Dragon King is Son-In-Law Chapter 774: Becoming a Sage!!


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Hao Ren floated in the air lightly as if he were in a black dream, and then he suddenly saw waves of light.

He had fallen back to Eighth Heaven!

Godly Cloud Dao's headquarters spread over dozens of mountains, and it looked like a sleepless city of the cultivators with flashing lights everywhere!

It could rival any of the supercities on land!

Godly Cloud Dao was more like a cultivation kingdom instead of a cultivation sect! The headquarters of Godly Cloud Dao was the capital of the kingdom!

Stepping on a sword energy, Hao Ren chose a platform randomly and landed while his chest was still hurting. The cultivators who were traveling between the buildings hovered in the air and looked indifferent when they saw Hao Ren land.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Suddenly, three lights flew toward him from different directions.

Since Hao Ren's body had no mark of Godly Cloud Dao, he had been taken as a trespasser!

"He's mine!"

Old Grandma's voice came in time, and then a note flew over to carry Hao Ren away.

The three members of the patrol team who were about to attack Hao Ren immediately scattered. They were top-tier Nascent Soul Realm cultivators, and there were at least hundreds of Nascent Soul Realm cultivators to keep order in the Godly Cloud City.

In a flash, Hao Ren found himself standing in Qingfeng Hermit's courtyard which was so quiet that he couldn't hear any sounds from outside.

"Hao Ren!"

Xie Yujia ran from a side room of the courtyard and heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that he was safe. Then, she asked anxiously, "How did it go?"

Hao Ren shook his head. Seeing that it was already night on Eighth Heavenly, he asked in a hurry, "How many days have passed?"

"Three days passed," Qingfeng Hermit said lightly.

Hao Ren was surprised that it had been three days. After all, he only made a short stop on the Heavenly Realm and didn't even enter the heavenly gate.

No wonder Lu Linlin and Lu Lili had overstayed their imprisonment in the East Ocean Dragon Palace. Besides, they had even stayed in East Ocean City and played around for a long while after coming out of the East Ocean Dragon Palace.

When calculating in this way, the so-called two-hundred-year imprisonment was just a short period of grounding for the immortals on the Heavenly Realm. Since the Queen Mother of the West didn't want to part with Lu Linlin and Lu Lili for too long, she had grounded them in the East Ocean Dragon Palace to give them a lesson.

"Ay..." Qingfeng Hermit sighed lightly and looked back at Xie Yujia whose eyes were red and swollen.

It took Hao Ren a short while to go and return from the Heavenly Realm, but it was three days full of worry for Xie Yujia. She was soft-hearted. During the three days, and she had been overthinking and gathered all kinds of scary thoughts, afraid that Hao Ren would never return. Each night, she had shed tears in the side room, which didn't escape Qingfeng Hermit's notice.

"Come here!"

Qingfeng Hermit beckoned at Hao Ren. At the thought that Xie Yujia suffered a lot due to Hao Ren, she felt extremely unhappy.

When Hao Ren walked over from Xie Yujia's side, Qingfeng Hermit suddenly lifted her hand and placed it on the top of his head.

"Grandma!" Xie Yujia cried out in surprise, thinking that Qingfeng Hermit was trying to punish Hao Ren.

To her surprise, a pure lotus flower bloomed slowly above Hao Ren's head, spreading three petals as translucent as light.

"Three petals. At Kun-level, it's quite good that you have cultivated three petals." Qingfeng Hermit withdrew her hand and said with some praise in her harsh tone.

"Grandma, this..." Xie Yujia looked at Qingfeng Hermit in bafflement.

Qingfeng Hermit looked at her and said, "All the cultivators at high realms can show their natal lotus which is their vital soul. When the dragon cultivators reach Qian-level, they can condense a natal lotus with three petals.

"For the cultivators without dragon cores and mystic crystals, they must reach peak Nascent Soul Realm to condense the three-petaled natal lotus."

Qingfeng Hermit turned her gaze to Hao Ren again and continued, "The reason that Qian-level dragon cultivators are more powerful than the Nascent Soul Realm human cultivators is that the dragon cultivators can condense three-petaled natal lotus while the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators must reach the peak stage to understand nature and construct the three-petaled natal lotus."

"Grandma, do you mean the three flowers that would gather on the top of the head which is recorded in some Daoism books?" Xie Yujia asked.

"The essence forms the jade flower, the aura forms the golden flower, and the soul forms a nine-petaled flower. Refine essence first, then aura, and lastly soul. Only after reaching the Soul Formation Realm can one truly cultivate the vital soul."

"Yujia, the vital soul flower is a nine-petaled lotus instead of the three flowers." Qingfeng Hermit touched Xie Yujia's cheek while a four-petal lotus appeared above his head suddenly.

Appearing above Qingfeng Hermit's head, the pure white four-petal lotus emitted soft lights, filling the small courtyard with radiance.

"After reaching the Heavenly Dragon Realm and the Soul Formation Realm, the cultivation strength would reach the peak. At this stage, the important thing isn't realms but vital souls. The cultivators who have just reached the Heavenly Dragon Realm and Soul Formation Realm all have four-petaled lotus representing their vital souls."

Hao Ren nodded, sensing a new world before him after hearing Qingfeng Hermit's words.

