Dragon God System Chapter 93: Father?


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"Here is my harvest. "Said Wen Jiang, by the sound of his voice, one could see that he was very tired.

After that, Wen Jiang looked around for Alan, he easily found him, at that moment Alan was sitting with Yan Fei having her head leaned on his shoulder and little Miu in his lap.

Wen Jiang was surprised at Alan's missing arm, he felt a little sad about it, such a genius fell, but he quickly shook his head and waited for the judge's answer.

"19 beast cores in the intermediate stage of rank 4, 14 cores in the final stage of rank 4 and 3 cores at the beginning of the sky rank! "The judge's voice resounded.

"What strength, worthy of one of the greatest geniuses in this competition! "Said a competitor.

"It's true, hunting a rank 5 beast is really difficult, he's really a genius. " another competitor replied.

Despite all noise, Wen Jiang's expression did not change.

"I will announce the results, but before that, because of the incident in the forest, all those who came back alive are accepted and can join one of the five sects." The judge's voice resounded through the field.

Upon hearing his words, all the competitors, now turned disciples, were immediately surprised and extremely happy .

"Alright, first place is Alan with 9,420,000 points! »

When Wen Jiang heard the judge, his body trembled, more than 9,000,000 points. How many beasts did he hunt to get so many points?

"Alan, if we find proof that you cheated, you'll be expelled, don't forget that."Said the judge.

"Look as much as you want if you want to waste your time, but don't bother me. "Says Alan.

"You! "The judge's anger flared, but he quickly calmed down, he had to say the other results.

"Second place Wen Jiang with 109,000 points. "The judge's voice resounded through the field once more.

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When Wen Jiang heard his score, he quickly understood the difference between him and Alan, he smiled and shook his head, it was the third time he had felt weak since getting his inheritance.

He absolutely did not believe that Alan cheated, given his character, he knew that Alan was not like that.

"I would really like to have a discussion with him. "said Wen Jiang in a hushed voice.

After that the judge started to recite the list. Miu and Yan Fei were not in the top 10 in the exam, but they were still in the top 15. So their position for the final ranking would definitly be high.

"Alright, now, the final ranking, those ranked from 10th to 5th will be called. "Everyone was looking forward to the ranking, they knew that the first two were most definitely Alan and Wen Jiang, but for the others, nobody was sure.

"10th Mu Chen, 9th Len Yu, 8th Yun Che, 7th Long Yi, 6th Feng Ling and 5th place goes to Miu"

The eldest's voice echoed.

"Big brother, I've been called! "Little Miu smiled, when Alan saw her smile, he too smiled in

respons and said. "Go get your reward. »

Little Miu nodded and then left, they had all received 150 energy pills, it was a great help in trying

to break through to the next stage.

"4th place Yan Fei. "The elder's voice resounded again. Yan Fei smiled at Alan and then got up to

look for her reward.

"To say that she is the wife of a cripple, what a pity. "A disciple mumbled

"Shh, do you want to die, he killed the son of the city lord as if he were an ants. "Another disciple

hurriedly replied to him.

"Certainly, but in a few years, he will be surpassed by everyone here, losing an arm means losing a great fighting power, we can say that it has lost 50% of its strength. "Another disciple said. For his disciples, losing an arm meant losing 50% of strength, but for Alan, it has almost no effect because he is good with the sword and most of his skills can be used at full power with one arm.

When Yan Fei heard his words, she felt for the first time a desire to kill, yes, it was the first time she

truly wanted to kill someone.

"Calm down, don't make a fuss over these dogs, don't forget that this little place will only be a

passageway to the top, we won't stay long. These ants don't deserve your attention. "Alan's voice

echoed in her head, Alan had sent her a telepathic message.

"Here, this is the high-ranking celestial skill and the 100 energy pills. " the judge said before giving

Yan Fei her rewards.

"Thank you, Elder. "Yan Fei bowed respectfully and then left for Alan. The judge was naturally an

Elder of one of the 5 sects.

"What is the skill? "Asked Alan.

"It's called, "wind dance." " Said Yan Fei. She didn't know any more, she had just seen the name of

the skill but had not yet read the summary.

"Oh, even if it's not your favorite element, it'll help increase your speed, I think. " Alan replied with

a smile.

"Third place Nalan Rumeng. " The elder once more spoke.

"What a beauty! " said a disciple as he looked at the woman.

"Yes, she's just a little below Yan Fei, but unlike Yan Fei, she is cold towards others, which makes

her even more beautiful. " Said a disciple as he went to daydream.

Alan opened his eyes and looked at her, frowning a little, because with his extremely developed

senses, he could feel an extremely cold energy in her body.

"A divine body?" Alan thought, but then he shook his head, he didn't know much about divine

bodies, she could be cultivating a special technique or she might have had gotten an inheritance.

"You really like looking at beautiful women, don't you? Hmph, at the very least, a man like you

must have several celestial beauties at his side, otherwise how else can he show his value. " Said

Yan Fei sarcastically.

"Hey, do you really see me like that? I'm not a pervert, otherwise I would have taken your body a

long time ago."Says Alan with a mischievous smile.

"You! Pervert, hmph. "Yan Fei didn't even want to answer anymore. a slight blush could be seen on

her face.

"I just noticed that she had an extremely cold physique, so I was a little interested. " Said Alan, even

though he knew Yan Fei was joking, he still explained.

"Did you feel it too? " Replied Yan Fei a little surprised. She was extremely receptive to the cold, so

she naturally felt the coldness from the woman.

Alan nodded, meanwhile Nalan Rumeng got her rewards, a terrestrial foundation pill. Everyone

dreamed of this award.

"2nd place Wen Jiang, for 1 year, you will have access to the white dragon cultivation room. "Says

the eldest.

"1st place Alan, you have access to all the rewards, your rewards will be personally awarded by a

sect leader in the sect itself. "Says the eldest.

Alan nodded.

"We'll all meet tomorrow at the same time to leave for one of the five sects. You all will have one

night to choose which one you would like to join. " Said the elder.

"Let's go," Alan did not plan to stay there, Miu and Yan Fei followed him.

"Daddy! »

"Huh? "Alan turned his head to see if he had heard correctly.

"Alan, what's going on? "Asked Yan Fei.

"Nothing, I thought I heard a voice. "Says Alan.

"Dad, I want to see Mom. " The voice resounds again.

"What's going on? "Alan now knew he hadn't hallucinated.

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