Dragon King is Son-In-Law Chapter 745: Can't Hold It Back Anymore


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It was such an enjoyable dinner. Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang were in a good mood, and Grandma was amused by Lu Linlin and Lu Lili the entire time.

Grandma was having a good time, but she missed Su Han.

Since Zhen Congming didn't come back home, his room could be given to Duan Yao. Lu Linlin and Lu Lili stayed in the same room with Xie Yujia since they were skinny enough to sleep on the same bed.

Then, Zhao Yanzi went to bed with Grandma.

The house went back to silence after everyone took bathed and fell asleep.

Little White hopped into Hao Ren's room, and she squeezed under the blanket and laid beside Hao Ren's feet.

It was a quiet night. Hao Ren cultivated for a while and then thought about his dad's project. He felt like it was irresolvable.

In order to create a sensation, Hao Zhonghua set up everything secretly and then united others to make the announcement, which left the Dragon God Shrine no time to react.

Hao Ren was no longer an inspector, so he didn't know what the Dragon God Shrine would do next. After mulling it over, Hao Ren started to have a headache. Therefore, he gave up and went to bed.

Beside his feet, Little White coiled up like a fluffy ball of fur.

"Little White, you are going to follow my dad around and keep him safe these days, got it?" Hao Ren asked as he lightly stepped on Little White's belly.

"Ruff, ruff..."

Little White responded while snuggling under the blanket.

Usually, she would turn into her human form to act cute in front of Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi, but that didn't work on Hao Ren. Therefore, she didn't bother transforming into her human form when she was about Hao Ren.

Staring at the grey ceiling, Hao Ren uttered a long sigh as he had no clue how things would go afterward.

In the room next door, Zhao Yanzi was keeping Grandma company. After she noticed that Grandma had fallen asleep, she got out of the blanket quietly, bent down to get her slippers, and then walked toward the door on her tiptoes.

Grandma who was sleeping suddenly opened her eyes and smiled when she saw Zhao Yanzi disappearing at the door.

Grabbing the slippers, Zhao Yanzi walked to Hao Ren's room next door, opened the door quietly, put down the slippers, and lifted Hao Ren's blanket without any noise.

Hearing Zhao Yanzi walking in and seeing her get under the blanket, Hao Ren coughed slightly as he got a little nervous.

Zhao Yanzi's light brown long sweater was in her arms; she was only wearing a tight-fitting long sleeve shirt with a pair of black cotton stockings.

She threw her sweater on Hao Ren's blanket and then snugged her way into his blanket. Suddenly, she gasped as she found Little White lying beside Hao Ren's feet. Therefore, she reached out her hand and pulled the fluffy and soft Little White out of the blanket.

"Go!" Zhao Yanzi pushed the window open and threw Little White out. Then, she sneaked into Hao Ren's bed to sleep with him. How could she let Little White stay with them?

With her innocent eyes wide open, Little White fell off the second floor, but she pushed open the window on the first floor and got into Xie Yujia's room.

Suddenly, the screams of the three girls sounded. It was clear that Little White took advantage and snuck into their bed.

"What's the matter!" Zhao Yanzi turned around suddenly and looked at Hao Ren aggressively.

The way she talked made it seem like it was Hao Ren who sneaked in secretly, which weakened Hao Ren's courage. Therefore, he couldn't say anything.

Zhao Yanzi closed the window before going back to Hao Ren's bed. The pair of black cotton stockings that she wore weren't so thick; they felt more like silk stockings as they passed by Hao Ren's knees.

Hao Ren thought back to how Zhao Yanzi looked when he came back, and he found her a little sexy.

Also, Zhao Yanzi's tight-fit cotton shirt was so soft that Hao Ren was able to feel her beautiful and smooth back when she leaned against him.

"This girl is getting more and more… She has such nerve that she came to my bed at midnight without saying anything…" he thought.

Hao Ren touched her tiny waist and then her thighs, finding that she had pulled up her stockings quite high.

Actually, it was Hao Ren's first time touching this kind of stockings. When he saw them, he always thought that girls with slender legs would look elegant in them.

He didn't expect that Zhao Yanzi was wearing these stockings instead of her uniform.

Leaning against Hao Ren, Zhao Yanzi got nervous as she noticed that Hao Ren was touching her stockings.

She always thought that Hao Ren was a pervert, but she couldn't help going to his bed.

She just wanted to dress up a little, but she didn't know that her outfit was exactly Hao Ren's preference. One of the reasons for sneaking into Hao Ren's room was that she missed him, and the other was to guard him against Duan Yao.

If she didn't come, she felt like Duan Yao would probably show up at night…

Breathing quietly, Hao Ren reached one stocking at the top of her thigh before slowly rolled it down her leg.

He didn't know how to take off girl's stockings, but most of her thigh was exposed as he rolled the stocking down, bit by bit.

Although Zhao Yanzi was under the blanket, Hao Ren's palm was still able to touch her, which made her too nervous to either move or hide.

