Dragon King is Son-In-Law Chapter 744: The Leader of Global Biology Circle


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While Lady Zhen met up with Bai Ze, Hao Ren, Xie Yujia, and the Lu sisters had just returned home.

Wagging its tail, Little White ran out of the house to welcome them.

"Why! Don't you have school today?" Seeing Xie Yujia and the Lu sisters returning, Grandma asked with pleasant surprise.

Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang were home; one was arranging files while the other prepared dinner.

Hao Ren had been locked in the Dragon God Shrine for one day.

Zhao Yanzi was reading on the sofa, and she immediately jumped up when Hao Ren and the others came in.

She wore a pale coffee-colored long sweater over a pair of black long cotton stockings which accentuated her legs.

The cotton stockings covered from her feet up to her thighs, looking youthful and tempting. A girl at Zhao Yanzi's age wouldn't wear silk stockings, but she looked quite sexy in these long cotton stockings.

However, her face changed when she saw Duan Yao behind Hao Ren, and the latter's long bare legs beneath the black pleat skirt.

"Isn't that Yao? You came to revisit us?" Grandma looked at Duan Yao who was behind Hao Ren and asked with a smile.

"Yeah." Duan Yao nodded slightly.

Seeing that Lady Zhen wasn't with them, Zhao Yanzi knew instantly that Duan Yao would live here for a while, which deepened the scowl on her face,

She burned with jealousy when she saw Duan Yao emitting the aura of top-tier Nascent Soul Realm.

"Hello, Grandma." Duan Yao placed her hands on her white knees and bowed slightly.

"Oh, good girl. Don't you feel cold wearing so little?" Seeing Duan Yao being politer than before, Grandma was pleased and walked over, pulling Duan Yao into the living room.

Now that the weather had turned chilly, most people in the city had put on clothes for the fall and even dug out their winter jackets. However, Duan Yao still wore a black pleat skirt which wasn't even reaching her knees. It made Grandma begin to lament about how young girls nowadays didn't know how to take care of themselves.

The house was warm inside. Yue Yang who had been cooking in the kitchen waved at them through the glass door of the kitchen when she saw Hao Ren and the others coming home. Although she wasn't a good cook, she had been learning from Zhao Hongyu to win back Grandma's heart. Her cooking skills were improving gradually.

Seeing Zhao Yanzi here, Hao Ren knew that she had stayed here to protect his family. Also, he knew that she was displeased with Duan Yao here.

However, Duan Yao was Lady Zhen's beloved disciple, and Lady Zhen had saved Hao Ren before. Therefore, he had to do her this favor and didn't have any other thoughts about her.

"She will stay here for only a couple of days and go back very soon," Hao Ren walked over and whispered in Zhao Yanzi's ear.

Zhao Yanzi squirmed her shoulders, still unhappy.

Hao Ren took her shoulders and brought her into his arms, patting her on the back. Hao Ren was quite moved that Zhao Yanzi had stayed in his home to protect his family at this critical moment.

Being taken into Hao Ren's arms in front of everyone in the living room, Zhao Yanzi blushed instantly and pounded her fists on his chest before walking out of his loose embrace.

She had been worried in the past dozen days when Hao Ren vanished. After he returned, he was captured by the Dragon God Shrine.

She hated herself for not being powerful enough to rescue Hao Ren from the Dragon God Shrine. However, Xie Yujia had bravely gone to the Demon Sea to get help, and she had brought Hao Ren back.

Thinking of Xie Yujia's deep feelings for Hao Ren, Zhao Yanzi felt weird inside but was still grateful toward her.

"Hehehehe..." Grandma laughed when she saw Hao Ren hugging Zhao Yanzi.

Duan Yao bit on her lip, feeling a bit jealous.

"Where's Dad?" Hao Ren asked.

"In the study room. He published an article a few days ago and has been extremely excited about it. He locks himself in the study room the moment he comes home," Grandma complained.

"Ok..." Hao Ren walked to the study room and knocked before opening the door.

Hao Zhonghua was at the desk, reading a file in German which he had just printed out. Hearing Hao Ren pushing open the door and entering the room, he finally raised his head.

He was so engrossed in the readings that he didn't come out to greet Xie Yujia and the others; he didn't even hear them!

"Oh, you're back?" Hao Zhonghua saw Hao Ren and asked in a distracted way.

Hao Ren had just gotten home after taking a leave from school for more than ten days, but Hao Zhonghua had responded mildly to his return, which meant that his mind was still on the file which he was reading.

