Dragon God System Chapter 98: Hell


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An hour later, Alan arrived in front of a dilapidated building, he had researched the cheapest brothel in town, and everyone said it was this building. The people who came here were all lower class. When Alan arrived at the building, he was greeted by a middle-aged woman. The woman looked at Alan and almost fell into madness because the man was so handsome, she almost wanted to jump on him, but when she saw Alan's cold eyes, she knew she had better not.

When he saw the middle-aged woman, he thought it was really the worst brothel, the women were really ugly, but he didn't care, he wasn't there for it. Alan looked at the lady and said.

"I give you this girl, she's the daughter of the lord of the town, she's still a virgin, she dared to harm my wife. Give her all the men in this building to **** her. I'll come back tomorrow to take her and hang her in the middle of the city. "Says, Alan.

When the woman heard his words, she was literally shocked, the daughter of the lord of the city was someone she didn't even dare to look at. But at that moment, she was unconscious in someone's arms. The woman came to her senses and said.

"Sir, if the mansion of the city lord learns about this, we will all die, and the cultivation of missus is far beyond us. »

"Don't worry, the mansion of the lord of the city will not know anything, besides her cultivation, is now gone, I paralyzed her, so you have nothing to fear. Anyway, call all the men in this building. »

"Yes... Yes!" The woman was a little afraid, someone who could easily paralyze the daughter of the lord of the city and not be afraid of reprisals was not someone she could offend.

A few minutes later, a dozen men came, they were either fat or thin, they stank and were poorly dressed, they were all beggars. Alan smiled.

He looked at them and said, "Today I offer you the daughter of the lord of the city, she's still a virgin, you can do what you want with her, just don't kill her, I want her still alive, I'll come back tomorrow to take her back and hang her in the middle of the city. You don't have to worry about her retaliation because she's a cripple, don't worry about the revenge of the lord's mansion in the city because if you don't let anything leak out of here, no one will know but her. But the city lord's mansion will soon be gone, so don't worry. Anyway, have fun and remember not to kill her, you can hit her, whip her, torture her, and do what you want with her, but I don't want to see any members lost. "Says, Alan.

When the men heard this, they were all shocked, but they were hyper-excited, it was the daughter of the lord of the city, a woman of divine beauty that they could not even look at.

Alan woke up the daughter of the lord of the city, in the meantime he had healed her so that she would not be hurt, when she woke up she was surprised, she looked at Alan and said "You, my father will not let you go, he will destroy everything you love! »

"Oh? We'll see about that, in the meantime, I've decided to offer you to his men, they've never seen such a beautiful woman in their lives, I hope you'll be able to satisfy them. "Said Alan, pointing to the men behind.

When the daughter of the city lord looked in the direction or pointed at Alan, her body trembled, she knew what Alan wanted to do, those men were all beggars, she had no cultivation, she was afraid.

"Well, I'll leave you, I hope you can have a good time. "Says, Alan.

"Alan! Please, I'll never do that again, please, I'd rather become your slave, I don't want to go through that, ALAN! "Unfortunately, Alan had already left, at that moment, she was in front of a dozen men who looked at her with wolf eyes.

When she saw the men approaching her, she trembled and said "Yo...you, I am the daughter of the lord of the city, if you leave me alone, I could give you a beautiful house and lots of money! " She tried to resonate them out, unfortunately, it didn't work.

"Guys, let's go, the man said he'd take her back tomorrow, we've got one day to enjoy it! " Said a man, then he got undressed and ran at the daughter of the city lord.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO. " That was the last word the daughter of the city lord's daughter had before she was raped for a day, she lost consciousness many times, but was awakened by the pain of the torture.

When Alan returned to his residence, Yan Fei was eagerly awaiting him, when she saw Alan, she couldn't help but say, "Alan, what did you do to him? You didn't touch her to humiliate her, did you? »

"Do you really think I'm like that, I just gave her to the worst brothel in town, a dozen beggars will jump on her for a day torturing her and tomorrow I'll go and get her and hang her on a pole in the middle of the town and mark my name on her belly so that the lord of the town knows it's me. "Said Alan with a smile.

When Yan Fei heard his words, her body trembled, she didn't even dare to imagine what the daughter of the city lord was going through, she even felt pity, it was really too brutal, but thinking back on all that she did to her, she thought it was right for her.

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"Yan Fei, don't think about it too much, it what she deserved, daring to hurt you while I was away, besides, these people that the lord of the city sent to kill me, I wonder where they are. "Says, Alan.

"I don't know, but be careful. "Said, Yan Fei.

Alan nodded his head, a day passed quickly, today Alan was going to take the daughter of the city lord and hang her in the center of the city.

When he arrived in front of the brothel, the woman was already waiting for him, Alan went inside and followed the middle-aged woman to the place where the party was held. When he arrived in front of the door, the woman left, she had a face of pity.

When Alan opened the door, he frowned, he blocked his sense of smell because the smell was really repulsive. Alan could still see the men violently screwing the daughter of the lord of the city. She had become a sex toy.

"Well, stop it, it's over. "Said Alan with his eyes closed, he didn't really like to see that. It disgusted him more than anything else.

When the men heard this, they turned around and finally saw Alan, many were disappointed that it ended so quickly, but they withdrew.

When the men withdrew, Alan was able to see the daughter of the lord of the city, what he saw was a girl on the ground with her mouth open with whip marks and other tortures, liquid coming out of all her orifices, it was quite disgusting.

Finally, when the girl saw that she was no longer being mistreated for a few moments, she opened her eyes and spoke weakly, "Help me. »

Alan smiled and then he moved his arm, a quantity of water covered all the body of the daughter of the lord of the city to remove all her filthy liquids. After that, he went to the men who had dressed up to ask them what they had done to her.

A few hours later, Alan returned to the room where the daughter of the city lord was, and as he looked at her he said, "All the inhuman things his men have done to you, not even beasts will do that, you have suffered more than I thought, but it is all your fault, it is a pity, such a beautiful woman ending up in such a state. Unfortunately, you had a bad mentality, great jealousy that caused you lose, now I am going to mark my name on your belly so that you will remember me until death. "Alan's eyes scanned her naked body, such a beautiful body become a toy of a dozen beggars, how ludicrous.

Alan's words raised the eyebrows of the daughter of the lord of the city. But she didn't have the strength to say anything anymore.

After that, a flame appeared in his hand, then he pointed at the girl's belly and wrote her name, screams of pain resounded with the last strength she had for a few minutes.

"The eternal flame of alchemy, even if it's not a powerful flame for fighting, for someone without cultivation, it's an excruciating pain, if you don't have a nine-star pill, it will never go away. "Said Alan, looking at the woman in front of him.

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