Dragon God System Chapter 97: I don't care about the rules of the sec


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When he arrived at the Five Element Sect, he asked for information about the where abouts of Yan Fei, but he heard something that made him frown.

Yan Fei was locked up in the enforcement Hall for killing a disciple.

Alan's eyes emitted a murderous intent, his sweet wife, who wasn't even hurting a fly, actually killed someone, who was pushing her to do this?

Alan asked for more information, after which he finally learned that it was the main and inner disciples led by the daughter of the city lord who had organized this.

"It seems that the death of your brother is not enough for you, I'm going to put you through a fate worse than death. " Alan smiled, but his smile was like that of a psychopath.

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Alan walked to the jail hall led by the law enforcement hall. When he arrived, he asked calmly.

"I'd like to see Yan Fei. " Said Alan.

The two guards were a little surprised, they didn't know who this young man was, one of the guards answered.

"Yan Fei is currently imprisoned for a serious crime, she's not allowed to see anyone. "

"Then die. " Alan then walked forward, while the two guards stood like a statue, a thin line of blood appeared on their necks, once behind them, both guards fell down with their heads rolling on the ground. Not even aware of how they died.

When Alan arrived in the prison, there was hardly anyone there, so Alan emitted his spiritual sense, he quickly spotted Yan Fei. When Alan arrived to Yan Fei and saw her, he could hardly control his emotions.

His wife was tied, malnourished, whipped, especially the whip marks made her barely contain his cool.

Alan broke the protective barrier and returned to see Yan Fei, when he arrived in front of her, Yan Fei opened her eyes, a moment of hope could finally be seen on her face, with her weak body, she let out a smile as she spoke in a weak voice.

"Finally, you're back, I'm happy.''

"Don't talk, take this pill. "Said Alan putting a 7-star healing pill in her mouth.

Yan Fei swallowed, when she swallowed the healing pill, she could feel her body go back to its optimal state, she was shocked, it was as if her weak body was just an illusion that never existed.

"Husband, what is this pill? "Said Yan Fei, she was curious, such a divine pill was shocking.

"It's just a seven-star cure pill, don't worry. More importantly, tell me what happened, tell me everything. "Alan said, daring not only to imprison his wife, but to whip her. Death would be too simple for these people.

Yan Fei retold everything from the beginning to the end. It started three months ago, the lord of the city had learned that Alan had gone for six months to the White Dragon Hall, so he couldn't touch him, so he decided to go after his relatives. Miu was the disciple of a sect leader, he didn't dare to approach her, but Yan Fei had no master. He told his daughter to take the main disciples to humiliate Yan Fei, Yan Fei was fed up and fought, but ended up killing someone. When she explained that she had killed someone, her body trembled a bit, but she was quickly calmed down by Alan. After that, Yan Fei was accused of killing a disciple and was imprisoned. But the enforcement hall was run by an elder who was affiliated with the mansion of the city lord. As a result, several times the daughter of the city lord would come to whip and humiliate her.

Alan nodded his head. Now he knew how to deal with that bitch. But he wasn't going to kill her, that would be a blessing, he was just going to put her through hell.

"Yan Fei, come, I'll take you to my residence. " Alan said.

When they got out of the prison an elder and several disciples were already there, when they saw Alan and Yan Fei come out, he shouted, "Alan, do you know your crime?! »

"What crime? "Said Alan. He was certain it was the elder in from the enforcement hall.

"You killed two disciples of the sect, according to the rules, you have to be locked up! " Said the elder.

"The rules don't apply to me, I follow my rules and you're just a dog. Dogs must just obediently stay behind their master or die. After that, Alan moved his arm, and then directly the elder's head flew into the air. You have to know that he was someone in the fifth stage of heaven's realm.

"Fortunately I am close enough to him, otherwise he could have easily avoided this, even though the origin of the sword is powerful, it is the initial stage, over long distances it is impossible. "Alan shook his head.

The disciples were all shocked by this, their elder in the 5th stage of the realm of heaven has just died like that?

Alan used his heart piercing eyes on all the disciples present. When the disciples saw Alan's eyes, they felt pressed by a mountain. It was an aura that could destroy their souls! Alan's eyes were cold, emotionless. Then he asked calmly.

"Who's affiliated with the mansion of the lord of the city? "Asked Alan.

Unfortunately no one answered, suddenly a head flew in the air, when the others saw this, they shook, and then everyone shouted.

"We're all affiliated with the mansion of the lord of the city! »

"Well, then you can all die." Dozens of heads were flying in the air, some were basic disciples, some were inner disciples, no one was spared. A pool of blood was forming.

Yan Fei almost felt like vomiting when she saw this, but she held back and followed Alan to his residence. When they arrived at Alan's residence, Alan said, "Yan Fei stays here, I will put this bitch through a fate worse than death and then I will destroy the mansion of the lord of the city. »

"Be careful, it's still a Tier 5 force." Said Yan Fei with concern.

"Don't worry, with my current strength, I'm not afraid of them, and what I'm going to do to his daughter will shock him so much that there's a chance he'll faint or suffer a heart injury. "Said Alan, he left quickly afterwards.

Within minutes the incident at the prison entrance spread everywhere, causing a huge wave of shock and fear.

In a residence, a young girl was reading a book with a smile on her face, suddenly a figure appeared in front of her, surprised by this, she backed away, but when she looked at the face, which was worthy of perfection, she was shocked and screamed "it's you! »

"Yes it's me, you did horrible things to my wife, do you think I'm a weak and kind person? "Says Alan. Suddenly, he pierced the girl's dantian.

"Yo... You ruined my cultivation! "The daughter of the city lord was so shocked that she ccould barely even speak.

" This is only the beginning. " Said Alan. He knocked the girl out and went into the city, he was going to put her through hell.

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