"You are always like this… damn! Pervert!" Although she was screaming in her head, Zhao Yanzi was still quite excited.

Hao Ren rolled the stockings down to Zhao Yanzi's lower leg before taking them off while touching her soft foot.

This was a first.

"Fine! That's so annoying!" Feeling Hao Ren touching her other leg, Zhao Yanzi puckered up her leg and took off the stocking immediately.

It gave her goosebumps as Hao Ren took off her stocking.

"Huh…" Hao Ren was a little disappointed. He felt like girls looked better with the stockings on, and the tight-fit made the curves of the legs more charming.

Under Zhao Yanzi's cotton shirt was her tiny underwear. As soon as Hao Ren's hands passed it, she immediately covered both sides of the underwear with her hands.

Hao Ren didn't have any other intention; all he did was place his hands on her tummy and hold her in his arms.

There was no need to say anything at this moment.

In her tiny underwear and wrapped by Hao Ren from behind, Zhao Yanzi was nervous, and her face was flushed. She started to regret coming here since she just set a trap for herself.

Hao Ren's mouth moved closer to her ear, and he couldn't hold in his laughter anymore.

The more that Zhao Yanzi tried to straighten up her body, the firmer her body became.

Hao Ren didn't mean to take advantage of her, but it was quite impossible for her to avoid becoming his adorable wife now.

Laying on her side and being wrapped by Hao Ren arms, Zhao Yanzi was aware that she and Hao Ren would do this eventually.

"The reason for me coming here is… to ask you if…" Zhao Yanzi turned around suddenly and stared at Hao Ren. "You…"

Hao Ren looked at her adorable face from such a short distance as he whispered, "What?"

Seeing Hao Ren staring at her as if he would kiss her at any moment, Zhao Yanzi's face became even redder.

"You are such a pervert!" Zhao Yanzi said while biting her lips.

Hao Ren smiled; he had to admit that he liked Zhao Yanzi deeply and had already taken her as his adorable wife in the future.

"Humph!" Zhao Yanzi turned back suddenly and hid her head under the blanket.

Hao Ren was wrapping her belly, but his hands slid to her chest as she moved down a little.

"You…" Zhao Yanzi turned silent after she let out one word.

Hao Ren was just cuddling with her and didn't make any moves.

Any move would be sensitive.

While holding her chest, Hao Ren's palm moved slightly, and Zhao Yanzi raised her shoulders and adjusted her breath.

"I like you," Hao Ren whispered.

He didn't lie since their relationship had gotten deeper and deeper. They wouldn't end up being together if they weren't suitable or attracted to each other.

Zhao Yanzi was about to go to high school, and her body started to have more curves as she turned 16.

Although she seemed to be skinnier than other girls in her class, that was all because she exercised a lot. Therefore, her legs and waist were slender. She had a nice figure in terms of body proportion.

"You are… such a pervert." While biting her lips, Zhao Yanzi complained as she moved her shoulders clumsily. Being cuddled from behind made her feel quite hot.

Hao Ren's hands were still on her chest. Being cuddled from behind made her feel quite hot.

As Hao Ren lifted his hands carefully, Zhao Yanzi became more nervous about moving. Even a one-inch move would cause dramatic thoughts in her mind.

Her breath went unstable with the slight movement of Hao Ren's hands.

As her heart raced, Hao Ren's head was passing her ear slowly; he was so close to kissing her lips.

Zhao Yanzi's chest went up and down dramatically, but she was too scared to move noises. The moist on the tip of her tongue had almost suffocated her.

"Hao Ren looks like a nerd, but how can he handle this so well?" she thought.

Hao Ren was actually nervous as well since his room was in between his grandma and parents' rooms. He was worried that Zhao Yanzi wouldn't be able to take it and scream.

While pinning down Zhao Yanzi's slim but curvy body, a thought crossed Hao Ren's mind, "Her body will be even more mature after half a year or a year."

"Hum!" Zhao Yanzi suddenly bit Hao Ren's tongue and said, "You must have done something with Sister Su!"

Hao Ren raised his head in a hurry and stared at Zhao Yanzi in the moonlight.

Zhao Yanzi had doubts about Su Han and Hao Ren when they went to the Nine Dragon Palace, and she was about to press Hao Ren for an answer when she came in. However, she didn't expect herself to fall into his trap.

As she was about to fall for Hao Ren, she noticed that he seemed to be very experienced, which was quite questionable.

"Or did you also do something with Xie Yujia…" Zhao Yanzi then suddenly stuck out her chest and stared at Hao Ren angrily.

"Don't tell me that I'm not the first…" Zhao Yanzi felt impatient when thinking about this.

Hao Ren had been very reserved, but what happened in the Nine Dragon Palace was out of his control zone. He always behaved himself when he was with Xie Yujia and the Lu sisters, and the only intimate relationship that he had before was with Zhao Yanzi.

It was incredibly hard for a man to do that.

"Little Zi, are you jealous? Don't worry. I would only stay with him if he can defeat me," a voice sounded outside the window.
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