Dragon God System Chapter 95: Entering the sect of the deep river


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The next day, Alan and Yan Fei got up early enough, they prepared to join a sect.

"Alan, which sect are you going to choose?" Ask for Yan Fei.

"I'm thinking of joining the deep river sect. "Says Alan, actually he didn't care which sect he wanted to join, but the head of the deep river sect was the master of the little Miu.

"And you, which sect will you join? "Asked Alan while watching Yan Fei.

"I think I'm going to join the Five Elements Sect, it's best for me, maybe I could better use my technique of the 12 Ice Transformations. "Says Yan Fei. Even if she wanted to follow Alan, she also wanted to improve as quickly as possible so she wouldn't be late.

"Don't worry, don't be sad, I'll come to you naturally. "Says Alan, he felt a little sadness in Yan Fei's eyes, naturally, he reassured him.

Yan Fei nodded, she was happy and said, "Let's go see Miu and Luan and then say goodbye to your mother. "Says Yan Fei as he takes Alan's hand.

Alan smiles, then lets Yan Fei pull her by the hand until he arrives in front of Mu Qianqian's room.

Suddenly the door opened, a little girl came out, when she saw Alan and Yan Fei, she jumped on Alan and said "PAPA, MOTHER! »

"Did my daughter sleep well last night? "Asked Alan.

"Hmm, I slept very well, big sister and grandmother played with me before going to sleep! "Says little Luan, she has a sweet smile on her face.

"Alan, are you leaving already? "Suddenly a voice came from behind, it was the voice of Mu Qianqian followed by the little Miu.

"Mother, we're leaving. "Says, Alan.

"Be careful, don't forget not to hurt yourself, if you hurt yourself like that again, my heart could no longer bear it. "Says Mu Qianqian with a little smile.

"Luan, do you want to stay with Grandma? Where we go, you may not be able to see little Miu." Suddenly Alan asked a question.

"I want to! Grandma's nice, I want to stay with Grandma! "Luan jumps for joy, she really liked Alan's proposal.

"Mother, I leave you Luan to keep you company, I'll come back to see you as often as possible! "Says Alan, then together they went to the meeting place.

"Look, isn't that the celestial genius Alan? "Suddenly a voice in the crowd resounded. »

"Yes, according to the World Organization, he's a handsome young man with golden eyes, it's probably him. To say that he reached the 1000th step of the stairs and obtained more than 9,000,000 points in the 3rd exam. "Another voice resounded.

Alan was a little surprised, the information goes so fast.

"But we don't know if Alan cheated to get more than 9 million points. "Says another spectator.

"Even if he cheated, his talent is number one, he managed to kill the son of the city lord all at once, climb the 1000 steps of the stairs and make a celestial phenomenon appear. In addition, he put pressure on an elder in the realm of heaven. "Says another spectator.

"Alan, you've become popular. "Says Yan Fei with a smile.

"I didn't expect the news to be so fast. "Says Alan, the world organization was really fast.

Alan didn't know it, but he caused a shock across the continent with his achievements.

When Alan arrived at the scene, he was able to see the five elders who were chairing the exam, all the elders looked at him with a smile except one, he was the master of the son of the Lord of the City. But Alan didn't care.

"Yan Fei, I'll try to see you as often as possible, increase your strength, I'll come and give you herbs and fruits to help you;" Says Alan.

"Husband, I'll do my best, I'll be a woman who will make you proud! "Says Yan Fei.

"I'm already proud of you. "Says, Alan. Then after that, he left with little Miu to join the sect of the deep river.

"Alan's going to join the Deep River Sect? »

Many disciples spoke to each other.

"Do you want to join the Deep River Sect? "Suddenly, a soft voice resounded, when Alan turned his head, he saw Jiang Ran looking at him with a smile.

"That's right." Alan nodded, then continued on his way without paying attention to Jiang Ran.

"Ignoring me like this is the first time! "Jiang Ran kicked and then flew into the air.

