Dragon God System Chapter 91: Legendary lottery


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"There is only one day left before the end of the exam, I still have time, I will open the two legendary lotteries that I won. "Alan had almost forgotten that, he hadn't had time to think about that.

"System, draws the first legendary lottery! "Says, Alan. He was eager, a legendary lottery can give him the best items from a deadly continent, it was just crazy.

[Ding! The host received the skill "heavenly steps" (high divine rank)

Do you want to learn it?]

Heavenly steps : Divine competence created by Emperor Huo, it is said that one can walk in the air before reaching the realm of heaven, and be as fast as anyone in terms of speed.

"Crazy... Crazy! What an incredible skill! I thought that my current movement skills were quite weak, now I don't need to think about it anymore. "Alan was very happy, such a skill was worth a lot of money, and when Alan looked into the system, he saw that there was no such skill, which means that it was a very old skill and better than the divine skills of that time. It was an invaluable thing.

"System, second lottery! "Alan didn't waste any time.

[Ding! The host received "Emperor's Offensive Talisman"]

Emperor offensive talisman: Allows to kill someone from the realm emperor martial and below.

"I have a good means of protection with this, even if I can only use it once, it could save my life. "Alan was happy, we can say that now he had a second life.

Alan had a smile on his face, he had received two big awards.

Heavenly Step (High Divine Rank) Level 1/8 = 0/5000

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"It really takes a lot of experience for a skill of divine rank! "Alan was a little surprised, suddenly he thought of something.

"Now that I have reached the basic foundation, my system has evolved, I can now convert two experience points for 1000 system points. Which means, for the first level of the "heavenly step", I'll need 2,500,000 system points! "Alan had forgotten that because before, he didn't have many system points and it was only one experience point per 1000 system points, it wasn't profitable.

"System, convert me 2 500 000 system points into 5000 experience points for the competence "heavenly step"! "Says, Alan.

Suddenly, a wave of information and understanding appeared in his head, he had reached the initial stage of the heavenly step.

[Heavenly Step (High Divine Rank)] Level 2/8 = 0/10000

"Ten thousand! "Alan was a little surprised, it was huge, it was now costing him 5,000,000 system points.

Suddenly, he thought of the "fist of extermination of the world", it was very powerful, then it required much fewer system points.

[Fist of extinction of the world (high spiritual rank)] Level 2/6 = (980/2000)

"System, convert me 600,000 system points into experience points for the "world extermination fist". "Says Alan, then as with the "heavenly steps", a series of information goes into his brain.

[Fist of extinction of the world (high spiritual rank)] Level 3/6 = (0/3000)

"I'm going to raise it to the maximum level! "Following this, Alan continued to do this, he had wasted 6,000,000 system points plus the 600,000 before and the 2,500,000 for the heavenly steps.

[Fist of extinction of the world (high spiritual rank)] Level 6/6 = (5000/5000)

"What power, it's an absolutely super-powerful technique! " Alan was stunned, after the last information the system transmitted to Alan when he passed "the point of extermination of the world" at the last level, i. e. the stage of great perfection, the power was incomparable to that of level 5.

"Worthy of its name, now with this skill, even if I meet this damn lion again, I can kill him with a punch if he is well placed! "Alan was happy, it was great rewards he had received. It was now time to go because there were other rewards to be had.

"Sect leader, almost all the participants still alive left the forest 4 days ago following the battle between martial lords, only Alan and Wen Jiang remained. "Jiang Ran told the head of the sect

"Mhh, the battle that occurred was absolutely shocking, especially the great meteorite falls, it's certainly a legendary skill of holy rank. "The chief leaders had all felt the battle, but no one dared to approach, after all, it was at the bottom of the forest.

"It's true, a large part of the region has been razed to the ground, the hundreds of meteorites are still on the ground, to say that such a skill exists is really shocking. "Another sect leader said.

"Let us wait for the end, his two there are existences that cannot be measured by common sense, they had to go to the depths to hunt animals at the top of the realm of the earth or even at the beginning of the realm of heaven. "Says another head of sect.

"Certainly, they are existences that cannot be measured by common sense, but hunting animals of rank 5 when they are in the intermediate stage of the earth's realm is almost impossible, only monstrous geniuses can do that. "Another sect leader said.

"Hmph, do you think that a talent of purple rank and someone whose talent cannot be measured is not monstrous geniuses? If they work together, I'm sure they can fight a rank 5 beast in the middle stage. "Says another head of sect."

The other four were a little shocked by his words, but they thought it was rather true, they were two monstrous geniuses.

"Alan's back! "Suddenly a scream woke everyone present, even the five cult leaders had a smile on their faces. Alan's return caused a shock wave.

Suddenly, when the cult leaders saw Alan, they were completely shocked, he was floating in the air, even if it wasn't high, he was clearly not walking on the ground.

Alan used the heavenly steps, but this was only the initial stage, he couldn't go very high.

"He only has one arm left, don't I dream? "Suddenly a disciple said, everyone was shocked that he was floating in the air, but when everyone saw Alan's upper body, they were shocked, he was missing an arm.

"What an aura! It's as if I was looking at a God of war, this calm expression, his face cold, he has so much charisma! "Many girls were crazy.

"God of war or not, he lost an arm, it means it's the end for him. "The others thought that way.

"Alan, what happened to you... I told you to be careful, I told you not to force yourself, why don't you ever listen to me? Why! Why?! "A scream was heard, when Alan turned around he saw Yan Fei looking at him in tears. Of course, he understood that, everyone thought they could no longer cultivate.

"Yan Fei... I'm sorry. "Alan disappeared from the crowd, then appeared in front of Yan Fei saying his words.

"What a speed! "One of the sect leaders could not help but express himself. The others nodded.

When Yan Fei saw Alan in front of her, she burst into tears on her chest, Alan with her only hand embraced Yan Fei so that she could release her feelings.

Alan released his arm from Yan Fei, but Yan Fei still did not dare to let go of Alan's embrace.

Alan took a storage ring and sent it to one of the sect leaders and said, "This is my hunt. "Then after that, he disappeared with Yan Fei from public view.

"What speed, I can't see it! "One of the disciples shouted, everyone was also shocked. »

"This man, it seems like losing an arm made him stronger. "Jiang Ran smiles.

"IMPOSSIBLE... How can anyone from the realm of the earth accomplish this?! "Suddenly the cries of the sect leader who had received Alan's storage ring were heard.

Many did not understand why someone from the martial lord's stadium would be so shocked by a cultivator from the realm of the earth. »

"154 beast nuclei at the top of row 4! "Says the head of the sect with disbelief.

"WHAT! "Many disciples were shocked by this. Even the elders and other sect leaders were completely stunned.

"45 beasts nuclei at the beginning of row 5! "the voice of the sect leader was shaking, a few moments ago, he was talking about Alan might have a nucleus of rank 5, but there were 45.

"It's impossible, considering the condition of her arm, it would take a pill of rank 6 to treat her in 3-4 days, does that mean he chased all that in 6 days? "One of the disciples spoke, he was completely stunned.

"12 beasts nuclei in the intermediate stage of rank 5 and seven beast nuclei at the top of rank 5! "The voice of the head of the sect resounded.

After the voice of the sect leader, no one spoke, everyone was amazed by Alan's result. No one expected that. But if someone knew that Alan had still kept a hundred nuclei of rank 5, they would probably spit blood.

"My big brother is the best! Big brother, where are you? "Suddenly a small voice was heard.

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