"Dad, how is your dragon-searching project going?" Seeing the girls chatting with Grandma in the living room, Hao Ren closed the door behind him and got to the point.

"Well! You got the news too?" Hao Zhonghua raised his head abruptly with eyes full of thrill and excitement like a kid who saw his favorite toy. "The opportunity is given to the prepared people! Last time when the waves surged up, a scale flowed in, and I put it away without your notice. Then, I took it to the research institute for analysis. Can you guess what I found?"

"What did you find?" Hao Ren asked.

"It is a creature that we have never discovered before! Since the people all discredited my hypothesis, I took it to the institute to analyze in secret and extracted a special genetic sequence. I found that it came from a creature whose genes are superior to our humans!"

"Then... Have you published it?" Hao Ren asked.

"To create a sensational effect, I didn't want to keep the research results to myself. I cut the potential dragon scale into about a dozen pieces and sent them to the top biologists in the world, asking them to study them in secret. The day before yesterday, we published articles on the same topic at the same time!"

Hao Zhonghua said excitedly.

Standing in front of the desk, Hao Ren felt a bit dizzy.

With all the top biologists in the world publishing the newest research, it was a heavy bomb in the quiet science circle!

Any scientists with some experience could sense that it was a big discovery worthy of a Nobel Prize!

This scientific project of searching for dragons had achieved a breakthrough! What was more? It was a joint move of all the top research organizations in the world!

"The most astonishing discovery is that there is a special energy fluctuation on the fragments. Even though it is weak, it is completely different from other creatures!" Hao Zhonghua continued.

Hao Ren shivered, thinking, "That is the scale of a metal-elemental cultivator. It can be made into a dharma treasure, so of course, it's different!"

If there were dragon blood on the scale, and the scientists used this to nurture an embryo in the lab, it would be a bigger problem!

If Hao Zhonghua had studied the issue all by himself, the things would be easier to handle. However, he had sent the dragon scale fragments to different laboratories around the world and asked them to research and publish results together, which gave the Dragon God Shrine a problem that was almost impossible to solve!

"What do you think? Are you dumbfounded?" Seeing Hao Ren standing there, Hao Zhonghua asked proudly.

He rubbed his chain and laughed, "I told you that there are dragons, and I would find proof! Now that all the scientists in the world are hooked, we might find real dragons very soon!"

In the past couple of days, he had been busy contacting scientists from all over the world, and new developments continued to come to him. Hao Zhonghua who had initiated this project had become the leader of the global biology community

By giving out the fragments, Hao Zhonghua had piqued the interest of the top biologist all over the world and enlisted them under his program to some extent!

He didn't hope for the Nobel Prize. Instead, he just hoped that this project could obtain a final satisfactory result!

Looking at Hao Zhonghua whose face glowed with excitement, Hao Ren knew why the Dragon God Shrine wrote, kill if necessary, on the mission booklet.

Hao Zhonghua who had started the whole thing was now the leader of this project!

"How come you two have a common topic today?" With her sleeves rolled up, Yue Yang pushed open the door and walked in from the living room. "Dinner is ready!"

Just coming out of the kitchen, Yue Yang was also glowing as she sweated a little.

She had known about Hao Zhonghua's research progress on the golden scale, and this important sample which had been cut into pieces and sent out all over the world had attracted great attention!

Yue Yang had been sulky in the beginning since Hao Zhonghua had hidden this important discovery from her. However, when the world turned their eyes to Hao Zhonghua and made him the leader of the global biology circle, Yue Yang felt very proud.

When Hao Zhonghua began the project, all their friends and families thought that he had lost his mind. But now, he made the biggest discovery of the century!

Yue Yang seemed to regain the admiration that she had for her husband when they were young!

"Let's go and have dinner!" Hao Zhonghua patted Hao Ren on the shoulder and threw his arm over Hao Ren's neck while they walked out to the living room.

Xie Yujia and the Lu sisters were setting the table, and Duan Yao also helped them spread the tablecloth in her black pleat skirt.

Hao Ren knew that the situation had gotten out of control. Unless they could take care of Hao Zhonghua, eliminate the project from the top, and make a mess of the information to make it seem like a huge error in science history.

"Girls! Sit down and have dinner!" Also glowing, Grandma called out to the girls in the room.

Grandma snorted when she saw Hao Ren coming out of the study room with Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang.

She thought, "This naughty boy! He was away from home for more than ten days, and he keeps on going missing! If he doesn't leave a baby for the Hao Family, I'll never let him out the door!"

Ugh... For some unknown reason, Hao Ren shivered suddenly.
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