After a few minutes, all the disciples had chosen their sects, even if the 5 sects were allies, they all had their different techniques.

"Although each person follows their elders to the sect." Said Jiang Ran, then she left followed by the disciples who had chosen the sect of the deep river.

Alan decided to use the "heavenly step" to go there. This will improve its use. Many people were always surprised by Alan when he used the "heavenly steps", but Alan didn't care.

About ten minutes later, outside the city of lights, he arrived in front of a large door, Jiang Ran opened the doors, turned around and said, "Welcome to the deep river sect, you will all be external disciples, so you each have your respective buildings, if you reach the 7th stage of the earth realm or an equivalent force, you can become an internal disciple and if you pass to the heaven realm, a true disciple. "Says Jiang Ran.

"The spiritual energy in the outer sect is much lower than the inner section, which is much lower than the main section. Work hard to be rewarded. "Says Jiang Ran

"Yes!" All the disciples answered in unison.

"Alan and Miu follow me, Miu you will join your master while Alan will go get his rewards. "Says Jiang Ran

Alan nodded and then followed Jiang Ran.

"In the sect, murder is prohibited or you have to sign a life or death contract, otherwise you will be punished, you have to be careful. "Says Jiang Ran. It was mainly aimed at Alan because given Alan's indifference and speed of execution in killing the son of the city lord was really too shocking.

"I kill when necessary, an arena of life or death is useless because it will be the same result, that is, death. "Says Alan, he didn't care about the arena of life or death. Anyway, he had planned to cultivate for 6 months in the white dragon room, he wanted to reach the realm of the sky as soon as possible and improve his skills. Even if the white dragon's room were of no use, there would be no one to disturb him.

When Jiang Ran heard Alan's words, she sighed and said, "Alan, I don't know what you've been through, but you have to follow the rules. »

Alan didn't pay attention to it and then continued to follow Jiang Ran, suddenly Jiang Ran stopped and looked at Miu and said, "Little Miu, the chief of the sect is in that big building over there, go see your master.

Little Miu nodded and then looked at Alan and said, "Big brother, I'm leaving, come and see me often! "Says a little Miu.

Alan smiled and then tapped little Miu's head and said, "Of course I'd think about it! "Little Miu smiled at her words and then headed for the building.

"Well Alan, follow me, let's go to the reward buildings. "Says Jiang Ran

Alan nodded and followed Jiang Ran, a few minutes later, they arrived at the reward buildings. There were a lot of people there.

"Look, it's the celestial fairy Jiang Ran! "Says a disciple

"What a beauty, her husband will be very lucky. "sighed a disciple.

"Who is this handsome young man, this is the first time I've seen such a handsome man! "Shouted a disciple girl.

Suddenly all eyes were on Alan, despite that, he didn't pay any attention to it, he walked closing his eyes.

"Oh, wouldn't it be Jiang Ran." Suddenly a voice resounded.

"Hmph, Meng Huo, I told you not to show yourself to me again. "Says Jiang Ran, Meng Huo looked at Jiang Ran with lust. He was also an elder of the sect at the same level as Jiang Ran

Suddenly his gaze fell on Alan, he frowned and said, "Who are you, what are you doing next to Jiang Ran? »

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"Who I am doesn't matter, don't bother me. "Alan's voice resounded.

When Meng Hao heard this, he was literally shocked, when a disciple dared to speak to him about his tone? He looked at Alan with an intention to kill and said, "You dare talk to your elders like that, let's see if I don't teach you a lesson. "Following this, a wave of energy struck Alan and then Meng Hao moved at very high speed towards Alan wanting to hurt him or even kill him.

"Die!"Says Meng Hao.

Alan always had his eyes closed. Suddenly he disappeared and reappeared in front of Jiang Ran and said, "Let's go. »

Jiang Ran was a little shocked, but she nodded. During this time all the disciples were stunned, even Meng Hao did not understand what was happening.

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