he kissed her ears gently.

"Old Grandma said that the best dual cultivation is..." Hao Ren whispered to her ear.

"Pervert..." Xie Yujia's blush deepened, and she murmured.

Despite her bafflement, she was a smart girl and knew that Hao Ren was trying to give themselves an excuse.

However, her shoulders were shaking, and the places where Hao Ren touched almost twitched.

Smelling Hao Ren's scent, she was nervous and intoxicated.

Her slim and long arms, pale neck, and exquisite collar bones made her look like a pure and beautiful swan...
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