Dragon God System Chapter 94: Charming little girl


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Suddenly, Alan thought of something, he looked into his little world, then was literally shocked, in his little world, there was a little girl about two years old with silvery hair and blue eyes, then next to her a middle-aged man with long black hair and fierce eyes who was in full cultivation.

"They both passed to the realm of heaven, but why do they have a human form? "Says Alan, then he freed the little girl from the little world, when the little girl came out, she was in Alan's arms.

"FATHER! "Says the little girl, while hugging Alan's neck as if she didn't want to let him go.

Yan Fei and Miu turned around because the words they had just heard were close to them. When they turned around, they saw Alan with a pretty little girl in their arms.

"Alan who is this pretty little girl. "Yan Fei was surprised.

"It was the Phoenix that turned into a human form. "Says, Alan.

Suddenly, the little girl opened her eyes and then when she looked at Yan Fei, she shouted "MOTHER! "Then she wanted to come out of Alan's arms and go into Yan Fei's arms. Alan put it down happily, then the little girl ran towards Yan Fei with her little legs.

"Mom, hug! "Says the little girl.

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"Mom?" Yan Fei was stunned, but how can she resist the urge to take the little girl in her arms, as a woman, she naturally has the instinct of a mother. She took the little girl in her arms and gave her lots of kisses. Then, suddenly she looked at Alan and said.

"Alan, I'm happy, even if it's not my daughter, let's treat her like ours. "Says Yan Fei with a smile on his face.

"Of course, let's treat her like our daughter, anyway, I wasn't going to abandon her. "Says Alan, abandoning a divine beast like the Phoenix is impossible? Only a madman would do that.

"Big brother, is that my little sister? "Suddenly, little Miu's voice rang out.

"Yes, Miu'er, it's your little sister, take her in your arms. "Says Yan Fei smiling and then she gave the little girl to Miu.

"Big sister! "The little girl screamed, then she rushed into Miu's arms. Surprised, Miu took her in his arms, she had a big smile, she was really happy.

Yan Fei approached Alan and took his arm, then while looking at the two children in front of her, she told Alan, "Alan what first name are we going to give our child. »

"Let's call her Luan. "Says Alan while kissing Yan Fei's cheek.

Yan Fei nodded, then pulled Alan by the arm to follow the two little girls having fun.

Together they caught everyone's attention, it was quite rare to see such a beautiful couple followed by two little girls. Many women looked at their husbands hoping to have such a cute little girl.

"Let's go to Mother and surprise her. "Says, Alan. He wanted to go to his mother and tell her that he would leave tomorrow, but now he had a little girl with him.

Alan and Yan Fei arrived at the place where the hostel was located, then they went upstairs to the floor where Mu Qianqian was located.

Alan knocked on the door and said, "Mother, it's me. »

Then the door opened, Alan saw his mother smiling and said, "Little child, I thought you had forgotten me. "Says Mu Qianqian.

"Yan Fei, Miu, you're all here," says Mu Qianqian. Suddenly, his eyes settled on the charming little girl in Miu's arms.

"Alan, who is it? "Says Mu Qianqian.

"This is our daughter, Luan is going to say hello to your grandmother. "Says Alan smiling.

Luan opened his eyes and looked at Mu Qianqian, then said "Great Mother! "while running towards her with her little legs.

Mu Qianqian was completely shocked, since when did she become a grandmother? She took little Luan in her arms with love, then looked at Alan and Yan Fei with a smile while waiting for an explanation.

"Mother, it is the Phoenix that is in human form. "Says, Alan.

Mu Qianqian was a little surprised, but she smiled, even if it wasn't her real granddaughter, she was really happy.

Suddenly Mu Qianqian looked at Alan and shouted "Alan your arm! What happened to you?! "She was horrified by this.

"Mother, don't worry, I fought with a beast of rank 6, even if I won, I had to pay a price, but my arm will be here again in a few weeks, I just have to find the pill. "Says Alan with a smile.

"But... Didn't that affect you for the exams?" Says Mu Qianqian. If someone would lose an arm, it would take a long time to heal it and remove the pain. Of course, this applies to others.

"Of course, I am first in all competitions, and Yan Fei is 4th while Miu is 5th. "Says Alan proudly,

"That's great! But be really careful next time, I don't want you to suffer. "Says Mu Qianqian.

Alan nodded, his mother was much less shocked than Yan Fei, after that it was probably because she saw Yan Fei and the other smiles, she thought it wasn't very serious.

Alan and Yan Fei went to their room while Miu and Luan stayed with Mu Qianqian.

Alan had not yet opened his reward for the first place.

[Ding! Secondary mission!

Objective: To reach the 1st place in the three exams.

Rewards: 5 epic draws and 5,000,000 system points.]

He had obtained 5,000,000 system points and 5 epic draws. It was pretty cool.

"Husband, don't you come to sleep?" Says Yan Fei. At that moment she was lying on the bed in a small outfit.

"I'll be there in a few moments. "Says Alan, how could he refuse an invitation like that, but he really wanted to see his five awards.

"System, opens all 5 epic draws. "Says, Alan.

[Ding! the host received a teleportation talisman; sky earth pill; silver body technique (high spiritual rank); spiritual formation (7 stars) and water crystal (unknown.)]

Teleportation talisman: Allows you to teleport in any direction and from an unknown distance.

Sky Earth Pill: increases the chances of a 70% chance of switching to sky realm

Silver Body Technique (Spiritual High Rank): Allows you to cultivate the body with a hardness rarely seen, weapons below the earth level will have no effect on you.

Spiritual Formation (7 stars): Absorbs spiritual energy in the surroundings at a very high speed in the formation, which drastically increases the rate of cultivation.

Water crystal: One of the seven crystals that appeared during the creation of the universe, the water crystal will give the host the ability to control and manipulate the water as he wishes, the host's body will be like an ocean. It is also the best water power in the universe, no technique that uses water will be stronger than you if you have the same strength. There are still 6 crystals that are fire, earth, lightning, wind, darkness, and light.

Alan was completely stunned, in an epic draws, he had obtained the most powerful element with the attribute water, Alan was eager to have the others, if he could have the other 6 crystals, so he would have the seven most powerful elements of the universe, the normal fires, the lightning of the tribulation or other will only be ants in front of that.

"Husband, what makes you smile? "Asked Yan Fei.

Alan had forgotten that Yan Fei looked at him. He calmed his emotions and then said, "I felt that I could soon break through to the next stage. "Says Alan while lying in bed

"That's fantastic! I'm happy for you! "Says Yan Fei as he puts his head on Alan's chest.

Alan kissed Yan Fei and then hugged her to fall asleep peacefully.

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