Dragon God System Chapter 92: Believe in me


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Everyone looked at Miu with respect, because now this girl was the disciple of a cult leader! Little Miu had naturally accepted. In fact, she just listened to Alan's words before the competition that told her "if a cult leader wants to take you as a disciple accepts. »

"Little girl, your big brother and left with his wife. "Suddenly, his master's voice resounded.

"He didn't even warn me! "Little Miu swelled her cheeks, to prove that she was really angry. But everyone seeing that find the little Miu really cute.

"He's gone to discuss something important, he'll come back naturally after that. "His master replied again.

"That's right! "Little Miu looked at her master with big eyes.

"Of course! How dare I lie to my disciple. "He felt proud to have a disciple like her.

Meanwhile, in an isolated place, Alan landed with Yan Fei, his dress was soaked by Yan Fei's tears. Even Alan didn't expect such a strong reaction from him.

"Husband, why did you have to hurt yourself so much, why are you doing this? Next time it'll be what? A leg? The other arm? Or see your head? Why! Why?! I don't understand... I don't understand. "Yan Fei burst into tears once again, while Alan was a little shocked, Yan Fei's words were too raw.

"Yan Fei, you don't have to worry about that, I have a way to heal myself, it will take a few weeks or months, then my arm will come back. "Says Alan, he really wanted to console this woman.

"Husband, there are three people who are worried about you, me, your mother and little Miu, if your mother sees you like that, how will she react, she will even have a heart attack! You don't think about the people who are with you. The fight that shook the forest, I'm sure it's you and your lost arm, it's probably that martial lord who cut it off. Why are you going to face a lord? Why are you going to risk your life to face a beast of rank 6 when there is no need for it. »

"It's true it's me, I wanted to test my limits, but Yan Fei, if I'm going to face a martial lord, it's because I'm confident, but for me, an arm doesn't handicap me, have you forgotten the divine grass and fruit I gave you? I naturally have things to protect myself and grass or pills to heal me. "Says Alan as he wipes away his beloved's tears.

"Husband, please don't do anything like that again, you know I don't like to fight, for me what I want right now is to be with my family and just start a family with you! Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment, my mother is waiting for us. I'd like to show him the one I gave my life to and the one I want to start a family with, not his corpse! I want my mother to see you in the best condition, to be happy with me and you, to see her grandchildren running and to lead a happy life away from her fighting and killing. Alan, I want you to know that if you die, I'll die with you. "Smiled Yan Fei.

"Yan Fei... "Alan looked at his wife straight in the eyes, the words Yan Fei had just spoken were like a thunderbolt for Alan, they were words that touched the deepest part of his heart and even his golden heart could not resist them, they were powerful and impacting words, there was no lie, she revealed her thoughts and dreams that Yan Fei wanted to realize. But there was also the last sentence that almost pierced Alan's heart.

"Husband, I won't stop you, but know that you're not alone, okay? "Yan Fei smiled, despite her red eyes, she tried to show the love she had for Alan and then also that she believed in him.

Alan smiled, then he kissed Yan Fei on the lips, Yan Fei closed his eyes and gave himself a passionate kiss. After kiss himself, Alan looked at Yan Fei and said, "Yan Fei, you're my wife, I just want you to believe in me, if I didn't have an asset, I wouldn't have attacked that beast, I just wanted a fight to train myself to death so I wouldn't make the same mistakes. "Says Alan seriously.

"Hmm, I believe you, I just wanted you to know my thoughts, Alan. "Says Yan Fei while laying his head on Alan's shoulder.

"Yan Fei, one day I will make you experience the best wedding on the continent. "Smile Alan.

Yan Fei blushed and nodded with a smile.

"Well, let's go back there. "Says Alan, then after that, he carried Yan Fei and flew to where the test was.

"Husband, how can you steal? "Yan Fei was in shock.

"This is the reward I got after killing the beast of rank 6." Alan smiled, he wasn't going to reveal the system.

Yan Fei nodded, a few seconds later, they returned to where the results were.

"Look, Alan is back! "Shouted a disciple. Alan was holding Yan Fei's hand as he returned to the place where everyone was.

"Do you think he really cheated? "A disciple said.

"Yes, I think so, it's impossible to have killed so many demonic beasts, he must have had help from his clan or something. "Another disciple said.

When Alan heard his discussions, he frowned, when had he cheated? But after that, he understood, even if he had taken a third of the beast nuclei, it was a huge amount and no one believed that.

"My older brother didn't cheat! "Little Miu roars, she didn't like everyone talking about her big brother like that.

"Little Miu comes here. "Says, Alan.

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Little Miu looked at Alan and then ran in his direction while saying, "Big brother, they all think you're cheating, but they don't know they're just weak, hmph. "Says little Miu with a hint of disdain.

Suddenly, someone blocked Alan's path, Yan Fei and Miu, and then said.

"Little girl, even if you are a disciple of the chief of the sect, the evidence is already there, he cheated, otherwise how else could he have so many demonic beast nuclei and especially so many beast nuclei of rank 5? "Says a young cultivator, but when everyone saw who it was who spoke, he was a little surprised because he was the son of the lord of the city of lights.

"Oh? What is the evidence? "Says Alan with a smile.

"Even if there is no evidence, who would believe a cultivator in the intermediate stage of the earth realm with one armless to have so many beast nuclei of rank 6, it is impossible. "Says the son of the lord of the city with disdain.

"If it's impossible for you, it's not impossible for others, now get out of my way, I don't like being blocked. "Says Alan with a cold, inexpressive face

"You! Do you know who I am, how dare you to talk to me like that! "Says the son of the lord of the city.

"I don't care who you are, I just know you're blocking my way by barking like a dog. "Says, Alan.

"You! Don't think that even if you are in the intermediate stage of the earth's realm, you are strong, with one armless, you have lost at least 50% of your strength. "Says the son of the lord of the city with a smile filled with disdain.

"Stop barking and get out of my way, this is the second time. "Says, Alan.

"What are you going to do? "Says the son of the lord of the city.

Suddenly, Alan disappeared, then a few seconds later, ahead flew in the air, Alan turned to Yan Fei and Miu and said, "Let's go. »

"BIG BROTHER! YOU HOW DARE YOU KILL MY BIG BROTHER! "Suddenly a woman's scream rang out, everyone was completely stunned by Alan's action, no one believed he would dare do that. At first, the daughter of the city lord was happy, she was going to teach a lesson to her people, but never in her dreams had she imagined that her brother would die without even understanding how he died.

"My God, I haven't even seen how dead he is! "A disciple could not help but shout.

"Alan, do you know your crime! "Suddenly a scream of anger resounded, when Alan looked up, he saw one of the elders who presided over the examination.

"What crime? "Alan says without expression.

"You dared to kill my disciple and a disciple of the sect, if I don't kill you, I'll lose my reputation! "Says the man.

"Just you? A simple cultivator in the 6th stage of the realm of heaven, even if hundreds of you come in, you will be ants, now get out of here if you don't want to end up like your young master.

"Uncle, kill him, he killed my brother! "The hysterical crying cry of the daughter of the city lord's lord rang out. »

But strangely enough, the man did not move, he was still shocked by Alan's words, guessing his cultivation and threatening him as if he was just ants scared him.

"Alan, do you think that was the best solution? The palace of the city lord is still a level 5 force," Yan Fei suddenly said.

"Yan Fei, didn't you see his lecherous look when he looked at you, he just had to die. Besides, I don't like it when people block my way. "Says Alan while shaking Yan Fei's hand.

Yan Fei smiled and then shook Alan's hand tight.

"Wen Jiang is back! "Suddenly a disciple shouted.

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