Dragon God System Chapter 96: Refine the water crystal


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After that, Jiang Ran and Alan entered the reward building. Jiang Ran introduced Alan to the eldest, then she told him that he was the one who had won first place in the exams. After that, the older one comes back with all the rewards from 2nd to 10th place.

"Thank you, Elder. "Alan bowed politely, although he may be arrogant, the eldest showed him no other intentions. The older one smiles.

"Alan now had a lot of resources, he decided directly to go to the white dragon's cultivation room. The faster he increases his strength, the faster he could do what he wants.

"Elder, you can tell Miu that I'm going to farm in the white dragon room for six months. "Says Alan as he looks at Jiang Ran.

Jiang Ran was a little surprised, he was already going to the white dragon room? But she replied with a smile, "Oh, why do I have to tell her? "She wanted to try to tease Alan, unfortunately, she had found the wrong person.

"It's okay, I'll go myself. "Alan shrugged his shoulders and went in the direction of where little Miu was. Meanwhile, Jiang Ran was stunned.

When he arrived in front of the building, he saw guards.

"Halt! "Shouted the guards.

"Just give Miu the message that I Alan am going to the white dragon room for six months. "After that, he turned around.

The guards were a little stunned, but they followed orders, because it was Alan and everyone knew that Alan was a monster.

Alan walked towards the white tower in the middle of the sect, he was sure it was the white dragon's rooms.

When Alan arrived, he saw many disciples, inner, outer and even true disciples, the differences were their dresses, Alan had not even put on the outer disciple's dress.

Alan approached an elder who was guarding a room and said, "Elder, I am Alan, I would like to cultivate for six months in the white dragon room. »

The eldest was a surprise, but he said, "The map. »

Alan nodded and took out his access card to the white dragon room. When the eldest saw this, he nodded and let Alan pass.

When Alan arrived in the white dragon's room, he nodded with satisfaction, the spiritual energy here was quite good. Alan summoned the tower of the seven divine swords and then entered it, he had six months to improve. After that, he will go once again to the devil's mountains to have a large number of system points.

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Alan took the water crystal out of his storage ring, he wanted to refine this water crystal, with that, he will be able to control the water as he wants, invoke the rain and many others, it is a powerful element that will be extremely useful to Alan.

Alan held the crystal in his hands, then absorbed the energy contained inside.

There was a great change in Alan's body, a celestial meridian was forming, but it was not an ordinary meridian, it was a blue meridian, completely different from the others.

A day passed. Alan had finished absorbing the water crystal, looking inside his body, he was surprised by this new meridian, but he was happy, now he felt like water himself.

Alan raised his arm, then all of a sudden he could make water balls appear, he raised his arm again and clouds formed, he could even make ice, snow and other things, everything related to water was now under his control.

Alan had other goals in his six months, the first was the realm of heaven, it will be a big step in his strength, the second goal was to achieve the origin of the sword, he was sure that in six months he would succeed. His two objectives would give Alan an incredible strength.

Alan took the earth foundation pill, it could considerably increase his realm, by swallowing it, a large amount of energy was put into his body, he was already at the top of the 5th stage of the earth's realm, in a few seconds he passed to the 6th stage of the earth's realm, but it was far from over, a few minutes later, he passed to the 7th stage of the earth's realm to finally stop the earth.

"This pill was good, although it didn't have a great purity, after that, Alan took a titan fruit, the fruit was no longer the same as when Alan was in the Greenwood forest, it was twice as big and no longer had the same color. When Alan ate the fruit, Alan didn't smell good at all, it was all the toxins from his body and most of them are from the earth's foundation pill. Alan took off his clothes, his body made like jade and well-sculpted would make all the women blush and make the men angry. Unfortunately, no one was there to see this show.

Suddenly, water came out of Alan's body to clean it, after that, he dressed again.

In the City of Lights, a middle-aged man with an extremely strong aura looked at 5 people in front of him, all five of them kneeling.

"The five of you are all assassins I trained, the five of you are all at the 9th stage of the realm of heaven, someone dared to kill my son in public, I want you to capture him alive if possible, otherwise kill him, you have no right to fail. "Says the man.

"Yes, my lord! "Answered the five in unison.

The man was the lord of the city. When he learned that his son had died, he was so angry that he wanted to go personally to the deep river sect to kill Alan. But then he thought he couldn't do it, even if the strength of the city lord's mansion was the same as the deep river sect, there were 4 other sects nearby. Moreover, Alan was a divine genius, he would protect him to avoid assassinations, despite this, he was certain that his team of assassins were able to kill him easily, he was only in the intermediate stage of the earth's realm.

Six months passed quickly, not many things changed, at that moment, one of the white dragon's rooms opened, a beautiful man with golden eyes and a dress decorated with dragon came out, everyone was shocked by the aura that Alan was giving off.

"Her six months of tranquility have given me a huge advantage, my strength is something that the me of six months ago dreamed of. I am now 17 years old." Thought Alan. After that, it flew off and disappeared into the air at a speed that no one could see.

[Heavenly Step (High Divine Rank)] Level 5/8 = 485000/500000

"Let's go see Yan Fei, it's been a long time since I've seen her, after that, I'll go back to the devil's mountains.

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