Dragon God System Chapter 90: 1 day before the end of the exam


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Two days have passed since Alan killed the demonic beast of rank 6. Since that day, Alan has killed all the beasts he found, from beasts to the realm of the earth or the realm of the sky. He had to increase his points as quickly as possible. Of course, he kept all the nuclei.

"Seal of the dragon! "Alan stretched out his palm, then a dragon shadow came out, the shadow was extremely powerful, it could kill dozens of beasts of rank 5 in a few seconds.

"It's just the first seal and it's already so powerful! I am 100 experience points away from passing to the 2nd seal, I wonder what its power will be. "Says Alan, the dragon's seal was his strongest skill, thanks to the golden heart, his understanding was extremely fast. Unfortunately, he couldn't reveal all the potential, if he had both arms, it would have been much more powerful. And with one arm, he can only make the first seal.

Alan had conquered most of the forest area, because now no beast felt the aura of a beast of rank 6, so many other beasts rushed to this place. Even if on an area of about 5 km, it didn't look like a forest, it was still safe, then nature will quickly regain its rights.

"Fist of extinction of the world! " Cried Alan, the strength of his fist could destroy a meteorite in a thousand pieces, it was extremely powerful. All animals would die under this skill, it was one of the rare skills that can use to its full potential just with one arm. The beasts of rank 5 were now ants with his destructive skills.

[Fist of extinction of the world (high spiritual rank)] Level 2/6 = (980/2000)

Nine dragon seals (rank saint of medium rank)] Level 1/10 = (1900/2000)

"My skills evolve so quickly, if it were a land grade skill, I would have already understood it at the major success stage, unfortunately, I am blocked to pass the 2nd seal of the dragon because of my lost arm. "Alan sighed. Despite this, he was happy, he will one day be able to get his arm back, moreover, the golden heart was really Alan's greatest reward. Also, he could increase his heart of gold, he was eager to test all this.

"I've already killed hundreds of beasts in two days, it's so easy, my two skills kill about ten each time. I won 84,000,000 system points, it's much easier than I thought, with its points, I can even buy the weakest divine skills. Alan's point count was 114,545,000 points.

Thinking about the points Alan had, he thought that when he gets to the martial emperor's realm, billions of points would be extremely easy, but the most expensive skills did not exceed 1 billion points. The most expensive 10-star pills do not exceed 5 billion system points. He thought it was a little too easy, or that the system had revealed only the weak skills, the divine skills of that era, but what would happen if there were divine skills or pill of rank 10 lost from the ancient era or even older? It will not be the same price. Alan was eager to discover all the secrets of the system.

"Well, there are only 3 days left before the end of the exam, let's go train in the tower, I wonder if with the golden heart, reaching the origin of the sword would be simple. "Said Alan, then after that, he summoned the tower of the seven swords, then he entered it.

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"Welcome, master. "The spirit of the tower appeared directly in front of him, he bowed down in front of Alan, but he still seemed indifferent. Alan naturally understood this, he had seen people who had upset generations, Alan was nothing compared to them, at least for the time being.

"Spirit, now I have a heart of gold, will this improve my speed for understanding the sword? "Says Alan, he didn't know whether market for the understanding of the sword or other understanding of weapons.

"Heart of gold? Do you have a heart of gold? "The mind that was usually speechless was now stunned. A heart of gold signified the birth of a sovereign.

"Yes." Says Alan, then he looked at the spirit of the tower waiting for an answer.

The spirit of the tower was not ready for this news, then he looked at Alan, this little child had really shocked him since he met him. He replied, "The golden heart is naturally beneficial for the understanding of the sword, the spear, and others. The golden heart means the birth of a sovereign, the one who can awaken a golden heart, it is said that he has all the qualities required to become a sovereign. It is rare, it is also said that there are several golden hearts, other powerful and others less powerful. The gold heart is divided into nine levels, level 1 is the least powerful while level 9 is the most powerful. There are even legends that some people awaken a mystical heart, it is even more powerful than a golden heart, the legend tells that if someone awakens a mystical heart, he can learn the rules of the world at birth. »

Alan was immersed in it, fascinated by history and legends. Mystical heart, golden heart from level 1 to 9, he wondered what stage his own was at.

"How can we know the level of our golden heart? "Says Alan, he was anxious to know his level.

"It is said that a gold heart at level 1 has a golden yellow color but not very beautiful, a level 2, the color is brighter, up to level 9 or the gold heart shines. As for the mystical heart, it is said that the mystical heart shines with a thousand fires but that it is also covered with a white light. But no one really knows, the mystical heart has always been a legend and was only described in ancient times.

Alan immediately understood that his heart of gold was at the first level, he sighed a little, but he still had the method to cultivate his heart of gold and his person had it.

"Thank you, I'll cultivate, call me in 2 days. "Says Alan to the spirit of the tower, then he goes to meditate on the understanding of the sword.

Alan naturally arrived in his training ground where there was his tree with the leaves. He arrived in front, he tapped the tree with his foot to make all the leaves fall, tens of thousands of leaves fell. Alan's sword moved, in a few moments hundreds of leaves were perfectly cut in half. The improvement was widely visible, even if he had not tested this as soon as he had reached the stage of great perfection of his intention of the sword, he was certain that he would not have made such a result.

Alan kept doing this for two days, he kept doing it on the trees, fortunately, there were a lot of them. Now Alan could almost cut all the leaves in half, when Alan cut them, it was cut in a straight line, it was precise and powerful. Alan felt that he was getting closer and closer to the origin of the sword, but he still had a chasm before he reached it.

"Master, it's been two days. "The spirit of the tower appeared and said that to Alan.

"Well, let's get out. "Alan came out of the tower, the difference in spiritual energy was always a shock to Alan. After that, he went in the direction to get out of the forest and join the rest of the young geniuses to take his results.

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