Dragon God System Chapter 99: The Rage of the Lord of the City


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Alan took the daughter of the city lord naked in his arms, he arrived in the center of the city, there were a lot of people, when Alan arrived floating in the air, it attracted a lot of people, someone from the realm of the sky was quite rare and would be considered an expert in a rank 5 sect.

"Why is he holding a naked woman? " Suddenly someone spoke up.

"That's right, why?" Others asked the same question.

Alan in the air moved his hands, suddenly a large pillar of ice formed, it was shaped like a cross, many were surprised by this and retreated. Alan put the girl's hand on the left side of the pillar, then tied it with ice, he did the same with the right hand. At that moment, the daughter of the lord of the city was naked tied to a pillar in the center of the city.

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"Alan? Isn't that the legendary genius who shook the whole continent a few months ago? "Said someone, he saw the name Alan on the girl's belly.

"I Alan punished the daughter of the lord of the city for daring to attack my wife, she was raped and beaten by dozens of men and finally I tied her up here waiting for her parents or others to come and get her. "Suddenly Alan's voice echoed.

"It's really him! Poor girl, daring to attack such a genius, she was humiliated in every way. "A lot of people have had that kind of thought.

"Al... Alan, one day I'll kill you, if you don't kill me today, I'll live to kill you! "The weak voice of the daughter of the city lord echoed behind Alan.

"Just you? hate me as much as you want, lose your arrogance because of your status and become a real demon, maybe you'll be more useful. " Said Alan without expression.

After saying this, Alan left for his residence, within minutes, what Alan had done to the daughter of the city lord had gone around the whole city of lights, it had caused an undeniable shock.

In one residence a man shouted, "Take me there, I want to see my daughter! "It was the lord of the city, when he heard this he was so angry that he wanted to kill everyone.

"Yes, my lord! " shouted the guards.

A few minutes later, a luxurious carriage arrived in the center of the city, several guards beside it all on top of the earth's realm.

"This is the carriage of the lord of the city! " shouted the spectators. Suddenly, a middle-aged man got out of the car, when he looked towards the pillar, a huge rage took him away.

"Alan, you killed my son and humiliated my daughter to the point of soiling her with strangers, I'll kill your whole family! " The cry of the city lord could be heard throughout the city. Alan with his highly developed senses managed to hear it even near his residence in the sect. He smiled and then said, "You won't have time to do this, tonight is the destruction of your mansion. »

"Alan, the chief of sect Wants to see you. "Suddenly, a voice came from behind, when he turned around, he saw Jiang Ran with a tense face.

He replied, "I have to do something in my residence, I'll see him in about ten minutes. "Said Alan and then he went into his residence. Jiang Ran could only sigh at this.

When he entered his residence, he was greeted by Yan Fei. He explained to her all the things he had done and the words he had said when he was in the center of the city. Yan Fei was really surprised by Alan's anger, just for her sake, he had enraged a rank 5 force to the end and even destroyed his daughter's mind.

Alan smiled and then went to his room and said.


[Host: Alan Cheng]

[Age: 17]

[Cultivation: 1st stage of sky realm]

[Cultivation with solar body: 5th stage of sky realm]

[Body Cultivation: Asura Dragon God body 6 claws]

[ Soul Cultivation ] Soul child final stage ]

[Heart of Gold: Level 1]

[System point: 100,345,000]

[Bloodline: Asura Dragon God (Fusion) 100% Pure]

[Bloodline's skill: Aura of the King, breath of the dragon, invulnerable to the 7 elements (water, earth, air, fire, lightning, darkness, and light), understanding of the 7 elements, hand of the dragon (1-9 claws), eye of the demon, abyss of darkness and 18 change of Asura.]


[Heavenly Hammer Level] 4/? = 800/10000

[Nine energy waves Level] 9/9 = (6000/6000)

[Nine Lightning Bolts Movement] Level 9/9=(10000/10000)

[Art of the Sacred Sword] Level 4/? = (25500/100000)

[Celestial Five Fingers] Level 5/5 = (1500/1500)

[Fist of Extinction of the World (High Spiritual Rank)] Level 6/6 = (5000/5000)

[Nine Dragon Seals (Medium Saint Rank)] Level 1/10 = (1999/2000)

[Heavenly Step (High Divine Rank)] Level 2=5/8 = 485000/500000

[Nine Sword of the Firmament → the host's cultivation is too low to know the rank.]