In fact, no matter if it were the dragon cultivators' levels or the human cultivators' realms, they were all divided into low-tier, mid-tier, top-tier, and peak. However, after reaching the Heavenly Dragon Realm and the Soul Formation Realm, the cultivators all reached the realm of ascendance, which was why these smaller divisions didn't exist anymore. Instead, everything was measured in terms of the petals on the natal lotus.

Hum! Qingfeng Hermit's four-petal lotus suddenly emitted waves of brighter light.

Another petal opened!

Five petals!

Radiance filled this small courtyard.

"Five-petaled lotus signals the realm of big demon kings." Qingfeng Hermit looked at Hao Ren and Xie Yujia with a mild smile and continued.

While she talked casually, the natal lotus representing her vital soul grew another petal.

Six petals!

Blinding light beams shot up from the courtyard.

The entire Godly Cloud City was lit up as if were daytime!

"Six-petaled lotus is the realm of eternal demon kings. There are at most six eternal demon kings in the whole world," Qingfeng Hermit said.

Xie Yujia looked at Old Grandma in amazement, not expecting her to reach the Six-Petal Realm.

The cultivators of Godly Cloud City were alarmed at the sight of the permeating white light, but then they realized that it meant Qingfeng Hermit, the mother of the Dao Master of Godly Cloud Dao, had come out of her seclusion cultivation after becoming a sage!

In fact, with her Life-Death Notes which could sense the world, Qingfeng Hermit could have reached the Five-Petal Realm long ago, but she had suppressed it and charged directly at the Six-Petal Realm!

Hum! Hum... The flying light gradually turned into notes and scattered onto Eighth Heaven.

"Kid, I'm touched by your love for your grandma and the sincerity and courage you have shown. I'll try to help your grandma." Qingfeng Hermit put away her six-petaled lotus and said slowly.

Hearing her words, Hao Ren looked up in delight and replied, "Thank you very much, Grandma!"

He suddenly realized that Qingfeng Hermit had been testing him by sending him to the Heavenly Realm. In fact, Qingfeng Hermit had decided to speak for him in person after she had broken into the Six-Petal Realm and became a sage.

"However, I can't intervene in other things. The spreading of the devil essence from the East Ocean Dragon Palace is the sign that the world will be in chaos. Ancestor Dragon Ya Zi will only bring murderous spirit to the world. He can destroy the evil in the world but will also bring disasters to the mortals."

Qingfeng Hermit looked at Hao Ren and said, "To suppress the devil essence, you must use the ultimate treasure in the Dragon God Shrine. But with your current realm, you can't handle that treasure."

"Grandma, you mean..." Hao Ren looked at Qingfeng Hermit respectfully, knowing that despite her eccentric personality, she was good to Xie Yujia and him.

"With my Six-Petal Realm, I'll go to the Heavenly Realm to speak for you, and I don't know if I'll succeed or not. Meanwhile, you must go to the Dragon God Shrine and take that ultimate treasure before keeping the situation in control."

Then, she turned her gaze to Xie Yujia. "In fact, Yujia, you have the Stone Physique. With my current realm, it's not difficult for me to break it for you."

"Grandma..." Xie Yujia looked at Old Grandma in pleasant surprise.

Seeing that Hao Ren had an important mission assigned to him, she hoped that Old Grandma would assign a mission to her as well. If she could improve her physique, she would be able to do more for Hao Ren!

"However, I didn't realize that you would work so hard to cultivate the Life-Death Notes and had turned the Stone Physique into the Ultimate Yin Physique. I didn't tell you for fear that this guy would take advantage of you," Qingfeng Hermit continued.

"Ultimate Yin Physique?" Xie Yujia was baffled.

To Xie Yujia's surprise, Qingfeng Hermit turned to Hao Ren with a serious expression instead of answering her question and said, "Kid, I'll do my best to help your grandma, but you must promise me something."

"Grandma, please tell me." Hao Ren's expression turned even more earnest.

"You must take Yujia as your wife! You can't let her down, no matter if it's now or in the future!" Qingfeng Hermit said while emphasizing each word.

"Grandma..." Hearing Qingfeng Hermit suddenly bringing up this topic, Xie Yujia who had been anxious turned red.

"No problem! I can do it!" Hao Ren nodded in determination.

Since Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi had reached an agreement, it wasn't difficult for Hao Ren to fulfill this promise. Xie Yujia had subconsciously acted as the daughter-in-law of the Hao Family while Hao Ren had indeed taken her as his girlfriend.

They looked mild and peaceful, but they had understood the true meaning of life.

"The Ultimate Yin Physique is the best physique for dual cultivation! If you do want to marry him, you might as well give it to him!" Qingfeng Hermit turned to Xie Yujia and said abruptly.

While Xie Yujia was still baffled, Qingfeng Hermit swept up her and Hao Ren and flew out of Eighth Heaven.

"Kid, you're a lucky man since you can control yourself. Since you've never taken advantage of Yujia, I believe that you truly like her. Now that the Heavenly Dao leans toward you, you might have a chance to reach the Four-Petal Realm!"

After turning into a beam of light, Qingfeng Hermit traveled through Seventh Heaven and Sixth Heaven before reaching Ethereal Summit. She didn't give them any chance to think!

She tossed Xie Yujia lightly into her cave in Ethereal Summit and then grabbed Hao Ren, saying, "I will give you half an hour to memorize this dual cultivation technique!"
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