[Cultivation Technique: Dragon God's method of cultivation]

[Soul Cultivation Technique: Divine Soul Technique]

[Scarlet Tribulation Lightning Technique]

[Golden Heart Cultivation Technique: Sovereign Heart Technique]

[Origin of the sword → initial realization]

18 change of Asura] 3/3 = (150/5000)

1. Annihilation of Hell

2. Asura shape

3. crimson sky

4. Eternal abyss

"My strength increased a lot, I managed to reach the sky realm thanks to the pill I won in the five epic draws. Since I switched to the sky realm, I unlocked new features, but I didn't ask the system to tell me what they were.

"System, give me the new features. "Says, Alan.

[Ding! The host has reached the sky realm., you got a pill from the lord.]

[The system will evolve, it won't take long. ]

Lord's Pill: Increases the chances of reaching the martial lord.

"It's really great, I think in the sky realm I could even build my own sect, but right now I don't have time for that. "Said, Alan. Building your own sect takes time and a lot of system points, at the moment Alan's priority has been to increase his strength and get his arm back, because having only one arm is really annoying, he's not used to that.

After being sure that there is no more problem, Alan will go to the Devil's Mountains. But before that, the sect leader had called him.

Alan told Yan Fei that he would go to see the sect leader, and then he went in the direction, that would be the opportunity for him to see the little Miu.

A few minutes later, Alan arrived at the Cult Leader's residence, suddenly a voice resounded "Come in. »

When Alan entered, he saw Jiang Ran, a middle-aged man who was the master of the little Miu and two old men, Alan could feel that the two old men were much stronger than the sect leader.

"Alan, today I called you here for some questions, but also an important matter. "Says the Cult Leader.

Alan nodded his head, he was aware that the sent leader wanted to ask questions.

"Alan, the elder who was killed and all the disciples at the entrance to the prison, is that you? "The sect leader's voice didn't sound angry, on the contrary, he had a little smile on his lips.

" It's true. " Alan nodded with indifference.

"Well, even though not everyone you have killed is a member of my sect, we are all connected, a few moments ago I received a voice message from the leader of the Five Elements sect, he said that your behavior is worthy of a ruler and especially that you reached the origin of the sword and the realm of sky before the age of 20. These are things that are rarer than divine beasts in our continent. Alan, no sect leader blames you, besides my 4 brothers and myself are really happy to have someone like you in our alliance, with you maybe we can finally win this tournament. So, Alan, my last question is can you participate in the Jiang mainland martial art tournaments . Only under 20 years old can participate, at your age only the most remarkable geniuses of the 8 and 9 forces can compete against you, but some geniuses are hidden by their own sect, but this will be a good exercise for you. "Says the sect leader.

"Under-20 Youth Genius Tournament in Jiang Continent?" Alan was a little surprised, he'd never heard that before.

"It's true, those who end up in the top 100 can enter the secret realm of the ancient era, there will be plenty of pills, grass or even inheritance from people who shook the world. »

When he heard this, Alan's eyes shone, having plenty of secret realm grass or other fruit that no longer exists at that time will be really useful because he can plant them in his little world, it will save him tens of millions of points.

"When is it? "Alan asked.

"We're leaving in two months for the capital of the dynasty. " Said the sect leader.

Alan nodded, then he asked, "Where's little Miu? »

"This little girl is in full cultivation, her talent is terrifying, she must not be disturbed. " Says the sect leader.

Alan nodded, a little disappointed not to see her, after that he bowed his head to thank the Cult Leader and left. When Alan left, the Cult Leader said to the two men next to him, "Elder supreme, what do you think of Alan?"

"He is unfathomable, even though his culture is in the first stage of the realm of sky, he hides his strength. Even I feel oppressed by his aura. "Says the old man.

"Likewise. "Says the other old man

"A talent that will shake the continent and even stand on a par with the holy child. " Says the sect leader.

" I heard that the holy child was taken by a cultivator who far exceeded the emperor's realm, he took him to what is called the holy land of martial arts. "Said the old man. »

"Will he shock the world like the son of the Emperor of the Jiang Dynasty?" Thought the sect leader.

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